All Have Their Purpose; 1LinerWed, FOTD

“And we know that all things work together for good”…Romans 8:28.


Mother nature is a finely tuned system to balance all parts of creations for the full support of the whole system.

Linda Hill’s challenge of 1LinerWed and Cee’s challenge of Flower of the Day are both pulled together here to show the beauty of the sun, blue sky, a sunflower and a bee – all doing their part in the system of nature.

And as always, remember to be kind to all things, even when its hard or if you have to run…

animalkind 12

Healing Powers of the Sun

It is amazing how fast nature can recover from harsh weather or natural disasters.  We have now had 4 sunny days in a row. Still flooded down at the river but at least its sunny. That has been a major blessing in so many ways and my flowers are drinking it in like warm sweet honey. They have exploded in bloom like I had given them a shot of medicine. Well, they did get a shot of medicine, God’s glorious sunshine. It make all of us feel good with it’s warmth on our backs.

Even my peonies all of a sudden have burst into bloom, literally with 2 days of sunshine.

Its amazing that the healing power of a ball of fire can give us as we rotate around it. Sometimes it can be too much but for now it is welcome.

I still have 3 large planters to fill but am waiting to see how the week goes. Maybe get some hardy mums for summer. My flowers make me smile and I wanted to share that smile with you. And I am reminded that even the smallest gesture of a smile can actually be a bright spot for someone’s day of gray. So smile often and always be kind.

kind smile