Too Bee or Not to Bee, World Bee Day

World Bee day, what an awesome way to recognize the value and necessity of a creature. The entire world depends on bees for pollination and if we don’t have take care of them then we wont take care of us, as in we won’t have food to eat. Some crops are dependent on bee pollination. If you want to read more about it, read this interesting article. I posted about bees yesterday not know today, May 20, was honor day for bees. So I will post some of my past photos as well.



IMG_20200518_171730 (1)


How To Protect Bees: A Gardener Guide To Protecting Bees


So as you enjoy nature as it buzzes around you, remember to be happy yourself and let the happiness roll over into kindness for other people and all things living.

BEE KIND In a world where you can be anything by keryl | TpT



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