The Grogginess of Healing

The wonders of medicine in today’s world is amazing. We now have out-patient surgery that get us home to heal which is such a better place if possible. But during that healing, certain precautions need to be made to make sure we don’t do harm to our self or undo the procedure we have gone through. There enters the dreaded pain meds. Not only do they make us groggy, they keep us somewhat immobile with extra sleeping, that gets old.

Don’t get me started on child proof caps!

I also understand the importance of these meds due to my stubborn nature – “Oh, I am ok, I can do that…not”? Uh huh. Stubborn. That’s me. My daughter told me I invented the word.

So we are in healing mode between the bed, the couch and the bathroom and of course the kitchen. I don’t think I have ever been too hurt to eat – probably why I have a high BMI. But its all good, one foot is ready and doing well and the other is starting the healing process.

Feet are kinda ugly aren’t they

You would think I would be feeling the same since it was basically the same surgery but no its been different. But healing all the same. Go back to Dr. tomorrow for x-rays to make sure bones are knitting correctly but as well as I did last time, we should all be good.

This has been an informative One Liner Wednesday post tagged in with Linda G Hill combined in with humor so come join in on the fun.

As I close in a note of a more serious nature, I again remind everyone of the beauty of kindness. Kindness is a reflection of God’s love that even in its smallest gesture brings a profound result of goodness and joy.


Three New Fun Ornaments, TPC

Tuesday’s Photo Challenge made me giggle as I just bought a trio of new ornaments for my “Fun Tree”. This tree has the quirky ornaments, the ornaments my children made over the year and then back filled with colored balls to reflects the light and love of the tree. This tree is located in my bedroom in a large bump out window. Perfect place for a tree.

Mermaid S’More at the top, Angel S’More in the Center and S’More with Reindeer

The S’More collection started when my kids were in high school and pranksters. My oldest gave me the first one and that started a trend where now I try to find a new one each year. This year I found 3 that I didn’t have that I liked. I think I now have over 30 of them and the fun tree is quickly becoming the S’More tree.

When we were told we could be humorous for today’s challenge, I could not resist. And remember humor like art is in the eye of the beholder.

And I close as I always do in reminding myself and others to always be kind. Today is World Kindness Day, so an extra reminder to be kind.

world kindness

The Dark Side of the Moon

The moon is our satellite and reflects the light of the sun to the earth. I like to refer to the moon as God’s night light for the earth. The light side temperatures from the suns heat reaches around 100c and since the moon having no atmosphere to either protect the surface from sun’s heating, or guard the dark side from freezing, the dark side drops quickly to -173c. A major contrast from side to side.


When the astronauts landed on the moon, they were marveled at the beautiful blue marble that was their home. And knowing what we know today of earth and space, earth has the perfect atmosphere to support life while using the values of the sun yet being protected from it dangerous rays at the same time.


Its a perfect world for all of us to live on…as long as we as humans don’t destroy it, which we seem to want to do. Not on purpose mind you but in striving to do what each person thinks is the better way and we all have a different opinion on what that is.

Today is World Kindness Day. It’s the opportunity for us to all come together for 1 day to try to make a difference through all cultures across the entire world. We as a single person showed kindness to one person, then  kindness would grow to the next person, then it could grow through the neighborhood, the town, the sate, the country…to the entire world. What an amazing concept that would be to have 1 day of total kindness across the entire world. Then maybe we could stretch it to 2 days….

If we would be more like the light side of the moon, reflecting the warmth and love of life, instead of being cold, closed off, dark or even scary like the dark side of the moon…think of how much better that would be for all of us.

A single act of kindness is NEVER wasted. While you may think you would not do much good, you may be the spark that is needed to warm a cold scared heart. It has been proven that a single smile can reflect an inner love that can change that sad or scared feeling of a person or animal. It can be contagious. Like a yawn, a smile prompts a response so smile today and show kindness. Kindness is one of the fruits of the spirit spoken of in scripture.



My Living Room Tree

I think we all have hobbies or things we collect that make us smile. Mine is Christmas and decorating for it. Unfortunately, my daughter suffers from the same collecting hobby. We are major college football fans and we use the off weekend of play to go shopping for new and interesting decorations. I have three large trees, three small table trees and 4 larger nativity scenes. Then there is the remaining table decor that is spread throughout the house. It’s a lot but evidently not enough as we still go shopping. My daughter also has 3 trees downstairs in her portion of the house. It’s a wonderful bonding time that we enjoy together. In two of my previous posts I shared my dining room tree with the village, the fun tree in my bedroom so now its time for the more formal tree of the living room. If you wish to see the other posts click on the highlighted sections for review. And I do apologize if all this Christmas is just not your thing or way to early for you to get into it. I am temporarily “benched” so I decorated early.

In most homes, the living room/family room is where the main tree is if there is more than one tree in the home. And that is how it is in my home, however I do not have exquisitely formal ornaments. That is just not my style. I do love going to other peoples houses and looking at all of there decorations and seeing their personalities. The decoration styles reflect on the things that we believe are important, so I am doing my reflecting here.

So now that I have displayed all trees, let’s dissect the tree itself to gather its full meaning. It is not just a decoration for the season, there is meaning behind all of it.

Tree including benches to keep Mimi from running into the tree

The tree itself represents the cross of which Jesus was hung on when crucified. There are 18 reference in the bible that specify that he was hung on a tree due to the way the scriptures were translated. Even the old testament refers to the Holy One being hung on a tree. We know it was not a tree in itself but it was wood from a tree. I placed a square nail on my tree near the trunk to remind me of the love and sacrifice Jesus made for me and everyone else.

Christmas nail

The lights on the tree represent Jesus’ light that he leaves with us. Numbers 6:24-26 – May His light shine upon you and bring you peace.  We talk a lot about peace at Christmas time and try to always be peaceful and kind during this time of year. The colors of the lights also have a significance in the Christian faith, similar to the Christian beads we make for our children to understand more about Christ’s love for us.

The red lights represent Jesus’ blood shed for us. Romans 5:8-9

The white lights represent our cleansing from sin as we turn from our sin to God. Psalm 51:1-2

The blue lights represents out faith in baptism; 1 Lord, 1 faith, 1 baptism. Romans 8:9

The green lights represent our growing in faith. Colossians 1:10

The gold lights represent eternal life in Heaven with God. John 3:16

The beauty of the tree is then added to by the ornaments we place on it that reflect our personalities, our love, and the beauty of the season.  Below are a few of my favorites that are on this tree that reflect family love and the beauty of the season.


I have sincere hopes that as you approach this wonderful holiday season that you are filled with the love of family, friends and the fullness of Christ.

And please remember that tomorrow is November 13, the internationally recognized day of World Kindness Day. There is no act of kindness that is ever too small.

Even animals know, understand and use kindness.

November Thankful Challenge, Week 2

Last week I posted a challenge that was actually started on facebook to remind us the wonderful things we can be thankful for. In the US, November is a dual thankful month for us as we celebrate Veteran Day at the first of the month and Thanksgiving at the end of the month. So I am doing a daily thankful challenge but posting it only once per week each Sunday. If you want to check last weeks post out, it is located here. And if you would like to join in on the fun, I would love your thoughts.

Since pictures are so powerful in connecting our brain with our heart, I thought I would add pictures with my daily challenge.

Nov 5 – I am thankful that now with the weather turning wet and cold, I have a warm and dry house to live in.

March Snow 3
First snow of the season, didn’t last long thankfully

Nov 6 – I am thankful that all the the medical testing I have been getting are showing good results.

Nov 7 – While the medical test were good, my BMI was high. BMI for those who may not know what it is, it means I am overweight. That means I have plenty of food on my table and for that I am truly thankful as there are some who do not.

Nov 8 – I am thankful for the laughter I have in my life as laughter can remove a lot of hurt in this world.

Nov 9 – I am thankful for the basic good health I have. Being in my mid-60s, I am on no daily medication other than a multi-vitamin. God has been good to me.

Nov 10 – I am thankful for all the military men and women who have served and sacrificed themselves for my freedom.

military thanks

Nov 11 – I am thankful for friends and neighbors who do little things that mean so very much when you need the help.

And as we share in the thankfulness of this month always remember to be kind. Kindness is a gift from God that should be spread thick like jam on toast.

The sweetness of kindness

Medical Practice, A Conundrum of Sorts – #6WS & #SoCS


Means being justified by an end result – that can be wrong on so may platforms if it involves trickery or cruelty when used only for selfish gain.

Yesterday I had the second, and last, operation on my feet to correct misaligned bones. The anesthesia doctor was different and used a new technique by means of a nerve block behind the knee. The technique in the long run could be a real help for healing, in his opinion. After speaking with my surgeon this morning when he called to check on me, I asked him about this. He was not aware it was going to be used and I could tell in his voice that he question its use at this time but they were already starting it.  It was very painful to administer using ultra sound to guide a needle through the side of my leg by my knee to block the nerves all the way down the leg through the foot. He had told me he would give me some light sedation medication where I would not feel the needle digging through my leg. but what he did not realize was that my body fights light doses of numbing medication. I needed horse size doses doing a job like that. He called another anesthetist to administer another does in the IV as his hands were busy. That helped but gee whiz.


But I am doing fine today, foot still numb a bit and I hope that wears off soon. Numbness is such a weird and uncomfortable feeling.

I do need to express the thankfulness of where medicine is today. We are such a far cry from the ‘blood-letting’ practice days. While that process of getting rid of the bad blood was good in theory, it really was not a good idea. But it shows the ever involving field of medicine and when you think of the diseases we now have control of or the diseases we are on the brink of discovering a cure of, it is all amazing.

I am tagging in with two wonderful bloggers to help us all unite with fun and new discoveries. Linda G Hill with Stream of Consciousness and Debbie Smyth with Six Word Saturday.

And as I heal from hopefully this last procedure, I rest and enjoy my Christmas decorations,the enjoyment of the birds fighting over the several feeders (they don’t share well) and I am comforted by my loving companion and my gracious daughter as they take care of me.

loyal friend

Below is a picture of my current transportation for the next 3 weeks. I think it was designed by a woman as there is an indention in the center so that you can pull the cart flat to the sink and clean dishes. I don’t think a man would have thought of that. And maybe that is not what it is for but it’s my theory and I am sticking with it.

My first cart did not have this center indention. I like this better.

As I was going through the painfulness of the nerve block, the operating staff were marvelous in showing empathy and kindness as I would get shoulder rubs, hand holding and gentle touches. Kindness is never wasted.

So I close as always with reminders of being kind and also a reminder that Nov 13 is World Kindness Day. The more you are kind, the more ways you find to be kind.

kindness day

Fun and Memories

Tomorrow is the big day and while I can still do nicknacks inside, the outside must be complete as I will not be able to traverse the front stoop. My style for Christmas decor is a mix between quirky cute and semi formal nice. So outside will be mostly fun. I wrapped concrete blocks in cute Christmas cloth added bows and solar lights and hope they can withstand the coming snow.

Frosty, Bing and Dasher

I have been waiting 2 years for this “fast growing” evergreen to get big enough to decorate. Its still small but I don’t care, it is now covered in solar lights. They are small enough where their weight should not hurt the limbs. Frosty is a bird feeder and filled with sunflower seeds. Bing is a penguin and of course everyone knows who Dasher is. His nose is not red so he can not be Rudolph. Both of these critters are solar lights that light up in the evening. Christmas should always be fun, something to help you create wonderful memories and enjoy the season. That may be why I do so much Christmas. If you  missed my post yesterday and want to see the first posted tree, that is the most formal tree and is all white. It is located in the dining room and beneath it is my village. Check it out here if you wish. The tree that is in my bedroom is my fun tree.

The tree with Santa and Chris Moose

The angle at the top, my oldest son made when he was 3, in 1981, you do the math. Wow, where did time go.

Jimmy’s angel

Other things on this fun tree are other ornaments my children made over the years, fun ornament gifts from friends and quirky things I have found over the years. I am a big fan of the S’More ornaments. If you are not familiar as to what a S’more is, its a campfire treat with graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows – way too sweet for me but I love the funny ornaments. I will post a few today and  post some throughout the season. Do I have enough to last all season long, maybe not but I did find another bag today of ornaments I bought at the end of the season last year. So at least you can join in on my fun memory time.

My Patriotic Group

The Patriotic group has a S’more dressed up like the statue of liberty and an eagle carrying the American flag.

S’More and his snowman
Roasting a hot dog over a pine cone

And as I always share my thoughts on kindness, remember to always be kind.

Kindness, a marvelous gesture.

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Lawyer and Police Station


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