Too Bee or Not to Bee, World Bee Day

World Bee day, what an awesome way to recognize the value and necessity of a creature. The entire world depends on bees for pollination and if we don’t have take care of them then we wont take care of us, as in we won’t have food to eat. Some crops are dependent on bee pollination. If you want to read more about it, read this interesting article. I posted about bees yesterday not know today, May 20, was honor day for bees. So I will post some of my past photos as well.



IMG_20200518_171730 (1)


How To Protect Bees: A Gardener Guide To Protecting Bees


So as you enjoy nature as it buzzes around you, remember to be happy yourself and let the happiness roll over into kindness for other people and all things living.

BEE KIND In a world where you can be anything by keryl | TpT



Birdbath Not Just For Birds, SMM

Irene of Heaven’s Sunshine has a wonderful Monday challenge that even us amateur photographers can play with, macro photography. And while I only have my phone camera, it does a pretty decent job.

Today’s subject is the bees that love my birdbath. I have yet to see birds use it but bees are there all the time. This is George…as apposed to his brother George…or his other brother George.


Nature is an interesting thing, and if you don’t pay attention you will miss the best parts. But as you are looking, remember the value of looking kindly. Kindness is a much needed and missing element that can easily be added to any situation making it a situation of much value…just because you added a little kindness.



Sunshine’s Monday Macro

This beauty was found none other than…Lowes. Worse than the candy store to me. But what an awesome shot.

Honey for the bee

I am still amazed at what my phone camera can do for closeups but I miss a lot of distant shots, just not enough detail.

Heaven’s Sunshine created a fun new post for us all to see the details of this world close up with Sunshine’s Macro Monday. Come join in on the fun.

And as always, remember to be kind…we can always be kind.