Fly After Honey? SMM

I have heard the saying of flies after honey but I always think of them after the sugars on our plates. Do they really go after honey in flowers? Apparently as my dianthus was covered.


Come join in on the fun of Monday Macros with Heaven’s Sunshine and share the fun with macros.

And as a reminder for the start of the day, always find ways to be kind. A smile, hug or sweet hello.

kindness radiating
Just be Kind

Sunshine’s Monday Macro, Babies

Irene Tron of Heaven’s Sunshine has a marvelous challenge to play with macros on Mondays, so come play along.

My entry for today is a baby spider plant. A friend was giving a bunch away so I took a couple. We will see how it goes. My variegated ones do not make babies for some reason although they they multiply thickly in the pot.

New spider plant baby

Interesting that the leaf foliage has started but yet the white bloom is still a tiny tiny bud. new life is always exciting even in plants. I just hope my banana tree revives. I will post pictures if new leaves appear.

Remember how precious all of life is and treat all living creations with tenderness and care…and some with caution. Try to reflect the love and grace given you by God, to reach out to others to help them feel the love only God can give and try to always be kind.

kind flower

FOTD, Some Still Beautiful

My flowers have been exceptional this year. Don’t know if it was  because of the wet spring we had or what but I have enjoyed them.

Zinnia in the flower box outside my bedroom

Flowers make me smile. Smiling makes me feel happy. Happiness creates ability to share kindness. May we always have flowers somewhere so that we can always be kind.

kind smiles

I love Cee’s challenge of Flower of the Day. Come join in.

Fall is Coming, Flowers Leaving, FOTD

As fall is coming upon is our beautiful outdoor gardens are beginning to fade. I am enjoying the last few flowers but see the chilly nights are starting to take their toll.

Some are fading but some still going strong

With the change of the seasons, enjoy each beauty they bring. Let the beauty you find reflect the love of the season, the love of the color change, the love of Christ and always be kind.

kind 24

New Found Life, FOTD

Cee’s wonderful challenge of Flower of the Day has been fun for me as my yard this year was really good. The first full summer of retirement so I got to play a lot in the dirt. The flower below I can not remember its name but in the spring it was full and hanging off all sides of the hanging basket. The blooms are about the size of my pinky nail but they cover the hanging basket. The summer heat was a detriment for it but now that the early touches of fall are in the air, it is making a come back.


Take this flower’s determination to survive to heart and don’t let the heat of life drain you. Jesus never promised it would be easy, he just said it would be worth it, so hang on. And share that desire with others to hang on and it will bring smiles and light back into their world. And as always, be kind.


And watch the kindness you share spread…like ripples in a pond.

kind ripples

Sunshine’s Monday Macro

This beauty was found none other than…Lowes. Worse than the candy store to me. But what an awesome shot.

Honey for the bee

I am still amazed at what my phone camera can do for closeups but I miss a lot of distant shots, just not enough detail.

Heaven’s Sunshine created a fun new post for us all to see the details of this world close up with Sunshine’s Macro Monday. Come join in on the fun.

And as always, remember to be kind…we can always be kind.