Love Encouraged

“Greater love has no one then this….John 15:13



The creator of this universe, I ask is he really there?

Is He someone you can trust on, or someone to beware?

If trusting is the way to go, do we go all in? Do we dare?

Or do we back off and hide, to not get caught in His snare.

Trusting what you can’t see, seems more a grand dare,

Than trusting what you can see with a chance to be fair.

But the inner hope of all of us in waiting to clear the air,

Would be His eternal promise as one to profoundly care.

Surrounded in His light to the point of brilliant glare,

Lives a love so rich for us, that we could only stare.

Those who know this love, without it, would be the dare,

No other love as perfect as the creator who came to care.

    Anita Neal    5/21/2020


Gods Light Kindness
Be Kind


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