On the Hunt for Joy

Nothing much brings me more joy than getting to play in the dirt, probably left over from childhood.  But Cee’s challenge for week 17 is to Start a Garden. We had some wonderful weather last week – one whole day of it – and I actually started then. But alas, I did not finish before the rains started…and have remained for several days.


But we have started, so hopefully by the end of the week we can continue onward. Enclosed are a couple of easy starts – hanging baskets – they at least get the yard starting to look like spring. Took these pictures after hanging them with the bright sun shining. They are Lobelia, a purple and white variety.  Flowers make me smile.



As we enjoy our gardens, remember the smiles they bring us and share those smiles. Try to be the catalyst that makes someone else smile, which brightens everyone’s day.

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Weeds Are Beautiful Too, FOTD, SMM

All the many wonderful photographers in this “blog-us-sphere” have such fun prompts to remind us that even the forgotten or tiny parts of nature are still beautiful. I am linking in with Irene’s Sunshine Macro Monday and Cee’s  Flower of the Day to show the beautiful “weeds” in my yard. A weed is really just a flower you can’t buy at the store.


The delicateness of a wild violet bloom is amazing with it’s rich purple stripes and yellow center. Looking at it real close it almost looks like a tiny orchid.

I fully realize it is flower of the day and not flowers, but who can resist the happy yellow dandelion. Yard tenders hate them but they are so important for the bees in early spring so I allow them for a short period.



And as spring brings a smile to our face, even though we are staying closer to home, we still need to remember to be kind. With the many stresses involved in staying home, kindness is more important that ever. So be safe and be kind.

be kind




His Presence, His Perspective

Good Sunday morning friends. After a couple of dreary days here in the midwest, today promises to be bright and beautiful. And like the dreariness of these past two day, we ourselves can become dreary with self pity if we focus on this current obstacle surround the entire world. With each passing day it gets harder as our thoughts dwell on ‘will this ever end?’ and I promise you it will. Sometimes we need to change our perspective of how things seem to be and lift our heads to His light and let the light of His presence engulf us and bring us peace.

2 Corinthians 4 reminds us not to lose heart,
and to focus on what is not seen. And what is not seen is more beautiful than we can imagine. We have been taught that God always has us in His hand and while He does not cause difficult situations, He will use those situations to show us His infinite power and love. So I challenge you today to
relax in the brightness of His Presence
enjoy the fruits of His Love
Breathe in deeply and smile
and if you are able, take in a calming sip of laughter
Its all about perspective. So climb to the top of the ladder and see your life in God’s Presence.
And always remember, now more than ever, to be kind.
Kind fire

Finally, Flower of the Day

It seems like its been forever since I could post flowers from my yard but this week I finally got started planting. Flowers always make me smile.

I chose this flower today because it reminds me of a clown parade. And we all need a little cheer now-a-days. It is a type of Verbena but I threw away its tag so I can not give you its color name.


Thank you Cee for creating the wonderful prompt of FOTD where we can share our love of flowers. And as always, remember to be kind. We especially need that right now.

Flower kind4
Not just today but every day…

The Comforter

Good morning friends. Hope you safe and comfortable. Today it is raining here in the midwest of the US but this is the type of rain I love, slow and gentle. You can have some of the best naps in this type of weather, soothing and comfortable. I wanted to share a bit of my devotion from last night’s read. It was a reminder of the deep comfort we have in Jesus. And in this day of confusion and unsure realities, we need all the comfort we can get. God reminds us from Genesis all the way through the bible that he is always with us.

We know this in our minds but when we get too busy or in a uncomfortable situation, our hearts grow weak and we forget where this comfort lies.
When we get lost in the troubles of the day, a gentle comforting nudge from the Holy Spirit reminds us of the awesomeness of His love that surrounds us.
To me, music is a great way to calm my soul.  I love this song I am posted by a Gospel group here called The Gaithers, and the song is Gentle Shepherd. If we allow our fears to calm down we can feel the surrounding of His love as was first intended.
Have a blessed and comforting day. And remember to always extend kindness in all that you do. It is like magic star dust floating everywhere.
Kind breeze

Do You Believe in Miracles, #1LinerWed

Good morning friends. Hope you are all well this morning. I bring you bits of encouragement today hoping to ease a small part of your anxieties and fears. I create these encouragements each day for my church friends and thought I would share this one with you.

Yesterday I saw something that really made me think about things a little differently. It reminded me that people are all at different levels of belief in Christ and as long as we love them at the level that they are at, they will continue to grow and they will get to where they need to be when they get there. It can not be forced or it looses it value.
If we pay close attention to everything around us, we can see God’s miracles everywhere. Miracles are not always profound acts of God but sometimes seemingly insignificant happenings that when several of them come together at the same time create a miracle for someone needing it.
As an example: A virus has swept the globe, closed business, shut people inside and closed churches. Is the church a building really closed, NO! The church is strong and look how we have come together as a family to support each other, all over the world. Through technology we are sharing love, kindness and togetherness in ways we would have never thought before. Some people are going out of their way and their own safety zones to provide things for others who don’t have the ability to provide for themselves.
Helping the elderly
Medical personnel
Letters of encouragement and kindness
Every day is a miracle and miracles are God’s way of showing us He is always here. 
While we are praying for a miracle to help us get though this, look around, they are happening all around us. We just need His eyes to see it. May you see His love around you today.
As we look around in hope of catching a glimpse of God’s love at work, remember to always be kind.
kind unexpected
Linda G Hill gives us fun prompt for hump day with One Line Wednesdays to help us get to the second half of the week. Come join in on the fun.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Animals

Jansenphoto has a fun Tuesday Photo challenge and I haven’t played in awhile. But today was right up my alley, animals, and I had to play.

As pet owners across this world, we think we have pets for our fun and entertainment but truth be known, we are the pets and they are the owners. Example: Can’t you wait two minutes until the commercial? Answer,  No – Fine. Thank goodness for the pause button.


Mimi, out NOW!

Then  of course when it is time for bed, who really owns it and can I please get in? It’s not your bed!

What do you mean it’s not my bed??

And of course, I just HAD to have another dog…so now the sofa is somewhat off limits as well. I get the end edge.


Then you have those pets with attitude and the proverbial ability of talking back. I don’t know if your dogs do this trick but two out of the three dogs in this house do.

The grumbling mumbling tone I hear says  “Do you not understand what I am telling you?” And of course, she is teaching Daisy all the tricks.

My daughter lives downstairs in the basement and her dog Max has looks that can kill, or make you roll over laughing.

I can’t believe you asked me that question!

But we love our furbabies. From cats to dogs to exotics, they make us smile and bring us joy. Especially now that we are cooped up inside our homes. May you enjoy my furbabies and I look forward to seeing the animals you post.

And as always I remind you to be kind. Right now we all need the help and kindness of each other to survive this mess.




Strength of a Tea Bag

Today I am feeling a bit philosophical but really have no clue what that means. To me it means I have an analogy I would like to share. If you are a tea drinker, you will understand this analogy but if not, bear with me, maybe you will understand my rambling mind.

cup tea

We are all rambling of late, looking for ways to entertain ourselves, being jealous of those who get to go to work while being so grateful we don’t have to go out there. Its a conundrum.


There are a myriad of postings on line concerning extroverts not being able to tolerate being stuck inside and how they are coping. I consider myself a “tween”. Definitely not an introvert but not a extrovert either. Maybe that is because at my age I have mellowed. But no, I think the real reason is because of the tea bag.

anew bag

When we are running full steam ahead with life, we forget who really is in control. Then  our tea bag gets into hot water giving us a false security in its strength. But once the tea bag is used it can no longer provide the strength we thought we had.

gods strength

What we don’t seem to realize is our strength is just as frail and porous as the paper around the tea bag. It is our deep weakness is our full strength, providing we tap into it. For when we finally give up our strength and admit our weakness, God then can be our strength. And His strength is perfect.

My power is made perfect in  your weakness

So I challenge you today to rely on His strength. Allow Him to carry you through all of your trials today and the days to come. Remember He is always there with you where ever you go.


And lastly I encourage you, especially during this time, to remember the value of kindness and let is ripples flow out from you where ever you go.

kind ripples

Frustrations into Lessons

Today I want to talk about dogs, shocker, I know. But more specifically rescue dogs. This morning as I was on a mad and frustrating search for Mimi’s collar due to their wrestling antics last night, the Lord turned on a light bulb in my head about rescues and I wanted to share that with you this this afternoon.
If we allow it, God always turns our frustrating moments into a lesson.
These is Mimi and Daisy Mae, both are rescues. Mimi is the one farther back and Daisy has the white markings.
Rescue dogs have a very different view on life and the relationship with their owner depending on where they came from. I see this as similar to how we  look at God. At one point though, if we are a believer in God, we were all rescued by His love, maybe not from a bad situation but from a situation that could cause us harm. And He stepped in to rescue us.
Jesus reaches down to us as God holds on to Him
My dogs are loud protectors, letting me know the instant when someone is on the sidewalk, a cat walks through the yard or the squirrel is again getting in the feeder while the bird watches disgustingly on.
My dogs are ever watchful over me. And God is ever watchful over all of us. As we wake up every single day, we are rescued from the trials of yesterday, fortified to stand before the trials of today because He rescues us and stands with us every moment of every day.
Currently things are going crazy around us and unfortunately some us are going to get trapped in it needing rescuing. And while the rescuing to us may look like an non-rescue or the loss of a loved one, to Him it is a full rescue as he brings them home. So we stand firm and pray hard for all of THE church family across the world and for those needing to come into the fold of His love. One day we will come out of this but let us never lose the lessons of His love that has been spread out over the entire world as he tries to rescue us and pull us into his lap of love and peace.
May you all have a very blessed and peaceful day as we sit in His lap of caring and rescue. I remind us now especially in this time of severe trial, we need to always be be kind.