Flower of the Day, July 22

Again we have more fun from my yard. Thanks to Cee for having such a fun prompt where we can all share the beauty of nature.

image000002 (17)

Even on a drizzly day the sunflower smiles. Looks like one petal is trying to be a hat in keeping the rain from getting in its face.

And never under estimate the determination of nature as this sun flower, seed dropped from the feeder, grew under the fence to make sure it could show its happy face to the sun.

image000005 (6)

Match the happiness of sunflowers where ever you go and always be kind.

kind sunflower


On the Hunt for Joy, Sunflowers

Did you know there were over 15 different types of sun flowers, of just the tall ones ranging in height over 14 feet. Crazy. Cee has challenged us to share our sunflowers on our Hunt for Joy. Sunflowers are so awesome. I love seeing a field of them when they are blooming. I was given a packet for May Day but our temps have still been going down in the 20s at night so hopefully this week I can get them planted.


But I will share with you my sunflowers from last year that the birds planted. It was quite fun watching them grow under the feeder then I moved them when they got tall enough to move.

Flower and bee, brown center long yellow-orange petals

I was amazed that even though I used the same brand of bird food, the sunflowers were obviously were different varieties.

Yellow center, bright yellow petals that were shorter but fatter

This last one had three blooms on the same same stalk with smaller blooms than the others.

Smaller bloom but multiple blooms.

Sunflowers are a smiling flower. I think they make us all smile. So smile often, enjoy the flowers through the spring and summer and remember to be kind.

kind sunflower