FOTD, Memories

Cee reminds of the the beauty of flowers as we share Flower of the Day pictures. With the trickery of spring, 60 degrees on Monday, snowing on Thursday, I am reaching back in my memories to help me smile. These teasing’s of spring make you that much more ready to dig in the dirt to enjoy its bounty of color. So, I give you a smattering of remembered color from last summer.

In all things, remember how flowers make us smile and usually with the smiles come kindness. I think flowers have an excellent ability in making us glow.

Always Be Kind!

FOTD, March 7, Camellia

Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge helps brighten our day because regardless of the time of year, flowers somewhere in the world are blooming and being shared for us to see. I left the snow covered grounds of Iowa to the beginnings of spring in California. But, I was still amazed to see a camellia in full bloom.

While we were on Alcatraz island the moss and ferns were rich green from all the rain and the hopes of warm weather.

Remember to look around at the beauty you can find regardless of where you are. Nature has many beautiful faces, offering smiles and kindness; yes even plants can smile.

Always Be Kind

FOTD, March 6, Unknown

Cee’s fun challenge of Flower of the Day can always prove beautiful and interesting. While in San Francisco, I saw spring flowers already blooming and I took a picture of this one because I had no idea what it was but it was intriguing.

I recognize the holly behind it but don’t really know what this is, but isn’t it cool. The long bamboo like stems look similar to a larger plant I have in my house but mine doesn’t bloom. Then further down the pier, there was an awesome topiary of succulents in the shape of a seal. It was not quite ready for it’s spring bloom but it was still awesome.

The tulips and daffodils in the lower section of the flower bed were just getting started. In another week they will be really full and beautiful.

Reflect on the beauty that surrounds you as spring starts to show it’s warm face and remember to share that warmth with kindness.

FOTD, March 3

With my recent trip to San Francesco, I was amazed of the flowers blooming there. I understand its California but a recent storm in the area brought snow to the upper regions and temps while we were there were in the 40s. No flower blooming weather…still…

This Calla lily was located in the garden area of Alcatraz. But Calla lilies were everywhere in San Francisco.

As we look at the beauty of flowers, let us always remember the beauty of kindness and share that as well.

FOTD, Memories

The midwest during the winter months can be bleak. Currently we have not see the sun in four days with more rain and clouds due this next week. 🥺 Guess that’s better than feet of snow.

So I am digging back into archives of 2021 to remember the beauty and warmth of the sunshine. I fully understand the need for the plant life to rest but I do miss them so.

Sunflowers and bumble bees…sleep well my friends.

While nature is sleeping, don’t let you kindness sleep. Share it often.

Always be kind.

FOTD, Snow Bloom

I have been so busy lately. I have not had the chance to visit but I always had my camera (ie, my phone) along and I wanted to share this photo of our first snow back in November.

The dianthus had been beautiful all summer and even with the snow, it was showing a different side of beauty. Now that we are approaching the colder months, let your kindness warm the hearts of those around you.

Always Be Kind

FOTD, Maybe Weeks

WHEW!!! It has been a crazy busy few weeks. I have not had time to even think about anything to share much less actually sit down if front of my computer for a few minutes. But that is how fall is for me. The community garden needed shutting down and cleaning, my yard needed cleaning out the old and planting the bulbs for next spring and then…there is Christmas prep with crafts that needed to be done while inventory in stores was still available. And if any of you follow me regularly you know Christmas is HUGE for me – 5 trees, Christmas village(50 piece hand painted plaster houses) and yard stuff so a lot of prep the first week of November. So before we get that going, lets play with Cee‘s Flower of the Day.

These are pictures from my yard this morning with those who precious flowers who refuse to give up even though we have had a few freezes. So we will share a few week’s worth of FOTD for the last of my holdouts. Enjoy.

This lovely mum type flower came from that mystery seed imbedded cloth I put down early summer.

This one also came from that cloth. I have posted these beauties some this summer. They are quite striking.

This is the last one of those from the mystery cloth. This cluster is tiny being about two inches across with the individual blooms about 1/8-1/4 inch in sized.

This one I planted but can not remember its name. You can see the leaves and majority of the plant has died but the bloom refuse to quit. Nature is a powerful reminder to never quit.

This last one is my daisy. It keeps on blooming as it is somewhat sheltered by the edge of the roof so it remains beautiful, even though the leaves are turning yellow. Its that time of year.

As the season change, let us never change in being kind as the colder winds start to blow.

Always share a kind smile, a gentle word or even a loving hug. Kindness can melt even the coldest wind or comfort a hurting heart. Always be Kind.

FOTD, October 10, ?

This spring I planted one of those little foam strips embedded with flower seeds. Don’t know what most of them were but I enjoyed their flowers. I think this is in the mum or daisy family and its quite striking.

It has double layered petals that unfold as it opens. Maybe its in the coreopsis family as its center looks similar. Regardless its lovely.

Enjoy your flowers for just a few more weeks here in the midwest. Forecast say two more weeks of 60 to 70 and them it will drop to 40 or lower at nights. Time for them all to sleep and we will see them next year.

Here in the midwest, late fall and winter can really be dreary and gray, so try to be someone’s sunshine in being kind to them. We could all use a little extra sunshine.

FOTD- October 6, Marigolds

Cee has a wonderful challenge where we share the beauty of the flowers around us. This spring I was told that if you plant marigolds it will help deter the moles you have. Well, I have never cared much for marigolds for their smell is not pleasant but if that smell gets rid of moles…I am there. Flowers with a purpose…other than being beautiful.

This is my favorite of the four varieties I planted. The leaves are red but outlined with the same yellow as the center.

These are opposite in color with a red center inside petal but yellow petals and center.

These are an orange with a wider spaced petal and some blooms only have 5 petals.

The yellow ones seem to be the most popular. They are slightly larger and have eight petals to the 6 petals on the other varieties. All in all they are quite lovely and all of them stink. But they are effective in reducing the amount of moles. The dog even stinks because she gets in them barking at the cat next door. If your dog eats plants, don t plant these. They can be poisonous to dogs. Maybe that is why the moles don’t like them.

In closing I remind you again of the beauty and power of kindness. It reflects the power and beauty of you as well as making a difference in the world. And it is a gift, given from above.

So, Always Be Kind

FOTD, October 4, Coreopsis

Cee’s challenge of Flower of the Day always keeps me looking for the floral beauty around me. This beauty is in one of the raised flower beds at the church. We put in 4 raised beds by the community garden for people who have trouble bending over but still want to play in the dirt. Then we put two more between two parking lots for those on walkers who still want to plant or just enjoy flowers with easy access. These coreopsis are large and beautiful.

This one bloom evidently got some extra fertilizer as he was a good 4-5 inches across and shows who is boss of the flower box.

Flowers have a personality too as they share their beauty with us. They seem to smile at us as they sway in the breeze. Take a note from their beauty and smile at others. It shows amazing kindness when you do.