CMMC October Close Up & Micro

Cee’s fun midweek challenge usually makes you think outside the box but close ups and micros are a favorite. Since I was out taking pictures for today’s FOTD, I was able to capture some close ups.

Red Daisy

Every spring I promise myself that I will save all the little tags so that I can properly identify the flowers that I plant. And every fall I cant remember their name. 🤔

So for now I am calling this a red daisy. Its in that family somewhere. But I love the tiny white fuzzy stamen type things on this particular flower.

Here we have a bee enjoying the nectar from a marigold. He was so still I thought he was dead but no, he flew off fine, he was just busy and not bothered by me.

I love the red marigolds with their yellow trimmed petals and rich yellow center. Their fragrance is not pleasant but we plant them for that purpose. The moles don’t like their smell either, so it keeps them mostly out of the yard.

Another great capture is sharing the beauty of kindness close up. It may start with that one kind act but the affects reach past you on to others.

So Always Be Kind

Laziness vs. Determination

In a world of confusion and mixed ideas of laziness vs work ethic, I think we can all take a cue from the animal kingdom. They have one goal in mind – take care of family and make sure there is enough food for everyone.

As I was out today taking pictures of the giant 12′ sunflower at the church’s community garden…

And the 10′ giants…

I noticed an extremely determined bee, trying to get to the richest part of the nectar of a misplaced marigold flower, with it’s head buried deep in the flower with a back leg sticking straight up in air for balance.

The bee was enjoying this accidental planting inside the raised tomato planter and I was able to snatch a timely macro photo.

Nature can teach us a lot about life is we stop long enough to see its beauty. And with all of the beauty you may or may not see, I remind you to share kindness in all that you do so that others see the beauty in you.

CMMC August Close-Up & Macro

Cees’ Close Up challenge is always a reason for me to play with my camera and try to figure out what I am doing. Now that August is upon us, the bee are closing in on the end of summer rush to gain as much nectar as possible.

I am always fascinated at the details that come through with the macro lens. Its amazing how fuzzy bees are…and how they let me get that close.

Here is a reminder to always be kind. You can even be the fuzzy kind, up close and personal. but not for a macro amount. Be kind in a big way.

FOTD – August 28, The Workers

What would we have if we didn’t have the little workers who pollinate our flowers? We would miss out on all the photographs plus the unimaginable benefits we get from the work they do. Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge reminds us of the beauty we see all around us throughout the year. So today while I am showing various picture of my sunflowers(before they fell) the true subject is the bees that so loved these huge flowers.

When a bee lands on a flower, the pollen sticks to the tiny hairs on it legs. Then the bee takes this pollen, which is high in protein, to other flowers and finally to feed its developing offspring.

When water is added to the flower’s sugar, it creates nectar. The nectar is a food source for the bees that gives them energy to fly from flower to flowers, pollinating as it goes. If we didn’t have bees pollinating our plants, we would not have the vegetables and fruit we enjoy eating. It is all a part of the many intersecting rings of life.

So enjoy the many circles of life and understand how very much we need each other to survive. And in doing so, remember the extra advantage of being kind within all the circles. Kindness can be sweeter than any nectar from any flower.

Always Be Kind

Beauty in the Sky

Things that Fly

This is an awkward story, rather a poem of things that fly

image000003 (18)

Of God’s creation on day five of things that fill the sky


Big things and small things can zoom through the air

Other things just float or flutter with acrobatical  affair

image000004 (15)

Heavy things and light things, so many types there be

One must pay attention to all the beauty you can see

It was day five that God created the many things that fly

To show us the beauty of Him that love us…way up high

Anita Neal

If you enjoy being outside, look around at all that there is to see. There is life and beauty everywhere, big and little, fast and slow. All with their unique purpose and task to complete.  And as always I remind you the beauty and important attribute of Kindness. In all that we do, we should always be kind.

Kindness 18


Too Bee or Not to Bee, World Bee Day

World Bee day, what an awesome way to recognize the value and necessity of a creature. The entire world depends on bees for pollination and if we don’t have take care of them then we wont take care of us, as in we won’t have food to eat. Some crops are dependent on bee pollination. If you want to read more about it, read this interesting article. I posted about bees yesterday not know today, May 20, was honor day for bees. So I will post some of my past photos as well.



IMG_20200518_171730 (1)


How To Protect Bees: A Gardener Guide To Protecting Bees


So as you enjoy nature as it buzzes around you, remember to be happy yourself and let the happiness roll over into kindness for other people and all things living.

BEE KIND In a world where you can be anything by keryl | TpT



Birdbath Not Just For Birds, SMM

Irene of Heaven’s Sunshine has a wonderful Monday challenge that even us amateur photographers can play with, macro photography. And while I only have my phone camera, it does a pretty decent job.

Today’s subject is the bees that love my birdbath. I have yet to see birds use it but bees are there all the time. This is George…as apposed to his brother George…or his other brother George.


Nature is an interesting thing, and if you don’t pay attention you will miss the best parts. But as you are looking, remember the value of looking kindly. Kindness is a much needed and missing element that can easily be added to any situation making it a situation of much value…just because you added a little kindness.



Sunshine’s Monday Macro

This beauty was found none other than…Lowes. Worse than the candy store to me. But what an awesome shot.

Honey for the bee

I am still amazed at what my phone camera can do for closeups but I miss a lot of distant shots, just not enough detail.

Heaven’s Sunshine created a fun new post for us all to see the details of this world close up with Sunshine’s Macro Monday. Come join in on the fun.

And as always, remember to be kind…we can always be kind.