More Yard Fun

It’s Monday and I need some cheering up so I am posting fun from my yard this week. I don’t think Heaven’s Sunshine does the Macro Monday but I am listing it that way because it is a macro, plus it can be for Cee’s Flower of the day. Flowers make me smile so here is a big ole smile courtesy of google to go with the flower…

smile 6


image000000 (29)
A red Moss Rose, appox. size is about 2 inches

I could not get a good shot of his legs to show they were covered in pollen. As you enjoy the beauty of nature, I hope you smile. When you smile, people wonder what you are thinking. Keep them guessing…and remember to be kind.

Kind breeze

Flower of the Day, 7/19, Dahlia

Cee’s wonderful prompt for daily flower pictures is probably one of my favorites this year as my yard is exceptionally pretty this year. Nothing died, which is remarkable with my brown thumb, maybe a little greenage is starting to show.

I too chose Dahlias for today as I two different varieties.

image000001 (19)

image000002 (16)

Flowers are as individual as people are with each having it own beauty and love to share. As you share yourself with others remember to share the beauty from within and pair it with kindness.

kind beauty


FOTD, July 11

Cee’s Flower of the Day is always a fun read. The beauty of plant life all around us is fascinating. Come join in and share what you see.

Today I am sharing my moss roses. Very hardy and resilient to drought when I don’t get them watered enough in the horrid heat we are currently experiencing.

image000006 (1)

Its a small bloom but lovely shades of red and yellow.

image000001 (15)

I use them as accents with other flowers…image000000 (27)

image000005 (4)

image000006 (3)
The concrete blocks worked well as planters, don’t  ‘cha think?

How fun to play with flowers, color and interesting potting ideas. And as always I remind you of the value of kindness and to spread it thick like butter on a warm piece of toast.



FOTD, July 6, Pansy

I have become a fan of pansies, even the miniature look alike that I can’t remember the name of. The deep rich purples are a favorite and have the best fragrance.


Purples seem to be a theme this year in my front yard with pansies and verbena. A rich refreshing color.

Join in with Cee’s Flower of the Day and share the beauty you see. And as always, remember to share kindness, it one of the most beautiful things we have. Share it lovingly.



Cycle of Life, FOTD

Cee’s fun Flower of the Day prompt challenges us all to see the beauty on nature. My post today takes this a step further in showing the cycle of life in a day lily. They are called day lilies as their bloom last only a day to a day in a half but the life cycle of that bloom is well over a week if not two.

The Life Cycle

The life cycle is not long for those like me

for we start very small as you can see.

image000001 (5)

My siblings and I, we number at six

On the same long shoot that looks like a stick.

With each passing day we grow to our size

Stretching our pods with goals to maximize.


The sun is so warm and helps us to grow

We all hope to open and put on a show.

image000002 (10)

Some of us grow slow and some grow fast

But the life of our bloom is one that wont last.

image000000 (24)
First bloom of the season

The life cycle is short, but shed not a tear

For behold we will come back year after year.

For those of us who so enjoy your flowers, it does get sad at the end of the season when they go to sleep or die. But we are renewed in hope knowing when spring returns they also will return.

Enjoy the beauty, love and peace of flowers and remember to share their beauty and kindness with others as they share theirs with you.

kind beauty




Flower of the Day, 7/1

Enjoying Cee’s FOTD brings out the beauty of nature. So many lovely things to see. We have always heard the line “grass is not necessarily greener on the other side of the fence” so today I feature redness on the other side of the fence.

image000004 (4)
“Don’t fence us…Out”

Verbena is always a favorite for its variation in color and bright happy look. Spread kindness like the flowers spread happiness and watch the world change for the good.

Happy Kind

FOTD, June 21

Cee’s wonderful prompt of Flower of the Day gives us such great opportunities to see the many flowers others post from all over the world. It is such a fun prompt for me.

My flower today is my lilies – my red ones are now opening up fully, I have them in two separate spots in the yard. But coming soon are my daylilies. The buds are really full this year.

image000000 (12)

image000001 (5)

Come join in and show us the beauty you see in flowers and such. And as always, remember to be kind.

Flower kind4