Flower of the Day, Peonies

I am a day behind on Cee’s FOTD, Peonies, as that was yesterday but I had my fence flowers I wanted to show off yesterday as I finally got them planted. Her flower today is a gorgeous Iris. This is such a fun challenge and I need to take more pictures to have in my archive so when snow is on the ground I can still play with flowers. But today, it is my peonies. I started with one plant and now have three in the same area. I didn’t know they would do that.


In past years, when that would be in full bloom and smothered with flowers, the stems had a hard time holding up the weight of the blooms, so this year I added tomato cages to them to see if the support would help. We have not had a storm come though yet so we will see but the cages are hidden form the size of the bushes.



Such wonderful flowers. I would bring some inside but the ants love them too and are all inside the blooms. They don’t seem to damage the blooms so I leave them be.

And as always I remind you to be kind whenever you can. Sometimes it is real hard but we must try when we can.



Ain’t Old Yet!! FOTD

Even though there may be gray hair on the head and wrinkles on the face…which I earned with life…I ain’t old yet.

Picture courtesy of Grandma Illustrations

After the nightmare of trusting the wrong company to put up a fence for me, them backing out half way done, then sending a single guy who tried to work with the mess they created…then putting the lattice sheets 8″ too high per county code, it is now almost completely corrected, and I did it myself. Ordered a drill from Amazon. I had posted earlier how they put the post in, left all the dirt in the yard for me to move and then the post were not all the same height, which means they are in the ground at different depths. Good grief! When the guy(and I) started adding the lattice, we saw the post were not even either. Below you will see the misaligned posts (thank goodness I am using plastic lattice), The front board height that I corrected next to height he had used, and the the boards not being the correct length on the inside and just put in haphazard.

My drill came Friday so Saturday I went to work and got the front sections to the correct height, which also meant I had to rehang the lattice sheets. But it is done. This morning after video church service, I put out my concrete block planters and added the flowers. Looks pretty good – not bad for a 69 year old turtle! It is not perfect but better than it was. And it serves the purpose of no have the dogs on a chain.


I am enclosing the pictures of the flowers that are in the block planters to tie in the Cee’s Flower of the Day. Since the dianthus around the mailbox did so well last year and came back beautifully this year, I felt like that is a less expensive planter situation and less likely someone to want to walk off with you planter of flowers.



In all this mess, I am at lease beginning to see the light of my vision and when the plant hangers are up and the gate is complete, I will repost those. The gate will make you laugh. And we all need a little laughter now a days as the US is imploding on itself.

InĀ  the chaos of life and stress we are all facing remember the value of kindness, a much needed value for right now…and always.

kind value

FOTD, May 25

Cee posted a beautiful purple iris for her FOTD post and my iris are sad this year. I had major construction to the steps around my iris bed and you know some workmen have no clue. Ah well, we will see if they make a comeback. In the mean time I will share my columbine that I swore last year was pink.


Since the blooms hang upside down, I wanted to catch one picture looking into the bloom. You know how on your phone you can take a selfie by flipping the direction image of the camera, I tried that to see what I would come up with and it turned out kind of neat with the bright sky in the background.


While my iris are not doing well, I did found it interesting that my annual “Johnny Jump ups” came back…in pots where I didn’t plant them. Thank you, birdie.

Some calls these weeds but I actually planted these on purpose last year. They look like tiny pansies.

Flowers make me happy. When we are happy we are usually kind. Try to be happy all the time or at least try to be kind even when you don’t want to be. Kinds looks better on you than the person receiving the kind gesture.

How Humility Will Make You the Greatest Person Ever
There is no greater beauty that to show kindness to another being.

Flower of the Day, Coreopsis

When I went flower shopping, I wanted something bright as this weather lately has been anything but bright, and we are due another week of rain…enough already.

I love Cee’s challenge of Flower of the Day and we see so many beautiful post from everyone. Once I got home to put these in the ground I chuckled to myself and said had I see the color variation of this particular Coreopsis, I would have bought them any way as reminiscent of my college day and the bands I listened to. This color is “Jethro Tull” – what a hoot. A flower named after a rock band…or maybe the band named themselves after this lovely flower. What came first – the chicken or the egg…


I love how the petals form a little tuber. I hope my hummingbirds like them as I know they are fond of tubers. And then the tiny little flower inside center section. Amazing.

As you go along enjoying the flowers, remember the joy they bring you share that joy and kindness with others. It may just make someone’s day.

Kind fire


Flower of the Day, Superbells

I love Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge. So many of you post such lovely flowers for all of us to enjoy. Hoping it will warm up for good so that they can start growing again.

This particular flower has become a favorite of mine with its many colors and it hardy ability to stand tall when winter comes back through or we have a horrid hot summer. Their correct name is calibrachoa and this color is perfect for this southern girl – Watermelon Punch.


They are probably in the petunia family or petunias are in the calibrachoa family. The leafs and bloom look very similar, they are just miniature in sized to a petunia.

As you enjoy the beauty of the flowers, remember the beauty of kindness and let that kindness radiate from you like the beauty of a flower.

Always Be Kind


FOTD, Pink Lily

It has been one week since Mother’s day and my flowers are still beautiful. The lily fully opened last night so I wanted to share its beauty with you. It is still beautiful today.


Enjoy the beauty of flowers as they share their life with you and smile. And always be kind.

kind beauty


Flower of the Day, …or Week ??

This past Sunday, my precious daughter gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day. They were and are still so lovely.

Mother’s Day Flowers

The vase was so full, I actually split them into two vases so they could breathe better. So now there are flowers in the dining area and the living room. Now that it is 6 days later, they are beginning to fade a bit but the sweet-peas are just now opening and they are beautiful, with a rich rose and a white that is tipped with pink.



As you embrace the beauty of spring and the many flowers of spring and summer, remember the smiles they give you and smile back in return. They enjoy kindness as well.

Flower kind3

Come join with Cee and share you flowers, we all enjoy looking at Flowers of the Day.

And as always remember to be kind to people too.

kind flower