FOTD, August 6, Wildflower

Todays Flower of the Day is coming again from the mystery seeds that were embedded in a roll up of a ‘perfect garden starter’. I am afraid they are more weed than flower but weeds create flowers as well so it’s still up for debate.

The flower is quite small, about 1.5 inch in diameter and looks to be a multi-petaled flower.

But the macro shows that each one of the ‘petals’ is actually a tiny tube type flower. So the flower is a cluster of tiny flowers around a central pistil.

The amazing beauty of tiny flowers that you get to zoom in and see all the delicate parts of it shows you the unimaginable beauty of creation.

Lets remember to show kindness and create our own type of beauty.

FOTD, August 3, Storm Damage

We all love our flowers, some of us more than others but still I think everyone enjoys flowers to some degree. And we all love summer and summer weather…most of the time. Sometimes summer weathers is just down right destructive. Case in point…todays weather…

This mornings storm

And with the wind and heavy rain we have damage…

These big blooms are heavy

With large heavy blooms, they easily fall victim to wind as it whirls down our street and up from the river valley. But we do have a little enjoyment left from these beauties…we bring them inside…

I still have some big beauties left to help my yard smile…

Even though the wind was not kind, I am still enjoying the kindness of the flowers inside. Remember to always be kind, even if you have to be creative.

FOTD, August 1, & Macro

Cee always amazes us with fabulous photos for Flower of the Day. It is still Monday, August 1, so I am combining FOTD and Macro Monday.

Fan Flowers

These are delicately beautiful flowers that only have petals on one side – therefore looking like a fan.

I have shared them before but some just need an encore.

They have been an exceptional tiny flower this summer with yellow centers that reach out to white, then bright pink that stretches out lightly to the edges of the petals that end in a point.

I also want to point out the magic of kindness and how it can brighten a person’s day just like these color brighten these flowers. So be kind and watch the brightness begin to glow.

FOTD, Last Day of July

Flower of the Day is fun, interesting and sometimes mysterious. Today I give you mysterious, mostly because I have no clue what any of these are. I ordered this cool idea that had a biodegradable roll embedded with wonderful summer seeds. Yeah, the idea was cool but the results in my opinion were mostly weeds. If the weeds bloomed, that would also be acceptable as some weeds have lovely blooms. And that being said…these may be weeds with lovely blooms.

This one kind of looks like a poppy but it never opened up any more that here. The actual bloom diameter is about 2.5 inches.

These I am naming Small white flower. It is a single layered, 5 petal flower about .5 inch in diameter. Below is a macro of a single bloom for you to see the delicate beauty.

Flower Bud and TINY friend.

The next flower is also white but I am calling it Tiny flower. It is on a cluster but the cluster itself is only about 1.5 inches wide and the singe bloom is probable as small as .125 inch. It will have a macro for it below as well.

The weed leaf give perspective of the flowers tininess.

We only see the tiniest glimpses of beauty nature gives us to enjoy, so pay close attention and you may be surprised at what you see.

And always remember to share kindness in all you do. That has a beauty all its own.

FOTD, July 30

Wow, how this month has flown by. Thank you Cee for making us slow down enough to enjoy the beauty around us.

I have always loved today’s flower, Lantana, and it comes in several colors. This particular group is located in a raised flower box at my church.

And here is another bloom along with a special friend. Even though bees get a bad rap sometimes, we would be in a heap of trouble without them.

As we explore all the different aspects of nature, we must remember that everything fits together with a purpose and a beauty. Let’s respect that beauty and purpose by being kind. At some level, all of nature understand the beauty and purpose of kindness.

FOTD, July 29, Petunias

I found the most amazing colored petunias this spring. While I have always been a fan of rich purple, these with their varied color for each bloom makes me hope I can find them again next year.

I have posted these earlier this summer but I felt they needed an encore presentation.

Each bloom is different and beautiful all their own. It kind of reminds you of human beings. Each person is created beautiful by the Love from above. He never makes mistakes, maybe some challenges but He always guides us as we grow.

I encourage you in your own beauty and beautiful growth and remind you to always be kind reflecting the kindness of God.

FOTD, July 23, Ranunculus

Cee’s fun challenges allows us the ability to draw back from the past. These beauties filled the basket by my gate in early spring but we had a major “90s” heat wave in early April that threw the early spring flowers into a tail spin. So lets enjoy the picture anyway.

And we close in beauty by remembering the beauty of kindness.

A Early Evening Stroll of Beauty

Those who read me often know that I have a thing for things that grow out of the dirt, either because of its beauty or because it taste good. After cutting the grass this afternoon, I took a leisure stroll and enjoyed the beauty the flowers that were willing to share with me, and I thought you may enjoy walking with me.

My yard is not large but I make use of many pots to create an array of different colors. I start out tonight with a interloper. I did not notice him until he had gained some size and then I didn’t have the heart to pluck him from the pot.

A bird dropped a sunflower seed in the pot

I do plant sunflowers along the outside of my fence but these flowers need to be in the ground. I wanted to see if it had limited growth room, what would it do.

I thought this bloom interesting as it seems to have shed all of it petals, yet the only seed showing is located about 1 o’clock. Not much story here to tell, so just glance through the flowers see how they are very much like us humans – all different but yet all beautiful in their own right.

Dark red Calibrachoa
The ever expanding bed of daylilies
Red Daisies
Geraniums with light pink centers, a red splotch center petal and ending in a darker pink
Maroon colored Cosmo

And we finish tonight’s walk with my wax leafed Begonia. Its a doubled bloom with a kiss of peach color along the edges of the petals that seems to make them glow.

These are not all of my flowers but just the ones that caught my eye this evening. I hope you enjoyed this walk with me and always enjoy the beauty flowers can share when they give us their all. As you go about you evening or day tomorrow, remember to always show kindness like flowers show their beauty.

FOTD – July 19, Neighboring Lilies

Thank you Cee for the fun challenge of FOTD. It’s fun seeing the different varieties of flowers around the world.

Last weekend, I walked around the block and took pictures of the various lilies along the edges of other peoples yards. From creamy yellow to striking red with yellow centers.

The waviness of some of the petals and the striking color patterns of others make daylilies fascinating.

The some edges are super smooth…

Lily and friend

This was a patch red ones with a bright yellow center and real ruffly edges…

And I like this one in the shadows for a different affect with the camera.

And last but by no means least as we are sporting three different colors…

I hope you enjoyed this walk through the lilies. Lilies seem to have the largest variety of color, shape and size so that you could never get bored with them.

I close with my reminder of showing the beauty of kindness as these flowers share their beauty with us. Kindness reflects true beauty.