The Comforter

Good morning friends. Hope you safe and comfortable. Today it is raining here in the midwest of the US but this is the type of rain I love, slow and gentle. You can have some of the best naps in this type of weather, soothing and comfortable. I wanted to share a bit of my devotion from last night’s read. It was a reminder of the deep comfort we have in Jesus. And in this day of confusion and unsure realities, we need all the comfort we can get. God reminds us from Genesis all the way through the bible that he is always with us.

We know this in our minds but when we get too busy or in a uncomfortable situation, our hearts grow weak and we forget where this comfort lies.
When we get lost in the troubles of the day, a gentle comforting nudge from the Holy Spirit reminds us of the awesomeness of His love that surrounds us.
To me, music is a great way to calm my soul.  I love this song I am posted by a Gospel group here called The Gaithers, and the song is Gentle Shepherd. If we allow our fears to calm down we can feel the surrounding of His love as was first intended.
Have a blessed and comforting day. And remember to always extend kindness in all that you do. It is like magic star dust floating everywhere.
Kind breeze

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