FOTD, Maybe Weeks

WHEW!!! It has been a crazy busy few weeks. I have not had time to even think about anything to share much less actually sit down if front of my computer for a few minutes. But that is how fall is for me. The community garden needed shutting down and cleaning, my yard needed cleaning out the old and planting the bulbs for next spring and then…there is Christmas prep with crafts that needed to be done while inventory in stores was still available. And if any of you follow me regularly you know Christmas is HUGE for me – 5 trees, Christmas village(50 piece hand painted plaster houses) and yard stuff so a lot of prep the first week of November. So before we get that going, lets play with Cee‘s Flower of the Day.

These are pictures from my yard this morning with those who precious flowers who refuse to give up even though we have had a few freezes. So we will share a few week’s worth of FOTD for the last of my holdouts. Enjoy.

This lovely mum type flower came from that mystery seed imbedded cloth I put down early summer.

This one also came from that cloth. I have posted these beauties some this summer. They are quite striking.

This is the last one of those from the mystery cloth. This cluster is tiny being about two inches across with the individual blooms about 1/8-1/4 inch in sized.

This one I planted but can not remember its name. You can see the leaves and majority of the plant has died but the bloom refuse to quit. Nature is a powerful reminder to never quit.

This last one is my daisy. It keeps on blooming as it is somewhat sheltered by the edge of the roof so it remains beautiful, even though the leaves are turning yellow. Its that time of year.

As the season change, let us never change in being kind as the colder winds start to blow.

Always share a kind smile, a gentle word or even a loving hug. Kindness can melt even the coldest wind or comfort a hurting heart. Always be Kind.

A Rainbow

Spring is usually the time to catch a rainbow so it is with wonderous awe that we see them in the fall. This one was on my way to work Wednesday and I felt it needed sharing, the picture at least.

Beauty of the Rainbow

 The beauty of the rainbow, hanging in the sky

Ignored by many as they hurriedly zoom by

Its colors so radiant for only a short time

But a reminder still relevant made for all time

It was a promise for Noah and all of mankind

Proving God’s love, even though we seem blind

The rainbow is beautiful but not really a gift

It’s a reminder to God, for our spirits to lift


As we go through our zooming day, remember to glance around at the beauty surrounding you, even if it seems a gray day. Then let that beauty bring on a smile for you to share with others to maybe lighten their day. And as always, Be Kind.

Animals Have Trials too.

We all know this is a fact that the animal kingdom is always in self preservation mode from predators or from “friends of like kind” who want what they have. Greed knows no limits of creature types. Today we are talking about a few creatures that came across my path this week. I am choosing to highlight their paths of possible doom to highlight that kindness can stretch across all specie types. While I don’t have a picture of doomed fate of this butterfly, I did manage to save it from drowning in the birdbath.

His wings stuck together due to be so saturated

After a couple of hours in the sun, he was able to completely dry and fly off to his next error of judgement for his very short life.

I work part time at my church answering the phone so of course I set up bird feeders outside my window. I have share many photos of the antics the birds, squirrels and rabbits do there. They do keep us entertained. But yesterday…well, I am not sure what to say or be able explain how this happened, However, my gut tells me somehow there was a squirrel involved.

He was quite terrified as I approached to release him from his trap but finally I was able to turn the feeder upside down and he scrambled under a bush. Twenty minutes later, with a full feeder, they were all back eating. I am sure he was part of the group.

Now this next creature was not so fortunate in getting rescued as this stairwell of the church is seldom used but alas somehow he managed to get inside of it and find no way out.

Bats really are quite interesting creatures and watching the Zoo shows on TV, it reminds us they are vital to our environment. They eat lots of skeeters. We hope we don’t have bats again in the bellfry of the church. Not a fun thing to deal with.

The last creature, the tiniest of the creatures, is the winner of the fight. After an extended fight over who owned the feeder, there was a clear winner.

See the mark on his chest?

Maybe that is just under plumage but it looked to be missing feathers. Seems the same bird is clearly marking this as his for the better part of the week.

There are so many wonderful things going on around us in nature. You just need to open you eyes to see them. Embrace the beauty you see, help when help is needed and always be kind.

New Feeder

I recently bought a new humming bird feeder because the others kept leaking. I was using my phone camera for these, but they did come out kind of neat. Hope you enjoy them. I need to buy a lens for my camera that do closeups better.

They are such cool little creatures. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. remember to be kind.

FOTD, August 30 – Weed?

Again we are faced with the question from Cee…is it flower or weed…and what really is the difference. I figure its a person perspective whether the gardening gurus of the world recognize the beauty enough to place it in his garden. But to the Creator above, I think He loves them all.

This lovely four petaled beauty has deep purple veins against a lavender petal. A small flower but striking in my mind. And the leaf eating critters loves it leaves as they are filled with holes. So I give you little purple flower with yellow stamens.

As you go about you day, remember all things love kindness, even flowers. So be kind to all things.

CFFC: Basically Two Colors

Flowers were the first thing I could think of that only had two colors. What an interesting challenge Cee has given us.

I am showing you what I am calling my Flame lilies. Some neighbors at the end of the street had them so the birds thought I needed them as well. They are quite striking.

Then we go to green and brown…concrete is not really a color right?

I know you can’t really tell his size but he is a tiny baby.

same baby, too cute, had to share again

Nature is such a fun medium. Most of my photos are somewhere in that category. And remember, being kind creates a smile so smile often.

Also remember to not be so hard on yourself. We sometimes had a tendency to do that. So be kind to you.

Share Your Desktop

Clare’s Cosmos has a fun challenge I will play with today, even though my pictures are not as clear as they should be. It is a memory that was fascinating to me. I had three hummers fighting over the feeder, zooming and zipping through the air, chattering that I could hear through the window.

Even though these birds were not being kind, we need to remember the beauty in being kind.

FOTD, August 16, Dianthus

Cee’s pictures of flowers that she shares with us shows the possible beauty that is all around us. I may have neglected to share any of my dianthus this year, so I am doing it now. They are a favorite because the are perennials, coming back for several years before dying out.

These have been a fun flower to have as their color is so rich and the reds look velvety. Those of us who enjoy growing flowers love to share the kindness flowers seem to bring. They will always bring about a smile regardless of bloom size or color. So let’s try to follow their example.

FOTD, August 14, Sunflowers

I have shared this particular sunflower before but I am giving you an update, it bloomed. And Cee always reminds us of the beauty in all that we see.

A bonsai sunflower, lol

I shared an earlier photo when this sunflower, planted by the birds, first started growing. I didn’t have the heart to pluck it out. And now its a miniature, at 3+ feet tall, of its brothers who are currently standing at 12-14 feet high. A truth that nature, if given the chance, will survive.

May we all be survivors having the stamina, courage and determination to continue on. And while you are surviving, remember to be kind. It shows extra courage and perseverance.

FOTD, August 6, Wildflower

Todays Flower of the Day is coming again from the mystery seeds that were embedded in a roll up of a ‘perfect garden starter’. I am afraid they are more weed than flower but weeds create flowers as well so it’s still up for debate.

The flower is quite small, about 1.5 inch in diameter and looks to be a multi-petaled flower.

But the macro shows that each one of the ‘petals’ is actually a tiny tube type flower. So the flower is a cluster of tiny flowers around a central pistil.

The amazing beauty of tiny flowers that you get to zoom in and see all the delicate parts of it shows you the unimaginable beauty of creation.

Lets remember to show kindness and create our own type of beauty.