July Colors ‘n Letters

I have been meaning to play along with CitySonnet’s challenges this month and just haven’t so I am jumping in with the last two days together – Jellyfish and Algae green as they both have to do with water.

I love the different things that you can find at true art fairs, not the ones that draw you in only to be crafts fairs or someone junk. There is one that I miss going to in Georgia over Labor Day that is usually fabulous and I picked up these two paper weights of jellyfish. He told me that he did not color them that this was their actual color and since my knowledge of jellyfish would not fill a small seashell, I believed him, as they were still fascinating.


The bubbles add a special realistic look to them. He did tell me that he swirled one as the solution was getting thick to give the “arms” their fashion flare.

I thought I would show both sides as it is such an interesting creature, at least to me. And the large bubbles make it look alive. And since they are almost algae green, I thought they were green enough to pass for July 31st challenge.

As you browse over all the thinks that you enjoy that ,make you smile, remember to share that smile with someone who may not have a smile. Your smile could be just the thing to bring a smile to them.


The Real Bosses, CFFC

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for this week is probably my favorite subject but we are telling the story from a different angle to ask the age old question….’Who really is the boss in my life?’

Is it Royal King Max who makes his demands known as he is fully aware when it gets to be 5:00 pm because¬† he is an excellent teller of time…..


Or maybe it is Police Chief Mimi who guards the roost and gives me those exasperated looks when I don’t jump to her panic state on her views of danger or the very idea that someone would walk on her sidewalk.


Although she knows when True Thief arrives she is immediately allowed out for the chase…as long as her 20 foot chain will allow. The True Thief get a double photo op for pose clarifications. Do note the onlooker’s disgust of the Thief stealing their goods.

Then of course there is Scrappy who hopes to pickup any tidbits left from Thief or dropped by others enjoying the goods that I put out for them.


And boy do they get bossy when the feeder is empty…pecking on the window and such…


So really who is the boss of this house…’cuz it sure ain’t us humans.

But I am sure they would all agree that kindness is a strong factor in all manners of life so remember to always be kind.

animalkind 12


SMM, Week 2 – June Bugs in July

I guess I ought to be grateful that my germanium is the only thing being eaten by these wretched creatures but dude, go away, this is July and even it is almost over.


Guess he is trying to make himself look big with hairy legs raised for battle which I am sure are used for holding on. So I thought it odd that a lily has hairs way down toward the center of its throat. Wonder what they are used for.


And the spots are actually raised. So much amazement in close photography of things you never saw or thought of before.

Come join in on Heaven’s Sunshine of Macro photography and see the amazement of the close up world.

As you enjoy and smile on the beauty you see, share that smile and the kindness it reflects to all you come close to. It may just brighten a dark day they are having.



Coffee Time = FOTD

Strange title, I know, but follow along and you will get my sad attempt at humor. Each Sunday after church we have a short social time with coffee, snacks and fellowship. I volunteered to provide the snacks and serve the coffee, tea and lemonade this week. So Friday I was going to make cookies for munching on. We wont go into my inability of reading a recipe properly and putting in a tablespoon of baking soda instead of a teaspoon or banana extract instead of vanilla. And that was only the first batch issue. The second batch disintegrated as I lifted them off the pan – even when cooled. So I gave up and went to the store this afternoon and bought coffee cake and strawberry yogurt to crumble the oatmeal cookie crumbles on top of, and grapes.

But while I was at the store I happened by the garden section, a dangerous place for me but I remained strong and bought nothing. Very proud of myself but I did get a picture for Cee’s Flower Of The Day. I love the tiny rose plants. They are so beautiful and I buy them only to have them never bloom again. Pretty green leaves but no flower – its that brown thumb thing again. So below is my entry for FOTD. Enjoy and have a great rest of your weekend.

Leaves are more in focus than the bloom but its still pretty.

And as always I throw the pebble out to remind all to be kind.

kind ripples


Lily, A Fragrance Like No Other, FOTD

On Monday of this week I walked into my office to see a vase of lovely lilies sitting on my desk. I saw no tag anywhere so I was not sure where they came from. I walked into the admin office and asked June if she knew anything about them. She said no and asked Kevin if he knew as he had been in my office fixing my computer – he is our IT guy. He said he brought them. His wife and picked them from their yard and had them in the living room. He was tired of smelling them so he brought them to the church, specifically my office, which I was okay with.


So now it is Friday and they are still beautiful and very fragrant. I saw that someone had cut the pistols/stamens off and asked about that and was told it helps keep the smell from over whelming. “Oh,” I said, “so that why I smell them as soon as I come through the door of the church.” Whatever. The majority of the bulbs have now opened and this is what they looks like now.


They really are marvelous, and while Cee’s FOTD is for a single flower, my prompt is for a single vase of multiple lilies. And I don’t know what the ball looking flower thingy is but it is fragrant as well. May you all have a wonderful weekend and remember to be kind.

kind smiles

Fun Times For A Year

I worked today so did not get to the computer until this afternoon and I found a surprise…


Congratulations, its your anniversary. Wow, I did not realize I had been blogging now for 1 year. I have talked to so many wonderful people all over the world and I thank you all for making this so much fun.

Thank you to all of the photographers I share such beautiful photographs with; Thank you to all the people who share my Christian beliefs with words of encouragement and profound truths; Thank you to all the people who share the funny stuff that make us all laugh at ourselves because we know we have done what you just talked about; Thank you to all the experienced  bloggers who have helped us newbies make this an enjoyable time; And thank you to all who read my words from seriousness to silliness and give me such encouraging comments. May we all use this medium to spread the love and kindness that is meant to be spread across this world.

My favorite(for now) picture I have found shows how kindness can spread like the ripples when a pebble has been tossed in the water, so I challenge all, as I do with every post, to be kind. There is just not enough of it in this world and we need to increase it use so it will spread everywhere. Again, thank you for all your love.

kind ripples

Playing With Clouds

I am sure we all have sat on the ground as children(or adults) and watched the clouds while making shapes out of them. Recently at the break of an excessively hot period, I watch the clouds roll in and the heat dissipate. It was a wonderful relaxing time and I thought I would share my fun.

My view in both directions as I sit on the bench by the Mississippi. The breeze was wonderful after the high 90’s we had been having.

I enjoyed watching this group of thunderheads morph into many different shapes. Here I see in the one on the left as a person sitting, throwing his arms in the air as he looks behind himself ready to stand and then on the right he starts to stand.

Then that same structure turns into a fire breathing dragon to later turn and run still spitting smoke.

building storm 6
man playing with his dog

This was my favorite. Even clouds can reflect the love we share with our pets. Love, caring, sharing, kindness…all very profound ways to express the nurturing of Christ. Try to be kind in any way you can, its a reflection that will look good on you.

kind 24

A New Flower, FOTD

I am always up for finding flowers I have never seen before when visiting the botanical gardens but rarely do I find them by chance. Last Tuesday when a friend and I went “junken” I found the beauty below. When I asked what they were, the store owner made an off the wall comment about digging them up this fall, that he did not care for them. I asked him if I could have some and he was more than glad to give them away, so I gave him my contact info and he is going to call when it cools.

Blackberry Lilies

When we first went in we thought it was some type of iris as the leaf foliage looks similar. You can see how small the blossoms are, about 2 inches across.

Blackberry Lily

You can see the “lily spots” as I call them all over the petals. I did not notice a fragrance as I was too fascinated on their look. Some of you may know of these but they are new to me. truly different and amazing.

Come join in with Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge and see all the amazing flowers God has created for us to enjoy.

And as always spread the ripples of kindness where ever you go, watch it change the faces of those around you.

kind ripples

The True Light, #1LinerWed


aopen bible

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness. John 8:12.

“The Light of His presence is shining upon you. Brighten up the world by reflecting Him. Sarah Young

bright light

When we feel the warmth of the sun radiating on our face, all the more will be God’s love on our hearts to breath in and share that love with others. Try to always be kind.

kindness 19


Join in with all of us on One Liner Wednesday with Linda Hill.

Tuesday Photo Challenge, Sculpture

Here in the midwest, there is not a lot of sculpture around. You have the occasional old building gargoyle or the lions on the concrete steps up to the older houses so I was amazed when I saw this one the other day. I rode around the block trying to find where I could park so the I could see it up close. I knew eventually I would be able to use it and sure enough, Frank, of Dutch Goes the Photo, has given us a sculpture prompt for the TPC.

It stands 20-25 feet high with a large metal sign making it a good 30 feet total height. And it is totally carved from an old tree that probably died where it once graced this lovely home.


The home is now home to Freedom Homes Ministries, a place to help those who need a second chance at life.

Remember, there are many times we all need a second chance to start over. God gives us a new chance every morning, so smile and be thankful for all the love he gives us and share it with others. The kindness and love you share spreads out like ripples on the water, so throw those pebbles of love often and watch them spread out bumping into other ripples creating a sea of love and kindness.

kind ripples