FOTD-May 13,Flower’s Seed

Two years ago I planted one small plant of Columbine in a container and now they seem to have taken control…but I don’t mind. They are lovely. So for Cee’s Flower of the Day, I give you a takeover queen and she is lovely.


Currently there are 8 plants started from the one “mother” plant. They are early bloomers, don’t last that long and give the garden a gentle beauty to bring you out of winter’s cold. You can see they are an inverted flower, hanging their delicate blooms downward.

But when you flip them over to look inside, its is quite stunning. Yes, I am a bit of a flower geek.

Multiple layers of cupped petals with a bright yellow center

As you walk around enjoying the beauty of flowers this spring and summer, remember they are showing you their beauty as a reflection of their kindness. Reflect kindness as well in all that you do. You might just brighten someone’s dark day.

Always be Kind

CMMC – May Color – Purple

Hello there friends. This is my take on Cee’s challenge for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC).  The color topic is Purple. Purple is the bestest color ever, especially with flowers and spring.


The Clementi’s petals as such a lovely purple but the center is a rich dark purple. Purple is a royal color for kings and queens but the beauty of flowers can not be beat.

And as always, remember the beauty of kindness. It should be given freely.

Always be kind

FOTD – May 11, Pink Fuffles

Last week I shared the story of my violets, and how recently I lost one. Well, I now have an empty space in the pot so its time for new. Meet Miss pink Ruffles….

I think she will look nice next to the purple violet. I love how when you look real close, she looks as she is covered in glitter. I am sure it’s a girl thing.

Have a great week and remember always to be kind. Even flowers enjoy a little kindness now and again.

FOTD – May 8, Violet

Hello, my name is Violet. I am here today to tell you my story. But flowers can’t talk you say…I beg to differ. Think of the peace you see and feel when you see a group of us together gently moving in the breeze, we are speaking to you from our beauty. Or think of those who are very fragrant and our scent is wafting lightly in the air. It makes you smile and you close your eyes in enjoyment. See, we may not use words but we speak loudly…quietly. I know It confusing. But I want to tell you my story, well mine and my two friends. Our caretaker had us in her office. Well, it really wasn’t and office. It was a space underneath a mezzanine in a plant where huge injection molding machines worked. It was smelly, hot and kind of difficult to live in but we managed to do well and continued to bloom…until that day. It was a bad day, a Saturday, a day where my caretaker did have to come to work. A day where she was not able to protect us. A sad scary day.

It started like any other day. Things were humming along as usual until all of a sudden there a loud pop, then gurgling whooshing sound and the next thing you know, all three of us are covered in hydraulic fluid. This is not a substance we are known to be able to grow in. The walls outside the mezzanine were covered and it dripped down everywhere like thick melting goo. It covered floor, other machines, desktops, computers…and us. And it was very warm. We knew were were going to die.

On Monday when our caretaker came in, she immediately went into action. She knew we would probably die but she was at least going to give us a fighting chance. She washed us in Dawn. I had heard that it was safe on animals and many have been saved from oil slicks but we are plants…and violets, very sensitive plants. She gently washed all of the dirt and oil away from us where we were naked for the whole world to see. It was so embarrassing. But she then replanted us in fresh new potting soil and took us home to recuperate. And all three of us survived. Last year one of us got sick when the heater went out. His already weakened system could not tolerate the cold and we lost him. But now as you can see, I am back to blooming. My other friend has not bloomed yet but his leaves are bright green and full so blooms are not far behind.

I just wanted to share my story to let you know the value of kindness, even in a situation where all may seem lost. Good can still come out of a kind try, so always be kind.

#WQWWC #23 Writer’s Choice

As I was following Cee Neuner posts, she introduced me to another blogger’s challenge that I just had to chime in on. Marsha Ingrao creates a Wednesday challenge called Writes Quotes Wednesday Writing Challenge. I especially liked her quote for this challenge…

I love the fine details in photography and the written word. Its the details that can trip you up in a story or absolutely blow your mind. But the details of photography to me is what sets any picture off, and I really like photography about nature.

For example, when I went walking and saw my neighbors thrift that was blooming, I was struck by it’s peaceful beauty with pinks and blues cascading gently down the wall.

But then on closer inspection I saw the beauty in the details…

The blue had purple highlights with a tiny yellow center, and the pink had white blooms trying to show their beauty through the pink and white stripes. If we don’t stop and study the details, we will miss their true beauty.

And in closing, I always remind myself as well as anyone who may reads my words, on the beauty of kindness. Its a beauty can not be matched.

Always Be Kind

FOTD – May 2

I am so excited to see all the beauty popping out everywhere. Even with the sneezing and itchy eyes, the beauty is worth the allergy. Today my periwinkles are showing off.

And as always, remember the beauty of kindness. That is more beautiful that any flower. Always be kind.

FOTD – April 28

Spring reminds us of the awakening of our souls to the beauty of nature with flowers popping out everywhere. Cee’s post of Flower of the Day, reminds us to go look. Today I notice my lilacs are blooming. Since they are in the back, I have to remember to make a special effort to see them. It was well worth it – the bees thought so as well.

Their beauty was complemented by their delightful fragrance.

Another thing that is equally as beautiful and fragrant as lilacs is kindness. Kindness has the ability to bring a smile even on the darkest moment, even for a short moment. But it is well worth it.

Even though this is a bit blurry, I think you can read that in all areas of life, kindness can grow with just a little effort. Sow that effort and always be kind.

FOTD – April 21

I love Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge. Now that things are blooming, I have an excused to stay outside.

I love the delicateness of the blooms on flowering trees. They help awaken you to beauty of spring. As you venture out into this beauty, remember it’s delicate nature and how it teaches you of the renewal of life. And remember this renewal is for all living things in their own delicate natures of life. And treat them all kindly.