I Was Very Good, FOTD

Today I had to go to Lowes to get the hardware to finish my fence. It’s a very dangerous store for me this time of year as they have a great garden section…BUT I was very good, I just took pictures.

The colors of spring



I think these were my favorite today

So now we are concentrating on the project of getting the fence up. But once that is done…all bets are off. New fence = new flowers. I have seen some awesome containers that hang from a fence…just sayin’…

As you are enjoying your spring, or getting ready to enjoy your spring, remember flowers understand kindness as well, so always be kind.

Flower kind3

Cee’s beautiful Flower of the Day challenge is a favorite for this time of year. Come join in.

Photo a Week Challenge: Fleeting

Sometimes when you get in a position where you see the fragility of the world, you realize just how fleeting life is. Nancy Merrill has challenged us to use a photo with the idea of Fleeting. So I give you my ideas on fleeting and hope you enjoy.

just me
Me when I was 6 or 7

You really don’t realize how fast life goes until all of a sudden you are knocking on 70’s door. And then watching your babies have babies…they don’t stay babies long with the oldest headed to college this fall.

Three of the 7….

But we also are challenged with a new life as we know it which is not only fleeting but a bit scary…

c drs
It will pass, not my picture but thought it needed posting

And we cant leave out the beauty of nature and even scripture reminds us the fragility and fleeting of it stating the grass will fade and the flowers will wither. But for now lets enjoy the beauty of spring.

Lemon Slice Calibrachoa

And since life is fleeting, all the more reason to be kind. Kindness is a true reflection of our soul.

Even though kindness is what is most often remembered about us by ...


Escapist Coloring Club, May

Boy do we need to escape from this mess  now, and this is a great way to do that. Some of us are busier than ever and some are at a snail pace. I am somewhere in the middle but lean more toward the snail. I wanted to color something to make it feel like spring, even though we are still in long sleeve.


Come join in the our fun way to relieve stress get in touch with your inner child. Linda G Hill hosts this prompt once a month as The Escapist Coloring Club Prompt.

And remember to always be kind with all people and all creatures, especially when things are so unhappy. You may never realize the affect you have in doing so.

be kind

Fun with Flower of the Day

Maybe in two weeks I can really start playing with flowers as hopefully by then the yard project will be complete. fencing in the front so dogs can be off the chains.

But I did get a few hanging baskets and a few things in my planter. Hopefully this cold weekend will not be enough to do damage to what is already planted.

Daisy checking out the angel’s flowers. She loves plants.
Close up to see the beauty of these blooms

These are Calibrachoa, and a favorite flower as they are hardy and come in several colors. This color is called Tropical Sunrise, and I can see why.

Cee’s prompt for FOTD keeps us looking for that every colorful flower. Flowers make me smile, which reminds me to be kind. So I remind you to try to find ways of showing kindness in these no so easy times. Every ripple counts.

kind ripples

Beauty of Spring, FOTD, SMM

I love the flowering trees that show us the beauty of spring, the pears, the crab-apples and the plum, at least this is what I have always called these. And they are currently in full bloom. Cee has a fun prompt for Flower of the Day and Irene has the prompt for Sunshine Macro Monday. So actually this is three flowers of the day instead of one. Enjoy the close ups of simple beauty.

Bradford Pear
Ornamental Crab-apple
Ornamental Plum

And as always remember the value and beauty in being kind in a time where kindness is hard to find.

Flower kind4

Lilacs, FOTD

My lilacs are finally blooming. It has been a nurturing process as I almost lost them completely a couple years ago with -50 degree wind chill. But they are doing great this year.



These really brought a smile to my face this morning when I saw them. And they smell amazing.

As always, I remind you to be kind. Right now we have a tendency to be a little cross as the stress of isolation is taking it’s toll. But if we can reach down and find that smile, it may be enough to spark another one…then another one…and so on.


be kind

On the Hunt for Joy

Nothing much brings me more joy than getting to play in the dirt, probably left over from childhood.  But Cee’s challenge for week 17 is to Start a Garden. We had some wonderful weather last week – one whole day of it – and I actually started then. But alas, I did not finish before the rains started…and have remained for several days.


But we have started, so hopefully by the end of the week we can continue onward. Enclosed are a couple of easy starts – hanging baskets – they at least get the yard starting to look like spring. Took these pictures after hanging them with the bright sun shining. They are Lobelia, a purple and white variety.  Flowers make me smile.



As we enjoy our gardens, remember the smiles they bring us and share those smiles. Try to be the catalyst that makes someone else smile, which brightens everyone’s day.

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