Coffee Time = FOTD

Strange title, I know, but follow along and you will get my sad attempt at humor. Each Sunday after church we have a short social time with coffee, snacks and fellowship. I volunteered to provide the snacks and serve the coffee, tea and lemonade this week. So Friday I was going to make cookies for munching on. We wont go into my inability of reading a recipe properly and putting in a tablespoon of baking soda instead of a teaspoon or banana extract instead of vanilla. And that was only the first batch issue. The second batch disintegrated as I lifted them off the pan – even when cooled. So I gave up and went to the store this afternoon and bought coffee cake and strawberry yogurt to crumble the oatmeal cookie crumbles on top of, and grapes.

But while I was at the store I happened by the garden section, a dangerous place for me but I remained strong and bought nothing. Very proud of myself but I did get a picture for Cee’s Flower Of The Day. I love the tiny rose plants. They are so beautiful and I buy them only to have them never bloom again. Pretty green leaves but no flower – its that brown thumb thing again. So below is my entry for FOTD. Enjoy and have a great rest of your weekend.

Leaves are more in focus than the bloom but its still pretty.

And as always I throw the pebble out to remind all to be kind.

kind ripples


7 thoughts on “Coffee Time = FOTD

  1. My biggest disaster in the kitchen involved making a chocolate cake. I took the mixer out of the batter and intended to release the blades for both of my childrenโ€™s outstretched hands, but oops! I pressed the start button instead of release! Trust me when I say you have NO idea how much chocolate batter can be thrown and where it will end up!! Not just on us, but every part of the kitchen including the ceiling!! We all collapsed in laughter in the kitchen, because what else can you do?

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