Memories and How They Shape Us

Fortunately and unfortunately it is our memories and experiences that drive our purpose in life. I want to be just like…or I want to make sure I never… How we handle our memories tells others a lot about us. I can tell stories of awfulness that I remember  but I chose to focus on the wonderful memories. Growing up in south Georgia and my families love of boating there are many wonderful memories on the rivers of Florida.  I wish I had beautiful pictures for you to see but I was not into cameras back then. Enjoy the ones I downloaded. I remember the boat being tied off under the trees and diving into the clear blue waters while mom make picnic lunch inside the cabin. The water was so cold I remember mom would make us sit out once in awhile to get less frozen.

But the springs were not the only water memories. When they bought a house off the gulf coast that created a whole different type of memories of fantastic fishing trips, walks along the beach and the fearful memories similar to the recent hurricane of North Carolina.

Then as I grew up and created my own good and bad memories it shaped me more into who I am today. SO I will share a few that make me smile and hope you enjoy them.

Big R and Miss J both were notorious for stealing food, no secret they are now both foodies and with Big R as executive chef and Miss J in restaurant management. The other guy, Big J was  more of the science/mathematical guy and a chief mechanic for the airlines. School pictures by age range listed below.

Now there are seven grand children to further the wonder of memory making. We all have memories that we wish we didn’t have but if we focus on the memories that bring love and happiness into our lives we become as rich as any king or queen of any kingdom.

I challenge you to put the bad memories in perspective and grow from them then turn to the good memories and thrive from them expanding their love and laughter through the family and through your friends.

And remember in all things be Kind.

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