FOTD – Sun & Moon

Cee’s Fun Challenges

Well technically we are stretching the title a bit – Sun(flower) and moon. I was out very early this morning. The dew was still heavy on the grass and I saw the giants were blooming.

Sunflower with moon in background

I started not to take the photo as the flower was still in the dark but then I saw the moon and had to take the picture. For some of us its the little things that make us smile.

Once the sun got over the hill and trees behind us, I took another picture. It really is the bigger of my sunflowers this year. I have two single bloom giants, and the blooms are huge.

This picture gives you a good idea of their height. My fence is four feet high. So these are over ten feet high. The sunflowers on the other side of the yard all had multiple blooms. The blooms are not as huge but the plants still top out over ten feet.

This shot was taken early morning with the sun just breaking through the trees behind the hill. The second one is the same shot but with good sunshine.

There are only four stalks here with well over fifty blooms. Nature is an amazing way to see all of its variations of life. The birds and the bees have really enjoyed them and due to the seeds they have already dropped, I will probably have sunflowers again next year.

I close as normal with a reminder to always be kind. It can lighten someone’s day.

Show the love and beauty of His kindness.

FOTD, August 18 – Violets

My violets are making a comeback from near disaster where they were knocked to the floor and nearly trampled to death by Daisy due to the workman outside her window…not allowed in her book.

Since she was so small after the accident, I placed her in the pot with my spider plant and the spider plant is making sure the violet is cared for by her long protective leaves. Orange bird is watching as well and we must not forget Oscar the elephant – a trio of protectors.

Kindness is also a protection we can enjoy. It can wrap warmly around you helping you feel safe. Share kindness when ever you can. It will help someone smile.

Office Window

I am mostly retired but I do work 3 days a week answering the phone at church. Its enough to keep me from being bored. Today I was very entertained with the wildlife out the window. If you remember, I was having issues with squirrels due to food change. I can assure you that safflower seeds work in keeping squirrels from your feeder. I still get chickadees, house finches, cardinal, titmouse, and occasional sparrows.

But today, something was very scary about the feeder. It looked to be a monster that could devourer…

It wont hurt you guys, I promise.

I guess the slinky did look kind of odd, but it is effective – no squirrels today. I know they are resilient and may come back, so we will see. There were at least ten of them sitting on the outer branches waiting on someone to get brave enough to go first. And finally it did.

Then they all tried to come at once…

May Day, May Day…

But the cutest thing was a parent and a fledgling or maybe it was just a demanding bird begging to be fed…

It was very entertaining. It was a good example of kindness in the animal kingdom. We should all strive to be kind to all things at all times. Kindness matters.

Share Your Desktop

Clare’s Cosmos has a fun challenge I will play with today, even though my pictures are not as clear as they should be. It is a memory that was fascinating to me. I had three hummers fighting over the feeder, zooming and zipping through the air, chattering that I could hear through the window.

Even though these birds were not being kind, we need to remember the beauty in being kind.

FOTD, August 16, Dianthus

Cee’s pictures of flowers that she shares with us shows the possible beauty that is all around us. I may have neglected to share any of my dianthus this year, so I am doing it now. They are a favorite because the are perennials, coming back for several years before dying out.

These have been a fun flower to have as their color is so rich and the reds look velvety. Those of us who enjoy growing flowers love to share the kindness flowers seem to bring. They will always bring about a smile regardless of bloom size or color. So let’s try to follow their example.

Feeder Pest

Those of us who spend money to be able to enjoy the birds, we don’t always appreciate the antics of these pesky thieves.


Some love to watch the antics of these creatures but they keep the birds from coming close so I have learned that if you only feed Safflower seeds, the squirrels don’t like them and stay away. But when someone donates a 12lb. bag of birdseed for your enjoyment you don’t complain.

🐷 Guess I should be glad its not a Racoon.

I gave you food on the ground. Stay there!!

They can be greedy little pigs as they will empty the feeder in a short amount of time.

But they are quite amazing hanging by their feet!

So I guess I will try what I did at home. Not sure if it really works as I changed to Safflower seeds at the same time. But we will add this to see…

The squirrels don’t like the movable slinky…supposedly. We will see.

While I wonder if a paint ball gun would be unkind in this instance…I always try to be kind.

FOTD, August 14, Sunflowers

I have shared this particular sunflower before but I am giving you an update, it bloomed. And Cee always reminds us of the beauty in all that we see.

A bonsai sunflower, lol

I shared an earlier photo when this sunflower, planted by the birds, first started growing. I didn’t have the heart to pluck it out. And now its a miniature, at 3+ feet tall, of its brothers who are currently standing at 12-14 feet high. A truth that nature, if given the chance, will survive.

May we all be survivors having the stamina, courage and determination to continue on. And while you are surviving, remember to be kind. It shows extra courage and perseverance.

Encouraging Light After a Storm

When storms come through the areas where we live, their is usually a rich beauty in the sunset mixed with the clouds once the storm leaves.

The clouds seem to enhance the redness and brightness of the light. It was a beautiful sunset Friday night. I think that philosophy goes with people as well. When we go through stormy times of our lives, we have the chance to come out brighter on the other side.

Remember to share kindness as you come out of a hard time. It will help encourage you as much as it blesses those whom you are kind with.

CFFC – Connects You to the Present Moment

I am connecting in on the last of the Gratitude Scavenger Hunt challenges with something you don’t always when looking at the moon…the man.

The Man in the moon

Normally the moon is too far up in the sky to see it clearly and my phone did not do it justice, but it was a moment of beauty. He seems to be crying from his left eye as tears, being blown by the wind, roll down his face while he sings “Oh, oh, oh”.

All of the items on the fun scavenger hunt should be things we think of often to help each other survive this crazy thing we call life. The things that make us smile, we can share with others to help them smile. We should always share in kindness with others to show the beauty we all have inside. Nature all around us shares its beauty every day, we just have to open our eyes and look. So share the beauty you have inside by sharing kindness. It can be an amazing sight. Be a kind light for someone.


I heard a funny story on my way to the store this morning that I wanted to share with you. It actually made me laugh out loud.

If you have dependent children off to college (or even high schoolers) who are refusing to stay in touch, you can remedy that situation by changing the password to their electronic devices or streams they and the family watch. That will get their attention.’


The saddest part of this is how dependent we all are on electronic devices. Ten year old kids are demanding their own cell phones. My biggest concern when I was ten was concern if rain showed up not letting me be outside. Although that could sometimes be fun as well.

Whatever we do, we must make sure our children know the value of family and how much they are loved. Yes, during their wing stretching times, they will forget it but they usually will always return to remembered hugs of family.

Remember to share kindness as a family. Its a great way to spread the healing of a nation.

Always pass kindness down to the next generation.