Six Word Saturday Finally it Rained

Coming from the south, triple digits during the summer are generally a norm especially considering the heat index. But here in the midwest, it is not a norm but is this a sign of the times? Global warming and such? Don’t know, I am just glad we got a break from this three week oppression and temperatures of relief. However…

My petunias did seem to catch the brunt of the deluge. But I am sure they will bounce back in better form.

Come join in with Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and share a smile with all of us.

In closing I remind everyone of the relief we receive from Kindness. It is like a cool wash of relief on a hot summer day.

FOTD, June 21 Petunias

Cee Neuner gives us a great way to share the beauty of nature around us with her different challenges. During the summer, I love sharing my flowers. Today I share my many colors of Petunias.

These purplish ones look blue in the shade

The white ones have a majesty all their own.

The creamy yellows ones have a softness to them that reminds me of yummy frozen custard.

Then we get into the fun ones. Candy cane petunias can make anyone smile.

But my favorites this year are ones I have never seen before. Each bloom is spotted differently so as they grow all summer they will change. And being purple, that puts them on the favorite list anyway.


In closing as we enjoy the beauty of flowers, remember the beauty of kindness.

always be kind

Even a flower can feel the beauty of kindness.

FOTD, June 20,Dahlias

I have not posted in awhile as I have been burning candles on both end and in the middle. Since the church community garden did not have a host this year, I took it own. How hard can it be, its not that big. GOOD GRIEF!!! Alas, it is growing and producing vegetables for any who come to pick. Then there is my yard…my flowers which is a must as I do love my flowers.

Cee’s Flower of the Day today is dahlias and I have several types of those so I will share my dahlias with you as well. I am partial to the smaller ones with varied colors.

Then there are the mediums sized ones that remind me of small mums with their rich dark reds, reds with yellow tinges and bright yellows with touches of orange.

Since I feed the birds as well, I usually end up with various mystery plants in my yard and this years mystery plant I am sure is some type of vegetable, possibly in the squash family. Its not very tall, has leaves shaped like a fig leaf and tiny yellow flowers. It could also b e a weed, lol. We will see.

I will let it grow until it proves to me it has to go. Flowers bring me joy and remind me of kindness and if we can be anything, we should at first be kind.

Always be kind

FOTD, June 2, No Flowers Yet

Cee always gives us such wonderful ways to share the beauty we see. And while this is Flower of The Day, we don’t have flowers yet but the greenery is growing, finally. I give you beginning pics of our community garden sponsored by our church. Its small but enjoyed by those close in our neighborhood.

Raised beds

We have eight raised beds the boy scouts built for us two years ago. The chain link fence is to keep the rodents out…good luck. But we have a variety of bed vegetables growing. Beside the raised beds we have the larger vegetables growing, like corn and potatoes. You cant live in Iowa and not grow corn…just sayin’.

As we enjoy the growing season, let us remember the kindness of us sharing love like we do with our garden.

Always Be Kind