For the Love of…God & Heaven

First day
First Day In Heaven

Let this picture sink in for a minute. What do you see?

Due to circumstances that happened in the last couple of weeks and the challenge of my pastor this morning of us being good stewards of our faith, I felt this picture, which has been floating around on Facebook for awhile, needed to be coupled with just a few of the thoughts that were shared this morning.

How gracious and magnificent is your love OF me and FOR me O, Lord.

  1. Do you know how much you are loved?  Psalm 139:14 says …I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful. Verse 13 explains that He knew us and made our inmost being while still in our mother’s womb. You are His child, He made you, warts and all. Even though you may have challenges, He does not leave you to get through them alone.
  2. Do you know that He is always there for us? Psalm 139:5, You hem me in – behind and before.  There is no where we can go that He can not reach us. Check out vs 7-10. God loves us so much and He is thinking about us all the time, ever guiding and filled with adoration for us.
  3. When it is your time for your life to be complete, He is there waiting for you as in the picture above. But remember He is the only one who knows how many days you are to have. We all have a set time according to His purpose.

The books of the Psalms are filled with His love and guidance for us. My favorite is Psalm 119. Its the longest Psalm and the longest chapter in the entire bible. But it is broken down into 8 verse sections of poem and prayer. Each section starts off with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet. I challenge you to read it and learn of His love for you.

And in all things be Kind.

Favorite Reads?? Cant List ’em All

According to Shelley’s challenge for today I am to list 3 favorite reads and why. I can’t really list three as superior as they have all been wonderful. I guess I may be able to list three that had something that fascinated me more than some others due to touching my heart in a unique way. In  no particular order I will do my best to highlight 3 and maybe you will understand why I chose these 3.

The photographers who blogs I follow have extraordinary talent making me want to get my camera back out when I am released to fully walk from my surgeries in the spring.

Debbie Smyth from Traveling with Intent has a lot of fabulous pictures from her travels around the world. But one of my favorites is from the salt mines of Austria. The pictures of that mine are neat but I am fascinated by oldest ladder which is 400 meters down inside the earth.  It’s was built by miners  in 1344 BC, that’s 3,350 years ago, and made of wood.  The constant temps may being a reason why it is able to reserve the woods condition. The time when this was built was when everything was done by the sweat of the brow and the strength of your back. Think about what it took to accomplish that back then.

Oldest Ladder in the World

My next entry as it were is a rule breaker as its a double entry. Same blogger  but two separate entries similar in nature. I am an avid animal lover and Paul Handover Learning from Dogs posted how conservation abilities have shown increase in numbers of wolves and tigers. Wildlife is so very important to the survival of man, we need each other to exist on this earth.


The last one that I will mention is from Unashamed of Jesus in the current study of Revelations, Chapter 5. Now I am fully aware that not everyone shares my views and beliefs but from my heart this post was very poignant showing the Trinity of God, the wonders of Heaven and the magnificent love of Christ.

Now I am fairly new at blogging, only a few months in with only 55 post under my belt. That being said, I have read well over 1000 posts and trying to find 3 favorites from those is almost impossible. Everyone does such a wonderful job or else none of us would still be here, so KUDOS to everyone for a job well done.

And in closing I remind myself the importance of always being kind. Have a blessed Sunday.

I Have No Idea!?! #SoCS, 30 Day Challenge

Linda Hills Stream of Consciousnesses Saturday prompt is “dom”. What an interesting prompt. There are many thought process with this. You have -dom as a suffix forming nouns that denote a state or condition like freedom.  Then there are those that denote status or ranking earldom.  Others denote attitudes associated with a class of people like officialdom.

Dom is an old English term meaning decree or judgement. It was also used as a prefix to the name of some Roman Catholic dignitaries and monks.

When I first saw this prompt my  brain as wacky as it is went in a totally different direction of the actor Dom DeLuise. My memories of his movies always make me smile.

He was bigger than life on screen and even after he is now gone, people still talk about the gentle soul he was and the way he brought a smile in any room he entered. What an epitaph to have.

I have been working on the 30 day Challenge for new bloggers with Shelley’s Quaint Revival and it has been informative and challenging me to learn new things. We are on the downhill slope with today’s challenge to find fresh ideas to write about. Hence for the title ‘I have no idea’. The challenges, I have found, are a fun way to do just that. It helps you think outside the box. But ideas are everywhere. You just need to look for them and recognize the tiniest idea, as in flowers still blooming when  the temp had a freak drop from the 80s to the 50s.

Moon Flower, night bloomer, guess it forgot to go to bed

Everything you see that causes a emotional response from you, where it be awe in beauty surrounding you, a brand new baby, the interesting thoughts that cross the mind of a street painter, the beauty and contrasts of art through a photographers eye and even the sadness we see in everyday life. All of this can be pulled into the minds eye for writing about. Now that you have an idea, the hard part comes, putting it into words. But not really. What does your heart tell you about this idea. Put a fresh spin on it that others may not see and run with it. Some may like it, some may not but if you come from your heart then you will like. And as I have read from other bloggers, if you don’t like it, no one else will. We are all interconnected at some level. We may not agree with all that you wrote but there may be parts that we like that get is thinking. And that is kind of  the reason we do this right, to connect with fellow bloggers. Don’t over think it. Find it, explore it, use it, enjoy it and don’t be afraid of it.

But like I say at the end of each of my posts, more to myself, always be kind. Kindness grows kindness.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Followers, Following…Shadows

Do you have shadows that follow you where ever you go?? I do. Unless of course we head to the bathroom… the shower is in there and that’s a ‘no go zone’.

So the shadow prompt usually goes like this…Sleeping with mom on the couch while she pecks at her computer…wait, she is lowering her legs to the floor to get up…you going outside, can I go, can I, can I…oh, wait its wet and drizzly, never mind.

That is how some feel people about bloggers following  their sights, I call it the sunny day disposition. I feel that if you are doing it solely for the purpose of growth then you have the wrong focus, but that just my opinion and like belly buttons, we all have one.

Living for many years in a big city(Atlanta) you get cold and complacent in speaking or even knowing who your neighbors are. From there I  moved to a small city(in Ala) and out in the country from that city on 3 acres of land with  no neighbors close at all. While that had its quiet perks it can also be isolating. Since I was working so many hours I didn’t notice that part and enjoyed the quiet. When I had my accident (badly broken arm) I then noticed the isolation as I was house bound for eight weeks and out of work for 4 months.  That’s when I knew it was time for a change.

Now I am in the mid-west. While I don’t care for being so close to neighbors, as a whole the friendly and caring aspects of the area are nice. I remember George Carlin, I think, wrote a lyric – cant really call it a song, but it made the claim that you need to live in different places to better understand how people think and how they treat one an other. Find the place that suits you the best and stay a while.  There is a lot of truth in that but people are always going to be people and you just have to accept them as they are, love them as they are and generally if you are kind, caring and helpful to one another you have more friends. That goes true for social media platforms as well, although some of them just feed a frenzy and like stirring pots.

With blogging you have a better control of the nonsense. There seems to be more respect of voice here. Now there may be sites that encourage that but you don’t have to go there unless you want to be part of that. Currently I am enjoying the gentle spirits of bloggers that I have found where we can laugh at each other when funnies happen in our life, encourage each other as needed, all while enjoying each others post and beautiful pictures. That to me is how you get followers, enjoying each, sharing with each other, being respectful of each other and as you know my BIG push as it were…Be kind. Mama always said you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Not that I want flies as friends but you get the concept. Maybe I should say you get more tail wags with treats than with the threats of a shower.

eat 2
Treats or shower?

And as I always, I close with a reminder to me and anyone listening, Always be Kind.

Continue to Rise When You Fall


Rise again

Life is hard. Falling hurts. Getting up is hard. Getting up is what defines us. Don’t let your accidents or the meanness of others keep you from rising. You were created for a purpose by God and ‘God don’t make no junk’. Find your inner strength and rise. I have many friends who fight depression. It is a true medical condition not just a sad feeling. Let the doctors help you but also help yourself by not giving up. Fight, for you are worth it. Fight, because you deserve it. But remember to fight with kindness. Don’t fight like the bullies who use you for practice. Fight with God’s purpose, with Him by your side and rise to the greatness he has called you to. Below is a poem about remembering to always rise when you fall by D. H. Groberg and I though it should be posted.

Whenever I start to hang my head in front of failure’s face,
my downward fall is broken by the memory of a race.
A children’s race, young boys, young men; how I remember well,
excitement sure, but also fear, it wasn’t hard to tell.
They all lined up so full of hope, each thought to win that race
or tie for first, or if not that, at least take second place.
Their parents watched from off the side, each cheering for their son,
and each boy hoped to show his folks that he would be the one.
The whistle blew and off they flew, like chariots of fire,
to win, to be the hero there, was each young boy’s desire.
One boy in particular, whose dad was in the crowd,
was running in the lead and thought “My dad will be so proud.”
But as he sped down the field and crossed a shallow dip,
the little boy who thought he’d win, lost his step and slipped.
Trying hard to catch himself, his arms flew everyplace,
and midst the laughter of the crowd he fell flat on his face.
As he fell, his hope fell too; he couldn’t win it now.
Humiliated, he just wished to disappear somehow.
But as he fell his dad stood up and showed his anxious face,
which to the boy so clearly said, “Get up and win that race!”
He quickly rose, no damage done, behind a bit that’s all,
and ran with all his mind and might to make up for his fall.
So anxious to restore himself, to catch up and to win,
his mind went faster than his legs. He slipped and fell again.
He wished that he had quit before with only one disgrace.
“I’m hopeless as a runner now, I shouldn’t try to race.”
But through the laughing crowd he searched and found his father’s face
with a steady look that said again, “Get up and win that race!”
So he jumped up to try again, ten yards behind the last.
“If I’m to gain those yards,” he thought, “I’ve got to run real fast!”
Exceeding everything he had, he regained eight, then ten…
but trying hard to catch the lead, he slipped and fell again.
Defeat! He lay there silently. A tear dropped from his eye.
“There’s no sense running anymore! Three strikes I’m out! Why try?
I’ve lost, so what’s the use?” he thought. “I’ll live with my disgrace.”
But then he thought about his dad, who soon he’d have to face.
“Get up,” an echo sounded low, “you haven’t lost at all,
for all you have to do to win is rise each time you fall.

Get up!” the echo urged him on, “Get up and take your place!
You were not meant for failure here! Get up and win that race!”
So, up he rose to run once more, refusing to forfeit,
and he resolved that win or lose, at least he wouldn’t quit.
So far behind the others now, the most he’d ever been,
still he gave it all he had and ran like he could win.
Three times he’d fallen stumbling, three times he rose again.
Too far behind to hope to win, he still ran to the end.
They cheered another boy who crossed the line and won first place,
head high and proud and happy — no falling, no disgrace.
But, when the fallen youngster crossed the line, in last place,
the crowd gave him a greater cheer for finishing the race.
And even though he came in last with head bowed low, unproud,
you would have thought he’d won the race, to listen to the crowd.
And to his dad he sadly said, “I didn’t do so well.”
“To me, you won,” his father said. “You rose each time you fell.”
And now when things seem dark and bleak and difficult to face,
the memory of that little boy helps me in my own race.
For all of life is like that race, with ups and downs and all.
And all you have to do to win is rise each time you fall.
And when depression and despair shout loudly in my face,
another voice within me says, “Get up and win that race!”

by D. H. Groberg

In all endeavors that you do, some you are bound to fail at first. As in blogging don’t pay attention to how that stats line up to prove you as a success or a failure, change how you view the stats. Change how you view life. It is all a gift, each and every day. Looks for those shinning moments. I promise they are there.

A shout out to Shelley and her 30 day prompt – only 4 more to go. And a shout to friends who fight sadness and depression. May you find your happy place.

And as always, I say this as a reminder to me in how I treat others, always always be kind.

Have a great weekend.

Clippety-clop…#1 Liner Wednesdays

What a funny word used generally for the sound a horse makes with his hooves as he walks across a hard surface. Being raised around horses, I never really heard that sound.


And there is the rat-tat-tat of a woodpecker.Or how about the clickety-clack a train makes going down the train track. The ribbon rails of today probably changed that sound.


It always strikes me funny how we try to turn sounds into words. Or colors into numbers, what? Sorry, that was a music flashback…the color 9.

There are times you just can’t put life into words but yet we all know exactly what each other is talking about. It shows interconnection of likeness. What a concept. If we allow ourselves to be real for just a moment we realize just how very similar we are. How sounds, sights, smells…joys and fears affect us. Turning these into words can drive our emotions, from our heart and inner most places. And sharing the words with others can do many things. It can bring joy or laughter to a hurting soul. It can bring rage and disgust and spring people into action of an injustice. It can calm a harried spirit and bring peace sad and depress heart.

I think those of us who use words try to hard to make sure the words make sense and to draw the reader into what we are trying to convey. And therefore we can put ourselves into a holding pattern of uncertainty. Sometime the message just doesn’t make sense to the masses and only to the writer.  But the writer needs to tell his message hoping that somewhere it may resonate with one person.

Shelley‘s challenge for today is a subject I have yet to encounter. A holding pattern. I am just too new at it yet to get stuck. I look at nature and old photos and currently have lots of ideas. But I am also aware that those days will come. And hope I learn enough form those more experienced to avoid a too long of holding pattern.

On Linda Hills #1 liner Wednesday, she threw out a funny word that brought this post to life. And there have been many beautiful pictures from photo bloggers like Debbie, Irene, Jansen, Xenia & Scifihammy. I shout to all of you for allowing me to enjoy what you do.


Remember in all things be Kind. I say this mostly as a reminder to me for anything I do.

For the love of … Blogging

What is there to love about blogging?? To some it is a daily routine, trying to figure out what I am doing, why am I doing it, who would  read it? Who really cares?  So much silly pressure for a task that can be such fun.

I remember a guy dated in high school. He was such a gifted wood worker and I never understood why he would not pursue it as a career. We ended up going to the same college(both with different girl/boy friends by that time) but he ended up studying journalism. I asked him why he did that when his passion was for woodwork. He told me that because of his deep voice(yea, it was nice if you like that kinda thing. I do) he knew he would be good on camera and the money was good. His wood working was his love and he didn’t want to get where he hated it by having to do it to survive. OK I can understand that. I think all things in life can be that way, if you look at it as a drudgery you will no longer enjoy it.

When I was pregnant with my middle child, my daughter, I had blood pressure issues so it required more downtime. Now for those of us who are a bit on the hyper side, that is a huge request. You might as well asked me to go in the corner.

akid corner
Not Big J

Sorry but the picture reminds me of a story that only a mother could love. My oldest was put in the corner in KINDERGARTEN.  Back then they were just discovering what ADD was and how to help kids and teachers in the classroom. Any, my son totally entertained himself with a piece of string he found in  his pocket. So the punishment did nothing for him. OK, we are off track.

Getting back on track, while I had to have down time I started journaling/writing. (It was before computers were in ever home.) I put it down ponce she was born and did not pick it back up until I retired.

Wouldn’t you to be here right now?

So now that computers are involved, the journaling is now called blogging. I love it because it gives me the opportunity write what ever comes to my mind. I am not worried about what other may think because let be serious, I am not going to write about stuff that sets people off. Face Book does enough of that. I use blogging to share my view of the beauty of this world. Is there bad stiff going on, absolutely but we can not allow that to drive us. We need to grab those silver linings and hang onto to them with all our might. Look at all the beautiful photographs that flow through this system. Amazing. Some are professional and then there are telephone camera people like me.

phone funny
Those of you in my era will get this funny.

Bedside that, think of all the people you meet across the world. You can’t let the numbers of followers and all those stats drive you. Enjoy what you do and it will grow as it needs to grow.

A shout out to Shelley of Quaint Revival who created this challenge for us newbies to help us grow. Have a great week.

Remember to always be kind.


Memories and How They Shape Us

Fortunately and unfortunately it is our memories and experiences that drive our purpose in life. I want to be just like…or I want to make sure I never… How we handle our memories tells others a lot about us. I can tell stories of awfulness that I remember  but I chose to focus on the wonderful memories. Growing up in south Georgia and my families love of boating there are many wonderful memories on the rivers of Florida.  I wish I had beautiful pictures for you to see but I was not into cameras back then. Enjoy the ones I downloaded. I remember the boat being tied off under the trees and diving into the clear blue waters while mom make picnic lunch inside the cabin. The water was so cold I remember mom would make us sit out once in awhile to get less frozen.

But the springs were not the only water memories. When they bought a house off the gulf coast that created a whole different type of memories of fantastic fishing trips, walks along the beach and the fearful memories similar to the recent hurricane of North Carolina.

Then as I grew up and created my own good and bad memories it shaped me more into who I am today. SO I will share a few that make me smile and hope you enjoy them.

Big R and Miss J both were notorious for stealing food, no secret they are now both foodies and with Big R as executive chef and Miss J in restaurant management. The other guy, Big J was  more of the science/mathematical guy and a chief mechanic for the airlines. School pictures by age range listed below.

Now there are seven grand children to further the wonder of memory making. We all have memories that we wish we didn’t have but if we focus on the memories that bring love and happiness into our lives we become as rich as any king or queen of any kingdom.

I challenge you to put the bad memories in perspective and grow from them then turn to the good memories and thrive from them expanding their love and laughter through the family and through your friends.

And remember in all things be Kind.

Life Tracks and Spiritual Musings

Today was my first Sunday in 6 weeks that I was able to get back to church and I was almost late because I was out of touch with the runners and the track they were taking. This part of Iowa/Illinois has marathons all the time and you learn to keep track of the road closing so that you are not late for where you need to go. I live on one side of the Mississippi River and go to church on the other side. And this particular bridge, the Centennial Bridge, is a favorite for runner marathons.


I don’t run. Right now I am doing good to walk. Regardless, I lack the passion of running like my friends that I have that run – they live for it. I even have wonderful blogging friends that run, Shelley of Quaint Revival and Laurie of Meditations in Motion who are both passionate runners. Me, I am the one in the folding chair with the cold beverage and the pompom cheering you onward.

Yay, Good Job, Go!

I think in life we also need people cheering us onward. Where in a marathon there are people staged keeping you on course, we need family and friends cheering us on and helping us stay the course and not getting off track.  Today’s challenge was getting back on track when lost. And as with life, it can be hard and sometimes the track may seem unsteady and not a straight clear path.

atracks 4
Curvy Course

Then there are times where too many options are available and how are you going to know which track to take. Which is the safest? Which will further my career the best? Which is the one that others would probably choose? Which is intimately the best overall track for me to take? So many questions.

a tracks
Multiple options

Always remember that regardless of the track you chose, if you begin to realize it is the wrong track, you can always stop, back track and get on the track you need to be on. God gives us an inner direction guide, sometime we hear it, sometimes we don’t but we always have a choice for continuance or correction or even quitting altogether. I always ask myself a few questions as I start any new journey and while being on that journey.

  1.  Am I being true to self.
  2. Am I affirming my beliefs in love, kindness and my God.
  3. Am I using this track to affirm others.
  4. Am I showing others how to love, how be kind and the love of my God.

If I can answer the with a yes, then I continue. If I can’t then I change my process and get back on track. Am I always going to get it right, no, but with the help of others we can at least straighten out a few of the crooked tracks. Sometimes we as Christians are afraid to speak up as some will feel we are shoving our beliefs down their throats. I don’t often speak of my beliefs but felt it needed sharing a bit today in a small quiet voice of encouragement to encourage anyone needing a verbal hug.


In today’s fast paced and chaotic world, we need each other to bounce ideas off on, to help us shift out the rights tracks we need to take. Always remember that regardless, we have family(not necessarily always blood born), friends and our God to love us along the way and to keep us traveling along on  the straight track to the beautiful land together that He promised us.

a tracks 5
Straight path turning to His love.


In all things remember to be kind.