#WQWWC #23 Writer’s Choice

As I was following Cee Neuner posts, she introduced me to another blogger’s challenge that I just had to chime in on. Marsha Ingrao creates a Wednesday challenge called Writes Quotes Wednesday Writing Challenge. I especially liked her quote for this challenge…

I love the fine details in photography and the written word. Its the details that can trip you up in a story or absolutely blow your mind. But the details of photography to me is what sets any picture off, and I really like photography about nature.

For example, when I went walking and saw my neighbors thrift that was blooming, I was struck by it’s peaceful beauty with pinks and blues cascading gently down the wall.

But then on closer inspection I saw the beauty in the details…

The blue had purple highlights with a tiny yellow center, and the pink had white blooms trying to show their beauty through the pink and white stripes. If we don’t stop and study the details, we will miss their true beauty.

And in closing, I always remind myself as well as anyone who may reads my words, on the beauty of kindness. Its a beauty can not be matched.

Always Be Kind

CFFC: Real vs Fake

Cee reminds us of the fun of photography with her CFFC challenge. This challenge both new and archived photos are allowed.  The main purpose of this challenge is to create community and get to know each other through photography. reminds us of the fun of photography with her CFFC challenge. This challenge both new and archived photos are allowed.  The main purpose of this challenge is to create community and get to know each other through photography.

As I am writing this post, I am alerted with sound of the fake alert of storm coming verses the real thing. Living in Iowa, tornados are a real concern so during spring and summer so every Tuesday at 10:00am the sound system is tested to make sure it is working properly. Today was the first test for the season.

Below are pictures of the not real king of the house….

Verses the true queen of the house…

Queen Mimi

Then of course we jump to the floral side…

Verses the real thing…

And remember to do the real thing of kindness. Fake kindness really does no good.

Always be Kind

Tuesday Writing Challenge

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge which was started by our star writer Christine Ray. We hope to offer all of you something that will spark your creativity and willingness to participate.

Today’s prompt: Write a poem that starts with before this moment.

Before This Moment…

Before this moment, I dreamed in wonder

Will there be birds singing or loud thunder

Before this moment, I was safe and warm

Now cold surrounds me like a winter storm

Before this moment, I had no concern

Now that I am out, now way to return

Before this moment, there were no light

Now brightness abounds, blinding my sight

Before this moment, feeling mom was rare

Now cuddled close, feels beyond compare

Before this moment, the sound from above

Could never compare to this cooing of love

Before this moment, I dreamed in wonder

With this new life, many things to ponder

As we all marvel at the newness of life, let us never forget how very important kindness is to that new life.

Always be Kind

Sunday Stills, Details in Water

There are so many wonderful challenges that people post to get your creative juices flowing. Living by the Mississippi River, you get to see its moods and details of this river as it goes through the seasons. Terri has created this great challenge that I just had to play in.

The calm beauty of the Mississippi…

Mississippi River between Iowa and Illinois

Those who really run the park….

They manage the park year round

And there is always something magically peaceful about water droplets on flowers and plants.

As you enjoy the beauty of water as it dances on flowers or shoots out of fountains, remember the beauty of kindness. Kindness has a beauty that also needs to be shared.

Sunday Poser #26

Sunday Poser is a thought provoking challenge by Sadje and her blog to Keep it Alive. Her question today is one that touches home with a lot of people…or it should.

For me, the most inspiring human trait is true love for mankind. While there have been some wonderful attributes already mentioned, to me, if there is no true inner love from the heart and soul for mankind, the other wonderful traits will not be able rise to the surface.

And I push myself for kindness that the world is sorely lacking. With each seed of kindness planted, a tree of beauty will come forth planting many other seeds of kindness.

FOTD – May 2

I am so excited to see all the beauty popping out everywhere. Even with the sneezing and itchy eyes, the beauty is worth the allergy. Today my periwinkles are showing off.

And as always, remember the beauty of kindness. That is more beautiful that any flower. Always be kind.


More Than a Shell

I agree it seems to be an empty shell, a housing we knew and loved so well

I remember back through all the years, the happy times and a mix of tears

I remember the beauty of it adorned, now I look down at it and mourn

Beauty was seen inside and out, always a safe place with danger about

So I come today to bid you adieu, memories I have being filled by you

Comforted now by knowing this peace, the love you shared will never cease

Farewell Mom as you now leave us, feel love and peace in the arms of Jesus

Life has many different emotions we have to face and the death of those we love is probably the hardest. But we can feel the peace we know is there when we are filled with the hope of seeing them again. To those who have recently lost loved ones, my heart goes out to you. May the peace of Christ fill you with his peace and love.

And remember even in our dark times, the use of kindness can reach out and touch hearts in an amazing way.

Always be Kind

CMMC – April Letter E

What a fun challenge tonight. I recently bought this lamp as I have a thing for elephants. So, I added a poem to fit in with Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge. Hope it makes you smile.

Elephant Light                                

It just a lamp that belonged to me mum

It melts wax, smelling the room of plum

She called it wise because it’s an elephant

An animal who’s strength is significant

But the strongest part of an elephant is heart

For they carry much love for all to be part

Their wisdom is shared all through the herd

From the oldest bull to the youngest one heard

The lessons they teach, are lessons for all

For man needs these lesson, most of all

And as always I remind you to be kind and what better picture that to also have an elephant showing the kindness and playful side of love.

Always Be Kind

FOTD – April 28

Spring reminds us of the awakening of our souls to the beauty of nature with flowers popping out everywhere. Cee’s post of Flower of the Day, reminds us to go look. Today I notice my lilacs are blooming. Since they are in the back, I have to remember to make a special effort to see them. It was well worth it – the bees thought so as well.

Their beauty was complemented by their delightful fragrance.

Another thing that is equally as beautiful and fragrant as lilacs is kindness. Kindness has the ability to bring a smile even on the darkest moment, even for a short moment. But it is well worth it.

Even though this is a bit blurry, I think you can read that in all areas of life, kindness can grow with just a little effort. Sow that effort and always be kind.