Spring and Babies

Who doesn’t love a baby…well some critters I don’t care for but spring always brings out the babies we (generally) love to see. Like mamma Robin and her baby…

Then in the community garden at the church we have baby rabbits. While they can be a pest and did eat my string beans…🥺, they are still so cute. I just replanted and added marigolds to help run them off from tender shoots.

Spring is a time when we bird watchers get excited about all the new life we see at the feeders. Their colors are so bright and they are very talkative.

Spring helps us relax from winter doldrums and get ready to smile and breathe in the fresh air (after I take an allergy pill) and enjoy new life for another season.

As you enjoy the sights you see of spring, remember to always be kind. Even the animals understand what kindness is.

First Spring Walk, FOTD

Many of you who read my blog, know that we were hit with a devasting storm the first week of April. We are still cleaning up downed tree from the 90 MPH straight line wind. I was reminded today, on my first official walk and photo fun of spring 2023, that God is always in charge. While some homes were damaged(including mine), there were no deaths from this straight line beast. The small tornado that touched down at the same time about 1/2 mile from us, did however take a life. Spring storms can not be taken lightly here in the US. Last week, I noticed my neighbor had lost an lovely ornamental fruit tree. It was super sad to me as it was in full bud. But today as I walked by the pile of debris ready for the tree service people to pick up I saw the buds had opened, still showing their beauty, even though torn from the tree and laying on the ground. Spring still came.

Mother Nature has powerful storms and a beauty she shares in all of the nature that surrounds us. Below are some of the pictures I took today on for first walk of spring. I hope you enjoy them and are enjoying the spring in your area.

My neighbors pear tree is beautiful but while I was at the stoplight by the park, I got rained on by magnolia flower petals and had to go takes some pictures.

The flowers in my yard are just opening up and I wanted to share their happy faces as Cee reminds us with her FOTD challenge.

As we begin the warmer weather, where the beauty of flowers begins to make us smile, let us not forget the kindness they are reflecting with their beauty and always be kind.

In Like a Lamb…Out like a Lion

But for us, it is flipped. March came in super easy, almost unseasonably warm. The entire month was a weird roller coaster from warm to very cold. Now the entire midwest and south is in for a severe ride.

For the first time in more than 2 years, the Storm Prediction Center has issued a 5 out 5 threat for severe weather in parts of the middle of the country. The Weather Channel

Line 1 just slipped past us with small hail that sounded like pebbles slamming against the windows. Currently a large tornado with 3 inch hail is headed to Iowa City. Mother nature can be a beast in the spring and her format is changing, or rather moving, with global warming.

Line 2 is due through here around 6 with possible tornados and heavy hail. Hang on to your hats folks – it is moving east. The deep south and east coast could have severe weather tonight through tomorrow. The problem with these current sets of lines is they are loaded with supercells. These are some shots taken of supercells last year in our area. Wicked looking monsters.

According to the forecasters’, that is the worse scenario as each supercell can generate severe weather and/or tornadoes. Mississippi was hit last week with tornados and this storm front is split into two section – one in the middle of the country and one in the south.

Everyone needs to pay attention to what the weather is doing. You never know when she may unleash her fury on your area. So be careful, be mindful and most of all be kind. Especially if your area gets imploded. Disaster needs kindness from everyone so that we can survive the madness of our own storms.

FOTD, March 6, Unknown

Cee’s fun challenge of Flower of the Day can always prove beautiful and interesting. While in San Francisco, I saw spring flowers already blooming and I took a picture of this one because I had no idea what it was but it was intriguing.

I recognize the holly behind it but don’t really know what this is, but isn’t it cool. The long bamboo like stems look similar to a larger plant I have in my house but mine doesn’t bloom. Then further down the pier, there was an awesome topiary of succulents in the shape of a seal. It was not quite ready for it’s spring bloom but it was still awesome.

The tulips and daffodils in the lower section of the flower bed were just getting started. In another week they will be really full and beautiful.

Reflect on the beauty that surrounds you as spring starts to show it’s warm face and remember to share that warmth with kindness.

Must Watch Better

Spring is really a busy time for me, especially since I volunteered to head up the church’s community garden this year. I planned it our carefully, measuring out the rows, deciding on what and how many of each plant to grow…due to the catastrophe of last year’s jungle. I checked with the extension service to make sure I didn’t plant too early and we started indoors with seed for cost savings. We planted in cups at the right time…and then spring would not come…and the plants kept growing. I had a pole bean that went ballistic and climbed up the string for the blinds.

Then it was finally time. The weather was warming up and last weekend we were able to plant. Yay! I had people lined up. We put 87 of 117 plants in the raised beds. The weather was perfect and we celebrated. THEN a freak wind storm came through with cold winds and killed everything we planted.

So now we have no choice but to start over. Next year we will have to watch better like Daisy!!

Daisy on guard duty

And our trees are just now starting to bud and bloom. Guess I should have watched those too. They knew.

I realized as I started to post this that is has been nearly a month since I last posted. That’s way too busy for being retired. Once we replant this weekend, I am glad someone else is in charge of the rest.

Well, have a good rest of your week. And remember…Bee Kind!

You can always Be kind

Encouraging Signs of Spring

For whatever reason, this spring seems to be dragging it’s butt. In reality it is probably just me, as I am so ready to be outside and working in my flowers. And the seeds planted in the small pots for the community garden are well on their way of needing to be in the ground real soon.

Today we had more rain…with snow mix…tomorrow more rain but maybe a hint of sunshine. I honestly think spring is close. I now see the robins in my yard. A sure sign for me.

Its not a real clear picture…but neither is spring. So onward we go. Then in two and a half months we will be complaining of being hot. I heard an old man say one time that there are three stages of life – you are born, you pay taxes and then you die. How sad is that? I was born in the last century, I paid 2021 taxes yesterday, so all I have left is death???

Guess that old man doesn’t know me that well. I just got started and have yet to dance…so dance we must. And as the breeze flows gently through the air we dance in its currents…

Dance in Moonlight Daffodils

While these have not broken through the ground yet, I look forward to their dance. I planted them last year so hopefully they will dance with me this year. Just a note to remind you while things may seem dreary, you can always dance. Some may laugh, some shake their heads but all will smile. What a great excuse to dance in life.

Have a safe and blessed weekend. Laugh, dance, smile and ALWAYS be kind.

AND…Always Be kind

Profoundly Jealous

While I love seeing everyone’s beautiful spring flowers…I am a bit jealous. Well, maybe more than a bit but please don’t stop sharing. It makes it easier to know it is coming when this morning I again had to scrape the snow off my car before going to my appointment. Seriously!!! UG!!

Will Spring EVER come??

As the sprouts continue to grow in my office for the community garden, I find hope in their determination. But if it doesn’t warm up soon, they are going to hit the ceiling.

Beans and squash getting tall.

When I got home from shopping I checked out the yard as Daisy did her business. Currently not snowing but you can feel the light mix as it hits your face. ENOUGH ALREADY!

The dianthus around the mailbox is trying and my irises are peeking through, so I know it coming. I’m just being impatient. This is the last day of March, so hopefully this lion takes his winter coat with him as he leaves.

I think the lion won this one…at least for the midwest.

Hopefully we can all enjoy the warmth of spring and the beauty of new flowers. And when we do lets us all remember the beauty of kindness.

Always Be Kind

FOTD, March 28

Technically for me its still the 27th but…We are tying in with Cee’s challenge for the 28th to showcase the beauty of flowers regardless of the day.

Since mine are not up yet, I give you archives of last summer as the hopes of this summers sunflowers are just now breaking ground.

My neighbors loved my sunflowers so much last year, we are planting them again this year. They are just beginning to break ground in their little cups. Hopefully it will warm up soon before they get too big. LOL.

And with all things spring in mind, lets warm up our kindness as well.

Controversial Spring

Spring in the midwest can be beautiful, maddening and extremely temperamental.

For example: One one hand we have flowers coming up…

Daffodils beginning to show their greenery

Then on the other hand…we have ice.

The (dirty) bird bath is a block of ice

We got way less than expected snow fall this winter for our area but the polar air from Canada gave us TOO much cold for longer periods of time. Ready for April!!

Three buds showing

Four days until April…Come on flower time.

And remember, as flowers begin to show their beauty that make us smile, share your beauty in the form of kindness and help others smile.

Weekend Sky#59

Hammad Rais creates a fun and interesting way for us to share the beauty in the sky around us. Come join in with Weekend Sky and share your world.

This is a most special weekend sky for us in the Midwest…it’s the clearing out of winter’s hold as promised temperatures for Sunday bring in the start of spring.

Winter’s hold will soon break

After the two inches we got we got Thursday, winter is not going out easily. The thin wispy white you see is snow still trying to rain on us. But alas, tomorrow will be the last of the stronghold…and it will be done with a vengeance of single digits.

Beautiful sky

But Sunday brings in 40s – 50s. And all next week in the 50s. Yay!! Come on spring. And as we get into more tolerable temps, remember the value of Kindness as you go about your day.

Always Be Kind