Life Tracks and Spiritual Musings

Today was my first Sunday in 6 weeks that I was able to get back to church and I was almost late because I was out of touch with the runners and the track they were taking. This part of Iowa/Illinois has marathons all the time and you learn to keep track of the road closing so that you are not late for where you need to go. I live on one side of the Mississippi River and go to church on the other side. And this particular bridge, the Centennial Bridge, is a favorite for runner marathons.


I don’t run. Right now I am doing good to walk. Regardless, I lack the passion of running like my friends that I have that run – they live for it. I even have wonderful blogging friends that run, Shelley of Quaint Revival and Laurie of Meditations in Motion who are both passionate runners. Me, I am the one in the folding chair with the cold beverage and the pompom cheering you onward.

Yay, Good Job, Go!

I think in life we also need people cheering us onward. Where in a marathon there are people staged keeping you on course, we need family and friends cheering us on and helping us stay the course and not getting off track.  Today’s challenge was getting back on track when lost. And as with life, it can be hard and sometimes the track may seem unsteady and not a straight clear path.

atracks 4
Curvy Course

Then there are times where too many options are available and how are you going to know which track to take. Which is the safest? Which will further my career the best? Which is the one that others would probably choose? Which is intimately the best overall track for me to take? So many questions.

a tracks
Multiple options

Always remember that regardless of the track you chose, if you begin to realize it is the wrong track, you can always stop, back track and get on the track you need to be on. God gives us an inner direction guide, sometime we hear it, sometimes we don’t but we always have a choice for continuance or correction or even quitting altogether. I always ask myself a few questions as I start any new journey and while being on that journey.

  1.  Am I being true to self.
  2. Am I affirming my beliefs in love, kindness and my God.
  3. Am I using this track to affirm others.
  4. Am I showing others how to love, how be kind and the love of my God.

If I can answer the with a yes, then I continue. If I can’t then I change my process and get back on track. Am I always going to get it right, no, but with the help of others we can at least straighten out a few of the crooked tracks. Sometimes we as Christians are afraid to speak up as some will feel we are shoving our beliefs down their throats. I don’t often speak of my beliefs but felt it needed sharing a bit today in a small quiet voice of encouragement to encourage anyone needing a verbal hug.


In today’s fast paced and chaotic world, we need each other to bounce ideas off on, to help us shift out the rights tracks we need to take. Always remember that regardless, we have family(not necessarily always blood born), friends and our God to love us along the way and to keep us traveling along on  the straight track to the beautiful land together that He promised us.

a tracks 5
Straight path turning to His love.


In all things remember to be kind.


One thought on “Life Tracks and Spiritual Musings

  1. Lovely message, very inspiring, and I’m so happy you were able to venture out to church today! Happy Sunday to you! Great photos you chose for the prompt, too!


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