FOTD, June 21 Petunias

Cee Neuner gives us a great way to share the beauty of nature around us with her different challenges. During the summer, I love sharing my flowers. Today I share my many colors of Petunias.

These purplish ones look blue in the shade

The white ones have a majesty all their own.

The creamy yellows ones have a softness to them that reminds me of yummy frozen custard.

Then we get into the fun ones. Candy cane petunias can make anyone smile.

But my favorites this year are ones I have never seen before. Each bloom is spotted differently so as they grow all summer they will change. And being purple, that puts them on the favorite list anyway.


In closing as we enjoy the beauty of flowers, remember the beauty of kindness.

always be kind

Even a flower can feel the beauty of kindness.

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