Healing Powers of the Sun

It is amazing how fast nature can recover from harsh weather or natural disasters.  We have now had 4 sunny days in a row. Still flooded down at the river but at least its sunny. That has been a major blessing in so many ways and my flowers are drinking it in like warm sweet honey. They have exploded in bloom like I had given them a shot of medicine. Well, they did get a shot of medicine, God’s glorious sunshine. It make all of us feel good with it’s warmth on our backs.

Even my peonies all of a sudden have burst into bloom, literally with 2 days of sunshine.

Its amazing that the healing power of a ball of fire can give us as we rotate around it. Sometimes it can be too much but for now it is welcome.

I still have 3 large planters to fill but am waiting to see how the week goes. Maybe get some hardy mums for summer. My flowers make me smile and I wanted to share that smile with you. And I am reminded that even the smallest gesture of a smile can actually be a bright spot for someone’s day of gray. So smile often and always be kind.

kind smile

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