Anita’s Homepage

This is a place that I hope you can come relax, get encouraged, laugh and maybe learn something new through my writing, my photography and the sharing of things that I am still learning.

I love flowers and the beauty of nature, through all of creation.

I marvel at the sunsets we see and the clouds with their powerful looks.

Then of course there is always animals. My dogs, God’s wildlife and the lessons they all teach us.

My major theme is Kindness. I close each post with a reminder on being kind. Kindness is the cheapest way to encourage mankind, animals and even plant life.

I am a follower of Biblical scriptures. Even though I fail daily at doing everything as I should, I am a firm believer in God’s love for all people and that His words are there to guide us with ways we never thought possible. His words bring us the hope of surviving the madness we call life. Recently I published an anthology called “Hope” that is available at Amazon on Kindle or paperback. It is a book of poetry, short writings and short stories filled with hope and encouragement. If you need an extra hug, check it out.

Have you ever wondered what heaven was like? Check out my new book of fiction as dogs that I have had meet in heaven and learn what it is like. It’s a book of encouragement of God’s love for all of his creation. It is available at Amazon on Kindle or paperback.