Escape Stress with Coloring

The Escapist Coloring Club sponsored by Linda G. Hill has been a fun thing and I suggest every one give it a try. It really does help you focus on the coloring and allows for pushing aside stress. It works for me. There are calendars, books and I think even downloadable sheets. I was given this book by my daughter last year for Christmas and it really has been fun.


You can tell by the bends and creases in the cover that I am in this book…a lot. Today’s picture helps us remember the beauty of wildlife and the hopes for spring for those of us who live in snow during the months of January and February and hopefully NOT March.


I use pencils as I seem to be able to shade easier with those but I loved Linda’s page this time as she said she uses both. I may try that for next month. You will also see some bend to my page as I had a big helper this time who was fascinated with the pencils – probably because they look like a colored stick – well they are wood…

Come join in with us and we can all color together. And as always remember to be kind, it show the beauty of who you really are.

kind beauty


Footprints in the Snow, SMM

Irene of Heaven’s Sunshine has a fun Monday post of macros which usually in my mind goes to tiny flowers and insects. Today with 3 inches of snow on the ground, I was not going to find that but I did see these on the steps going down to the garage.


To me they stated, “We know it snowed but we are still here.” Nature has a marvelous way of survival even in hard natural disasters, which of course this is not.

But we can learn from nature in  more ways than this. We are stronger and more resilient that we realize. And as the quote says that I have seen several times… “Sometimes God calms the storms and sometimes he calms us and lets the storm rage.”

So stand strong and be kind. You may just be the hope someone else is looking for and together your are even stronger that alone.

kind unexpected

Fat Little Critters, BOTD

There are several of us in  my neighborhood who feed the birds. And I look down at the sparrows on the ground and they are fat little critter.


And it hasn’t been that cold yet for them to grow their down for warmth, or are they getting ready for what they know is coming and we don’t. My yard really is a perfect place for them as they can live in the cedar trees on the edge of the property, zip to the feeders, then zip back into the trees. And they are noisy little critters as well inside those trees.


But I enjoy them.  Even when I get fussed at because the feeder is empty. They will peck on the window.


The beauty of nature even in your own back yard is an amazing show how everything works together for the good of creation. Even if we get involved to play with nature by feeding the birds. There is a peace about being part of it and playing with its beauty. Even animals understand it and can feel it.

So come along and play and show the kindness God intended for His creation.

animalkind 12


Humor on a Day When Needed Most

When you finally bite the bullet, you have to sort those 10 to 15 year old documents because somewhere in that pile, is a legal document you need to have. Ugh. So 3 trash bags of junk mail, old envelopes, old bills plus 6 Walmart plastic full of ground up documents later the sun room is finally fully clean. There were boxes of documents that were boxed up from the moved from Georgia to Alabama in 2002, then moved again to Iowa, never being opened – enough already. Start cleaning.

But I say all that to laugh at something I ran across that was emailed to me back in 2000. And of course with me trying to be a writer, I had to revise and update it. Hope you can enjoy the humor in it with me,  as I needed a good chuckle after all that cleaning, finding the document I needed, then finding out the document had issues of legality…good grief. I always say God has a plan and I believe so in this  but it is making my head spin.


Jesus May Be Watching

A burglar broke into a house one night to see what he could find. He had been watching the comings and goings of those living there in their shiny new cars.  He just knew they would have good stuff inside as well, and they were both currently gone.

As he shined his flashlight around the family room looking for treasures he spotted a nice digital camera on the coffee table. As he placed it in his sack, a disembodied voice rang through the darkened room, “Jesus is watching you!”

He nearly jumped out of his skin, clicked off the flash light and stood frozen in the dark waiting for other voices. After a few moments of hearing nothing but the quiet of night, he shook his head and promised himself a much needed vacation after the next big score. He clicked back on the flashlight and continued looking for valuables that were easily carried and of good value. As he reached for the laptop that was sitting on the dining room table, the voice came again, clear as a bell, “Jesus is watching you!”

Totally freaked out, he shined the flash light around the room looking for the source of the voice that he kept hearing. In the far corner near the window his beam came to rest on a large green parrot. Seeing no other source, he went over to the bird hissing under his breath “Was that you old bird? Are you a talking bird?”

“Why yes I am,” said the parrot, “and yes I was just trying to warn you.”

“Warn me about what, huh? The man upstairs gonna zap me or something? What’s your name clever bird?”

“My name is Moses,” said the bird.

“Moses,” laughed the burglar. “What kind of idiot would name a parrot Moses?”

“The same kind of idiot that would name a 165 pound Rottweiler…Jesus.”

When the owners got home they found the front door standing open, Moses was singing his favorite children’s song ‘Jesus is Watching Over You’. The Rottweiler was sitting on the sofa with a ripped shirt in his mouth.

I hope this day has been good for you and if you needed a little humor like I did, I hope this helped. Jesus definitely is watching over us and I hope you can find peace in that and reflect some of His love through a gentle smile, a kind word or a loving hug.

Kindness 18

BOTD, 9/13/19, Fan of…

I am a big fan of my bird feeders. It has been fun watching them feed, fuss, fight and rest. The majority of the birds I currently see are Goldfinch. But the House finch and Purple finch are also constants at the feeders. Its interesting as the Goldfinch like the Niger(thistle seeds) better where the House and Purple like the mix with the safflower seed and black oil sun flowers. The cardinals and woodpeckers prefer the cakes of sunflower seed with the peanuts…as do the squirrels.

The Goldfinch and the Woodpecker watch each other but will guardedly share.

When the squirrel arrives, he has split second time to grab and run before Mimi goes into action. She does not approve of the squirrel in the feeder, nor does the female House finch. Then in the feeder goes empty, we have the neighborhood watch bird pecking at the window to make sure I am aware.

I know that some of these pictures I have posted in the past but it all fit for Fan of… presented by Jez Braithwaite.

And for BOTD by Granny Shot It, , we have the Mourning Dove. All my life, I thought these were Morning Doves until I got a bird book and saw they are Mourning Doves, maybe for the sad sound they make. We have two pairs around and supposedly that is supposed to be good luck for the home. All I know is I am enjoying my birds.

Mourning Dove

Hopefully we will not be mourning this day but joyous and happy sharing kindness when we can.

kindness 31
Remember to be kind


National Geographic Bird Book, BOTD

Since I have retired from a 45 hour week job, I have began enjoying the birds in my area more. I still work to keep from being bored but its a 20 hour job of enjoyment. Makes all the difference in the world.

Coming from the south and used to the gulls and pelicans of Florida, you get the mindset of pelicans being a sea/gulf bird, well at least I did. But according to the bird book, they only go to Florida in the winter. Guess that’s where the term snow bird comes from??!?

The ones we see here along the Mississippi are beautiful. They are the American White Pelican.

While they winter in Florida and South America, they then head to the Dakota’s, Montana and Canada for spring breeding, then to the midwest and southwest for summer and autumn. The ones that are not of breeding age can be seen most anywhere or anytime including east to northeast. The interesting things you learn when you don’t have to always concentrate on an 8-5 job.

As you enjoy the birds around you look to see what interesting things you can learn about them and from them. They understand kindness as well so try to always be kind to all kinds, not only mankind.


Join in with Granny Shot It on her explorations of Birds of the Day and see the beauty of flight.


Since they both happened pretty much because of preparing for a solution of a problem, I figured we could post them on the same post. The problem was – needed more bird food, the solution – go to Lowes and while we are there you know we have to look at all the pretty flowers….I was very good…I did not buy flowers this time.

im1     However I did buy dirt for re-potting a house plant. But here is the beauty for Flower of the Day. Evidently you plant roses in the fall…who knew? Not me.

Was slightly disappointed as it had no fragrance that I could tell

Still experimenting with what the birds seem to like the best. I know the thistle seeds are a favorite for the Goldfinches. Cardinal’s love the back oil sunflower seeds but they come with peanuts which draw the squirrels. But the squirrels like the sunflowers seeds as well. The safflower seeds were a big hit with the finches and squirrels don’t like them but the birds make a mess by scattering them too much on the ground but… that brought in the morning doves. Oh well. We will just keep playing to see what shows up. For now enjoy lunch time.


All creatures great and small. It is the Lord God who made them all. And while that is technically not said in the scripture it is reference throughout the scriptures and God is the creator of all things. So enjoy all of creation, use caution when necessary, and let the things He loves remind you of just how much He loves you. Then  let that love go out and ripple in waves of kindness wherever you go creating joy as it moves.

kind ripples

Cee and Granny both have fun challenges we c an add to at any time, so enjoy.