Art in the Cold

In everything God creates, if we look hard enough we will still see beauty. As I went to take out the trash this afternoon, I noticed how the snow clung to my new rock wall. I thought it interesting how it clung to some areas and yet totally missed others creating another interesting God type artwork.

Hair hanging down covering eyes while someone with more hair nibbles on the ear

I am big on patterns and coming from the quality control world sometimes those patterns can let you know if something is off or not. Now that I am retired, I just like to see what pattern emerge when I look at things. I have teased Irene of Heaven’s Sunshine on her post of Dark Star telling her where my quirky visual eye saw Mary and baby Jesus in her flower of the day.

And then today I told CitySonnet on her wonderful picture of a Pansy when I could see someone in yellow shirt with white sleeves and blue bell bottoms praising the heavens.

Its a fun way to share our individual quirky art side. Some of us more quirky than others but that is why art is so subjective. Its in the eye of the artist. Even with writing. My book is now fully complete and edited so I am trying to figure out what to do about publishing it – traditional or self publish. What are the pros and cons of each. Who is good, who can you trust. It a lot to process for a newby. Plus the content is really out there unless you are an avid dog lover who truly believes all dogs do go to heaven. LOL. But we will see. I am up for any advice anyone wants to share. Until then I will continue to share my quirkiness, fun side and kindness here in the blogusphere world.

As you share with each other here or even as you go about your day, I remind you to always be kind. Kindness is the light of Christ shining through us to help lighten the darkness of someone’s day.


Living Art…#JusJoJan & #SoCS

Art is very objective and life is ever a challenge so when you put the two together you get living art and living art can be terrifying or the most beautiful thing you could see. Artist over time have tried to capture the beauty of life as they see it but for me I have reconnected with the medium of photography now that I have retired. Many photographers here in this blogging world have exquisitely captured the beauty of this world and life as they see it and they share it with us.

I love the beauty of nature and thank God for His handiwork to awe us sometimes or make us giggle sometimes as nature like other mediums of art is tied to our emotions.

Today it is snowing. The first winter snow. Now in November we did have a freak snow come through with 14″ of wet heavy snow but that was in the fall. And after that storm, weather has been really mild. Just last week it was in the 40’s and for January that’s unusual…and weird. I fear we will pay for that mildness for the remaining of winter. This week temps have been in the teens but even with cold temps nature’s art was available to see if you looked for it. Below are a few pictures to share of what I saw first thing this morning. With a better camera than my phone, I am sure the art of snow would be more breathtaking. But it beautiful and peaceful to watch.

Everything looking pristine and fresh…and cold. Although the bird feeder is completely covered so the birds are having to did out their treats.

So very glad it is Saturday and I am not expected to go anywhere in this. Even though it is only a few inches, still, I am glad I don’t have to get out in it. I also want to thank Linda G Hill for a fun way to share the snow today with “art” being the theme word for Just Jot January and Streams of Conscious Saturday.



When going through the art of life, remember to paint to paint gently. Paint with encouragement, love and with an abundance of kindness. Kindness is felt in all of nature and can make your painting shine the beauty that God has intended.

The Yard is Done, #1Liner Wednesday

Fall brings about a flurry of cleaning projects to get ready for winter and I am on a time schedule. So the last 2 days I have not touched my computer much other than to read some of your wonderful stories. But alas, it is all done….outside. Thanks to Alternative Design Landscapes Specialist out of Bettendorf Iowa I have new steps and a new wall that were rotting railroad timbers and a new mailbox to keep the mailman happy and Mimi less stressed.

And while that was going on, the plumber came out to fix a leaky outside faucet before it got cold and I got all the flower bed cleaning done. All in all a busy but productive two days. Now I can sit on the sofa and play on the computer while watching the birds eat and fight over the new bird feeders. They are so fun to watch. The feeder is close to the evergreens where they zoom to hid when spooked only to peek out to make sure all is clear before heading back to the feeders.

Blue Jay


Mostly what I have are chickadees but this big fella enjoys the sunflower seeds as well.

Dirty windows too…work never ends

I clean the windows about every two weeks as Mimi loves looking out as well and leaves her nose and slobber marks. And of course we have to warn about the dreaded mailman. The ice box was added as an incentive to save the window seal.

Forever on guard

She is so funny as she looks around at me while she is barking like “Do you not see this?” In reality she is just a silly old lapdog baby.

rough 1
Hard life

And in closing I remind myself and everyone else to be kind. It is a inexpensive gift from God that reflects His love.

All love can point to kindness

Come follow along with Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesdays and enjoy the fun.



Its Yellow’s Turn, #1 Liner Wednesday

Last week I showed pictures of the leaves during the first show of change and the colors were red. Now yellow is making it’s appearance and this area has lots of yellow to enjoy.

The brightness of the yellow or the blueness of the sky is really not reflected in the photo

I was finally able to go walking through the local state park and the yellows were exquisite. There were a few reds still trying to hang on of which I was surprised with the winds that came through here last Saturday. With the sudden cold air on Sunday and Monday, the yellows are really showing off. This is a response for Linda G Hill’s #1Liner Weds.

Enjoy the colors.

The  Black Hawk State Park is a small park inside the city limits of Rock Island Illinois, one of the cities of the Quad Cities metro area between Illinois and Iowa with the Mississippi running through them. It a beautiful park with walking trails. When we first moved into this metro area I was shocked to see deer just walking through the yard but its because of the preserve and they are protected here.

So as the season is changing again, enjoy this time as nature prepares to rest for the coming winter of cold and white. According to Farmers Almanac, the mid-west is in for a rough one.

If we could just have summer for about 1 month, and one month of winter and the rest divided between spring and fall I would be a happy camper. But alas, they each have their purpose. Ok, fine.

And as reminder to me and everyone else, please be kind. There are times when it is really hard but those times can sometimes bring the highest rewards.

Even animals depend on the kindness of strangers

Autumn in Iowa via My Phone

I don’t have a nice camera but the one on my phone does pretty good. So while the color brilliancy doesn’t match what I saw, there is still beauty here. Today is a gorgeous fall day with cool temps(long sleeve) but not cold. The sun warmed me nicely as I ran errands and admired the foliage. Some people think the cemetery is a creepy place but I think it it has a beautiful tranquility. The hardwoods there are really pretty right now. I will have to post some pictures from there when it snows as the evergreens there are old and massive.

Peaceful sleep as the season change

Most of the yellow just turn brown and falls off the trees here but the reds do show off a bit. Hope you enjoy looking through these as I did taking them.

The berries on these trees are brilliant red.

Heavy with berries

In reminder as the season as our Thanksgiving draws closer(and Canada’s just finished), it brings to mind of how we need to be kind, especially to those who are hurting in various ways.


Random acts of kindness may be the one thing to change the world for that day for one individual being, whether it is man, animal or plant. Always be kind.