Fall is Coming

Finally today the sun is shinning after a week of steady rain. I am not really complaining, we needed it badly. I pray that the Pacific coast gets some rain soon or at least relief from the fires.  Yet still the south is reeling from the floods of hurricanes – 2 within a couple of days and we here in the midwest are still cleaning up from last month’s Derecho, an inland hurricane, where massive decades old trees were knocked over like toothpicks. 

Trees don’t go across streets..with car light behind them…

Weather, whether we like it or not, affects us all, sometimes good, sometimes bad. But today I am relaxing in the sun and tolerable temperatures and taking some fun pictures of the few remaining flowers as cool temperatures start leaning their lives toward their winter’s sleep. It’s hard to think of it that way since its just mid-September but last year it snowed on Halloween so…

I am just not ready for the grayness of winter…

As much as we would like to think we are in control…we really aren’t, but how we allow life to affect us as it swirls around us, plays an important role in how we survive or not and how those around us thrive or not. So for now I chose to let the sun shine in, smile with the flowers and hopefully spread some smiles in your direction.

Ring of light proof of surrounding love

My sincerest prayers is for all to be happy, encouraged and have the ability to enjoy the life surrounding you. Where there are troubles surrounding you, may they be short lived and may you feel the peace of Christ flow about you.

Flowers and nature make me smile so I share with you the smiles I had today.

And as always remember the beauty of kindness. All of nature understands this gift as it is from God, and we just forget to share that sometimes.

They all understand…so should we.

Tuesday Writing Challenge, Catch the Sun



Path of Light

The sun is going to bed, but I don’t want it to leave

There still so much to see, to do and still believe

I reach out gently to hold it, trying to make it stay

But it looks back at me, smiling, it must be on its way

Its warmth begins to leave us, leaving us with a chill

As I watch its path carry it behind the darkened hill.

The darkness envelopes us, as the light is now gone

I find myself now tired and stifling a coming yawn.

I leave the darkness behind me in hope of a new morn

When the light returns again in a new day to be born.

Anita Neal

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge which was started by our star writer Christine Ray. We hope to offer all of you something that will spark your creativity and willingness to participate.

Today’s prompt: catch the sunlight

I remind you always of the value of kindness. It may be the one things that make a persons day.



Accents of Light

In photography, your light source is of great importance, whether it be behind, in front, bright or shadowed. It helps tell your story through the eyes of the camera…and you. I like taking picture of how the sun shines around nature to highlight its beauty. Enclosed are my entries for  2020 Photo Challenge #18 featuring Light.

Bright and Shadows

The March snow we had was heavy and wet but its beauty was highlighted by the bright sun behind the trees that made neat shadows.

Spider web

Webs are magical as they reflect their silver lines in the rays of the sun.

A personal favorite, flower, bee and sun

The brightness of the sun and the rays sifting through the petals.


Even as light begins to fade, it still has beauty to share, And as always, I close with a reminder of showing kindness in all that you do. It could create its own sunshine.

kind sun



All Have Their Purpose; 1LinerWed, FOTD

“And we know that all things work together for good”…Romans 8:28.


Mother nature is a finely tuned system to balance all parts of creations for the full support of the whole system.

Linda Hill’s challenge of 1LinerWed and Cee’s challenge of Flower of the Day are both pulled together here to show the beauty of the sun, blue sky, a sunflower and a bee – all doing their part in the system of nature.

And as always, remember to be kind to all things, even when its hard or if you have to run…

animalkind 12

Healing Powers of the Sun

It is amazing how fast nature can recover from harsh weather or natural disasters.  We have now had 4 sunny days in a row. Still flooded down at the river but at least its sunny. That has been a major blessing in so many ways and my flowers are drinking it in like warm sweet honey. They have exploded in bloom like I had given them a shot of medicine. Well, they did get a shot of medicine, God’s glorious sunshine. It make all of us feel good with it’s warmth on our backs.

Even my peonies all of a sudden have burst into bloom, literally with 2 days of sunshine.

Its amazing that the healing power of a ball of fire can give us as we rotate around it. Sometimes it can be too much but for now it is welcome.

I still have 3 large planters to fill but am waiting to see how the week goes. Maybe get some hardy mums for summer. My flowers make me smile and I wanted to share that smile with you. And I am reminded that even the smallest gesture of a smile can actually be a bright spot for someone’s day of gray. So smile often and always be kind.

kind smile