FOTD, June 21 Petunias

Cee Neuner gives us a great way to share the beauty of nature around us with her different challenges. During the summer, I love sharing my flowers. Today I share my many colors of Petunias.

These purplish ones look blue in the shade

The white ones have a majesty all their own.

The creamy yellows ones have a softness to them that reminds me of yummy frozen custard.

Then we get into the fun ones. Candy cane petunias can make anyone smile.

But my favorites this year are ones I have never seen before. Each bloom is spotted differently so as they grow all summer they will change. And being purple, that puts them on the favorite list anyway.


In closing as we enjoy the beauty of flowers, remember the beauty of kindness.

always be kind

Even a flower can feel the beauty of kindness.

FOTD, June 20,Dahlias

I have not posted in awhile as I have been burning candles on both end and in the middle. Since the church community garden did not have a host this year, I took it own. How hard can it be, its not that big. GOOD GRIEF!!! Alas, it is growing and producing vegetables for any who come to pick. Then there is my yard…my flowers which is a must as I do love my flowers.

Cee’s Flower of the Day today is dahlias and I have several types of those so I will share my dahlias with you as well. I am partial to the smaller ones with varied colors.

Then there are the mediums sized ones that remind me of small mums with their rich dark reds, reds with yellow tinges and bright yellows with touches of orange.

Since I feed the birds as well, I usually end up with various mystery plants in my yard and this years mystery plant I am sure is some type of vegetable, possibly in the squash family. Its not very tall, has leaves shaped like a fig leaf and tiny yellow flowers. It could also b e a weed, lol. We will see.

I will let it grow until it proves to me it has to go. Flowers bring me joy and remind me of kindness and if we can be anything, we should at first be kind.

Always be kind

FOTD, May 31, Peonies and Weeds

Its the perfect time to show off Peonies in the Midwest. My bush grows huge flowers but its location is not the best. It catches all the wind as it zooms up from the river. So, if it gets in full bloom and a storm happens, the delicate limbs can not hold up the huge bloom and they fall to the grown. My buds are showing and thunderstorms are comin this afternoon. So, I have one open bloom to share with you today.


I placed the bloom in my blue spruce to give it some pretty background before bringing it into the house. The ants love these but they have not found them yet.

The other beauty I want to share today is probably a weed but it is quite lovely. In my opinion a weed is just a flower not recognized for it beauty. However they are some weeds I pluck immediately to keep them at bay. See if you can help me identify this creation. I have let it grow because of it lovely flower.

Full Plant
Close up

You can see that it is really nice with many clusters waiting to open. If you recognize this, let me know. If I need to get rid of it, let me know.

I have not been posting much as I have been knee deep(literally) in the churches community garden. It took us planting it twice this year due to a crazy spring to get it going but it seems to be doing well so far…

But I do want to remind you of my root cause – kindness. Kindness has a power and beauty that can change the world if we use it correctly and often. And in keeping with the flower / garden theme, I give you similarities of how we can become gardens ourselves, so garden of kindness.

Remember to always be kind

Encouraging Signs of Spring

For whatever reason, this spring seems to be dragging it’s butt. In reality it is probably just me, as I am so ready to be outside and working in my flowers. And the seeds planted in the small pots for the community garden are well on their way of needing to be in the ground real soon.

Today we had more rain…with snow mix…tomorrow more rain but maybe a hint of sunshine. I honestly think spring is close. I now see the robins in my yard. A sure sign for me.

Its not a real clear picture…but neither is spring. So onward we go. Then in two and a half months we will be complaining of being hot. I heard an old man say one time that there are three stages of life – you are born, you pay taxes and then you die. How sad is that? I was born in the last century, I paid 2021 taxes yesterday, so all I have left is death???

Guess that old man doesn’t know me that well. I just got started and have yet to dance…so dance we must. And as the breeze flows gently through the air we dance in its currents…

Dance in Moonlight Daffodils

While these have not broken through the ground yet, I look forward to their dance. I planted them last year so hopefully they will dance with me this year. Just a note to remind you while things may seem dreary, you can always dance. Some may laugh, some shake their heads but all will smile. What a great excuse to dance in life.

Have a safe and blessed weekend. Laugh, dance, smile and ALWAYS be kind.

AND…Always Be kind

Profoundly Jealous

While I love seeing everyone’s beautiful spring flowers…I am a bit jealous. Well, maybe more than a bit but please don’t stop sharing. It makes it easier to know it is coming when this morning I again had to scrape the snow off my car before going to my appointment. Seriously!!! UG!!

Will Spring EVER come??

As the sprouts continue to grow in my office for the community garden, I find hope in their determination. But if it doesn’t warm up soon, they are going to hit the ceiling.

Beans and squash getting tall.

When I got home from shopping I checked out the yard as Daisy did her business. Currently not snowing but you can feel the light mix as it hits your face. ENOUGH ALREADY!

The dianthus around the mailbox is trying and my irises are peeking through, so I know it coming. I’m just being impatient. This is the last day of March, so hopefully this lion takes his winter coat with him as he leaves.

I think the lion won this one…at least for the midwest.

Hopefully we can all enjoy the warmth of spring and the beauty of new flowers. And when we do lets us all remember the beauty of kindness.

Always Be Kind

Controversial Spring

Spring in the midwest can be beautiful, maddening and extremely temperamental.

For example: One one hand we have flowers coming up…

Daffodils beginning to show their greenery

Then on the other hand…we have ice.

The (dirty) bird bath is a block of ice

We got way less than expected snow fall this winter for our area but the polar air from Canada gave us TOO much cold for longer periods of time. Ready for April!!

Three buds showing

Four days until April…Come on flower time.

And remember, as flowers begin to show their beauty that make us smile, share your beauty in the form of kindness and help others smile.


What a crazy week we have had…50 degrees, no 60s, no 30s and now more snow. Welcome to the Midwest in March. I long for my sunflowers again this year, so I give you remembered photos and a poem of hope.

It’s Coming

Alas its coming, I can smell it on the air

The bursting of spring, a damsel so fair

I can feel the ground, it has turn to mush

But we must wait, the new storm’s a rush

It will cover the ground in a layer of white

It doesn’t matter, our hopes are still bright

For spring is coming, the buds are showing

Flowers will be blooming, the sky glowing

For spring is coming

Come join in with Cee and her Flower of the Day. Flowers make us smile and we all need more of that. Even though we still may be masked, smiles of kindness can still come through your eyes. Smile and be kind often.

FOTD – February 19

As I look out my window at the snow falling, it makes that much more ready for spring. Cee allows archive photos for her challenge, Flower of the Day, so I shall pass along some of those.

Welcome to the Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD), hosted by Cee Neuner. During the winter months, please feel free to use your archives and find some old favorite photos.

Please feel free to post every day or when you you feel like it. Don’t forget that my FOTD challenge accepts gardens, leaves and berries as well as flowers.

Flowering trees have always been a favorite. When they bloom, you know spring is truly here.

May your weekend be as beautiful as these memories and remember to always be kind.

FOTD, Jan 19

So glad Cee allows archive pictures when there is several inches of snow on the ground. Snow can be so depressing for us who are not a big fan of it. But flowers always make is smile. So for my Flower of the Day, I jump back to 2019 when I had multiple colors of Vincas in my yard.

The feathering out of the white into the light purple color gave them a softness. I have not been able to find that color again but will look again in the spring. Come on spring. LOL.

We should embrace the beauty of each day and not wish the seasons to go too quickly. Each season has a beauty of its on, I am just not a big fan of cold and snow.

Come join in on the fun and share a flower with us.

And remember the beauty kindness and share that wherever you can.

Always be Kind