To The Top for The Bottom

One of the most enjoyable things about blogging is the amazing photographers, professional and non-professional that share their photographs for all to enjoy. A lot of the photographs that are shared are due to various challenges as the one I will be sharing with you today,  well technically it’s night (2:30)but I couldn’t sleep so I am writing.

Irene from Heaven’s Sunshine was following the challenge for stairs from Pic And A Word  by Patrick Jennings. Her picture was so inspiring to me, I told her I was going to write about it, so I did. I hope you enjoy it and do stop by Irene’s blog for some wonderful pictures.

Steps to the Cross
Bailly Cemetery – Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore


I see and maintain it still is not fair,

I have nothing to lay at the top of the stair.

It’s not my fault, I did nothing wrong,

Well, maybe I did, it’s just been so long.

How long has it been since I climbed to the top,

I remember it’s relief, Why did I stop?

How can a symbol of such astounding grief,

Be given to us to bring so much relief?

With love so amazing, to the cross did He die,

To flood us with gratitude that still makes us cry.

The burdens we carry don’t always seem fair,

Always we can lay them at the top of the stair.

The first step looks brittle, can it carry my weight?

This burden is heavy and may seal my dire fate.

As I touch each step and climb ever higher,

Is this what I should do, is this really my desire?

As I clear the last step, the cross is before me,

I question my worth, did He also die for me?

As my knees get bent, I am smothered by His grace,

And I lay all my burdens at the accepting cross base.

                       – Anita Tillman Neal –


Always remember there is a burden carrier and it isn’t you. Scripture tells us repeatedly that He is there to carry our burden for us, we just have to be willing to give them to Him.

And as always I remind everyone the much loaded value of kindness. Carry it with you where ever you go and share as much as possible.



Do You Know God

Unashamed of Jesus posted Love God tonight and it so spoke to me I felt the need to re-share his words. It is so very important that if you want to love God that you understand how much he love you.  He loved us first…so that we could then love him.

Enjoy Love God and take to heart the message from both writers… Unashamed of Jesus and God.

And always remember to be kind as a reflection of God’s love.

Gods love

It Can Be Beautiful

After a winter of harsh temperatures and more snow than I really wanted to see for one season, we felt the season was finally over and we could wait for the spring to slowly seep in with its warmth and beautiful flowers. Yea, wrong thought.

My daughter texted me at 11:45 last night – “Mom, look outside, its snowing!”

What, no, I had looked at the radar earlier that  day and the entire US was  mostly clear with sun.


Yep, reports said to expect an inch. Good grief. But as morning arose, it actually was about 1.5 inch but the roads were clear. OK, I can deal with that. And the more I looked at it, I really saw its beauty. It was a wet snow, so it stuck to the trees and the snow in the yards seemed really white. I understand snow is really white but with the sky bright blue and the sun rising in the sky, it just reflected whiter than what we had seen with the cold gray sky’s of winter.

As I got in my car and headed to church the trees were even more beautiful. I took this shot from my car as I crossed over the bridge….probably not a good idea but at least I wasn’t texting.

Crossing the Mississippi

I was reminded of the scripture verses asking for our sins to be cleaner whiter than snow. It made me feel a real connection at that moment of the closeness we can have with God.

As I moved through town the sun was at the right angle to really show case the beauty so I am enclosing a shot of the tree in the corner of the parking lot at the church. It really was amazing.

Whiter & brighter with the sun

And by the time we got finished with church, it was all gone. The best kind of snow.

So I remind you of the beauty God has to offer visually, spiritually and even emotionally and remind you to share those wonderful uplifting feelings with those who have seem to lost sight of them. Share His love and always be kind.



Sole or Soul, #SCoS 3/16/19

What a thought provoking Stream of Consciousness Linda Hill has given us today. Webster has many versions for sole with it being an adjective, verb or several versions of a noun. As with a verb, I am the sole writer of today’s intelligence. However the intelligence solely depends on the individual reader.

Or maybe we are referring to the most marvelous sole fish, flounder, as the type we had in Florida growing up.

We used to go gigging for these as a kid

Or we could be referring to the soles of my shoes which currently represent spring thaw and mole tunnel stomping.


Or maybe we are referring to our soul, the spiritual inner self that communes with the Holy Spirit. and when this body dies, goes to heaven to be with God.


Most only believe that only humans have a soul. I disagree with that. Other creatures may not have the capability for the Holy Spirit to help them commune with God, but they commune. God created all living things therefore it is my belief he gave all living things the ability to be with Him, to love Him and to commune with Him.

In the book of Revelations, John spoke of God creating a new heaven and a new earth for man to live in peace with all of His creation. My very first book is under review for publication and while it is totally fiction, it deals with man and animals working together in heaven like we were supposed to be able to do in Eden.

None of us really know what heaven is truly like although a few people have had near death experiences and some of them describe similar sightings. It really doesn’t matter, it is all tied up with faith and discernment of scripture. But while we are still on this earth, let us always try to give a little touch of heaven by be kind and supportive to all of creation.



Book of Judges and Today

Whether you believe in Christ or not the use of our dating system reflects before he existed and after he existed. The time periods before and during Genesis have no date reference in the bible itself, however, there is archaeological evidence around certain characters during that time period that is surfacing helping us piece together some of the historical information previously thought  lost. What does this have to do with today, nothing much other than proving life is cyclical and man does not learn from his mistakes.

The book of Judges is estimated to have begin around 1375 BC. The very first judge was Othneil – 1367-1327 BC. The reason for the judges in the first place is the people did not obey God by intermingling with the peoples of the land that God gave to them. The very people God told the Israelites to get rid of so they they would not intermingle with them and learn their ways, thus sinning against God. The people would realize they yet again screwed up, whine and beg God for  help, God would send them a judge. They would obey, get right with God and prosper until that judge died. Then they would forget and fall away from God, again following practices they should not follow. God would get fed up, turn away from them. They would get captured by these people they were supposed to have run out of the land and on and on and on. Through each successive judge the people would get right and prosper, the judge would die, the people would revert back to doing evil but as each new judge came along the people would not get fully back into compliance so they became weaker and more sinful as a whole. The judges lasted approximately 320 years with Samson being the last judge and during his time you really saw how arrogant the people had gotten including him and the “people did as they saw fit in  their own eyes.”

That’s kind of where we are today, right. Yea, but if you read history from the 1800s, those philosophers said the same thing about their generation. So, were they wrong? No. It’s all cyclical or pendulum-atic. Not a real word but a favorite saying of my father’s. Each generation thinks they have the right answer and the strong leaders run the people all in one direction, then the next generation throws the pendulum in  the opposite direction pulling all the people in  that direction with neither side learning from the mistakes of past generations, neither relying on the grace of God to drive them and no one really going in the correct direction at all.

Today we have no prayer in school, we are killing babies out of convenience and there is no God authority in any type of government or management and very little of teaching of right and wrong even at the home level. I totally understand the separation of church and state but I also believe God needs to be the driving force. So without the teaching of right and wrong in homers, government being totally greedy in their beliefs and not have God as the head, chaos begins to break out and crazy things happen like school or theater shootings, cars running over people on crowded side walks, then down on the home level, bored kids who are not being cared for are left to run the streets to become vandals and destroy property just for fun. Last night 6-9 cars on my street were the entertainment of a few of these kids. Makes you worry about what’s next and I am in a good neighborhood.

Black spray paint. I was lucky with only a single line.

Each generation needs to do better not worse. I know that scripture says things will get worse until God has had enough but do we really want that. It makes me sad. And it is so hard to be encouraging sometimes but we must prevail. If those of us who try to always be compassionate, encouraging or kind fail and give up – that is when evil will have won, at least evil will think it would have won but those of us who are in-tuned with God know how the story ends so I remind you to pull as many as you can with you into the love and grace of God and always be kind.

Flower kind4



Is it Done, Are we through?

Wow, this has been a winter to remember and for some still going. This is the type of winter that can make people give up and move south, even some of those who moved here to get out of the heat of the south. Its been brutal and the south has already experienced the tragic Lion of spring.

But I see hope in the sky of the harshness of winter being gone. Yes, its still winter and in the 30s but when you experienced average temperatures in single or negative digits, that is a heat wave.

Wonderful blue sky today

So  now that it is beginning to thaw, the dangers of melt occur. Living on the upper Mississippi River, it catches the melt and swells the river well out of it’s bank causing flood damage and further north of us around other rivers and tributaries that flow into the Mississippi, it is still snowing, creating more to melt. I think for us, it is done but are already under a flood watch. We may see the flurrying or even the less than an incher come though but the heavy stuff I think is done. I think last total I saw was just over 56″ for the season which was only 1/2 inch short of an all time record for this area. It started snowing mid January and didn’t quit until last week, with temps dropping often into the negatives, the worst being -34 and that day we had wind chill of -51. I always thought it odd how dirty snow gets as it is melting, some is totally black.

Oh look, another pothole, small but still…

As we ready ourselves to move into another season, and I know some of you are looking for relief from the heat, let us remember that there is usually always a silver lining somewhere. Sometime you just have to look harder for it. Or maybe you are that silver lining that someone desperately needs. Remember to be the spark of sanity in an major chaotic situation and be kind.



Funny Dog Memes

Bordering on the humorous to the ridiculous I submit the silliness of my dog’s favorite sleep position.  She has 2 speeds…on guard or sleep and sleep is definitely more interesting.


She truly is a mistreated animal. Hmmm.  She is currently pacing as she knows something is up. It’s Friday night, and Friday night is eat out night. They are not going anywhere but mom still has on her shoes. Something is definitely up. So she waits and watches.

In about 10  minutes, as we just got the notice that the food delivery is on it way, there will be total chaos and loud barking as a stranger has pulled in front of the house. We run from window to window telling the world “Danger Danger!!”

Then when the food gets inside the reality of “Food – whats for me, can I have some, can I can I can I.”  So goes the life of living with a dog. A life I would be miserable without. There is just something special of sharing your home with fur babies. Even with the mishaps that inevitably go with it. The joy they bring far out weight the mishaps.

So I remind you as with all of my post to be kind. But this time I lean it toward out fur babies. Without their devotion to us, we would not have that extra dose of love handed to us with no questions asked.


Our Firm Foundations

The foundations of anything is what holds it in place, whether it be philosophical or literal. Today we are talking literal, like the foundation of a building. How important is that and putting that foundation in correctly keeps the building from falling down. Still I am talking of another foundation – our foundation – our feet. Have you ever thought how important our toes are and how they keep us from falling over, although some days the toes can’t even correct my error in judgement of just how far over I can reach.

As most of you know I had surgery on my left foot in August of last year and then the right foot in November. Too many years on a concrete manufacturing floor with steel toed shoes combined with a possible birth defect of misalignment of the metatarsal bone going to the big toe that didn’t help the situation. So last week when I went back for a check up and the Dr was not happy with the foot movement(or lack thereof) for the right foot. The big toe was practically frozen in place and the ankle will bend down but does not come  past the standing 90 degrees. So those of you who run will totally understand the need for the mechanics of the foot to move correctly to maintain balance. Where as now, I still walk like a penguin.

Yea, my foot wont bend like this

Today we started physical therapy. It seems my ham string is also frozen as my calf muscle will hardly support me pulling the toes upward while standing on the floor. The right foot is better but we are working on both, plus daily exercises at home. I know how very important the nerves are as well but never thought they had anything to do with my brain telling my toe to move. How very complex our bodies are and how wonderfully beautiful they are as well. My goal was to be walking by spring with my camera – well the snow cover is still too much for that but next week we are supposed to be seasonal temps of the 40s. Wow, what a heat wave. Looking at 6-8 weeks of therapy so maybe by Easter I will be less penguin-ish. So my friends who run, run a few step for me. This has been a long healing haul but I am still hopeful this will take care of a lot of walking issues.

In closing I am reminded of the beauty I see still around me as well of the sadness and I am reminded of just how lucky I am. So as we see those who also struggling let us remember to always be kind. Your kind gesture may be the only kind thing that one person sees that day.