FOTD – June 12, Bee Balm

Cee’s challenge of Flower of the Day brings flowers normally not seen by some to be shared with everyone. It is interesting to see flowers from all over the world and fun to share the sights you see. Today I have Bee Balm. I was glad to see that it came back this year.

What seems to be flower petals are actually individual tubes.

As we enjoy the beauty of nature, remember the beauty of kindness.

Always Be Kind.

FOTD-June 11, Dianthus

I am always amazed at how the colors of flowers change depending on the amount of light you have. Tonight as I was taking pictures of a golden sunset, I noticed how these dark red dianthus almost had an orange tint to them.

I love the dianthus as they come back each year more beautiful than the year before. So, I planted several more of them this year of different colors.

As we slide into the weekend, remember to be kind. The weekend may be fun for some but lonely for others. Kindness can bridge the gap of loneliness to remind some that there is still love out there.

always Be Kind

Always be Kind

After the Storm

The last few days has really been hot for this time of year. Yes, it is summer but we don’t usually see this intense hot humid heat until end of July. And of course there was a popup storm of which was only a 5% chance of it happening. That felt like a pretty hefty 5% as the windows vibrated from the thunder booms. But nonetheless, it did pass and the sunset was beautiful as the clouds broke apart revealing a bright blue sky.


29 He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed. 30 They were glad when it grew calm

And as always, remember to be kind wherever you go and in all that you do. It reflects your inner being.

CFFC: Green Foliage


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is green foliage. I have a bump out window on my house with a window box where one side gets no sun at all, but I wanted something green there. So, I planted a mini version of a Hosta hoping it would do okay there. Little did I know was that it is going to bloom. Added bonus.

As as always I remind you to be kind. You never know when just a kind smile may brighten someone’s day.

Always Be Kind

Some Afternoon Humor

Sometimes there are those pictures that don’t ever need words and then others cry for a caption. This picture of my granddog, Max, is a bit of both. The first thing that came to my mind was a horrid nursery rhyme we said as kids and for some reason came all the back to the front.

Nobody Loves Me

Nobody Loves me

Everybody hates Me

I’m gonna go eat worms.

I can’t remember the words to the second verse that describes the slimy juiciness of worms but this sad picture reminded me of that silly poem.

Don’t be alarmed as Max is not hurt or sad…he is asleep. Maybe his nose was cold. Who knows. But I thought I would share this cute picture as it makes me laugh. Chuckle along with me and remember what sadness can look like. So, always be kind.

Amazing Stonework – A New Challenge

Good evening friends. I give you a new challenge tonight to be on Monday’s. I will try to get this posted much earlier but summer thunderstorms took out our power so we are a tad late. In today’s world, it is somewhat scary knowing how dependent we are on a power source to survive. So, I think it is fitting that this challenge reflects on the beauty of “old”. Welcome to “Amazing Stonework”.

This is a photographic challenge to share the beauty of older architecture from yesteryear that shows the intricate artwork in the details of older buildings. So, look up at these older structures and marvel at how man created artwork out of stone, concrete and other substrates around windows, doors, and along roof edges – even on the walls themselves. Have fun and enjoy the beauty.

If you be interested in participating in this challenge, just take some pictures of details of older structures. You will be amazed at what you see when you really begin to look. Link back to each week’s post and enjoy what others are seeing. Be sure to add the Amazing Stoneware Challenge badge from above.

My post this week is more of the same building where I pulled the badge from – City Hall.

There are curved walls as well as a turret and this column with the ball on top. No exactly what the original concept was but I find it interesting.

Come join in on the fun and enjoy the sights of others and as always, remember to be kind.

Monday Window, June 7

Thank you Ludwig for posting such a fun challenge. I have not played in a while but with my new camera(non professional but fun) I had to join in. I take you to old windows…

This house just recently had a full renovation and restoration, I may have posted this window once before but felt it needed posting again. I would love to look out of this window.

Churches generally have wonderful windows and this one is no exception. I bet it colors are amazing inside.

Since I am a fan of older architectural structures, this last one had to be shown.

In closing I remind all the value of kindness. It should be used often. Open a window of far reaching kindness.

FOTD- June 7 – Unknown Beauty

I saw these white beauties sway in the breeze around the garden at the park but their was no sign identifying them. Tiny bell shaped blooms hung on a thin willowy stalk about 4 feet high. They were quite striking.

I pulled out my macro lens – still trying to perfect that skill – and inside the bell was what looked to be a bug but after seeing the picture on my computer, I think they are the stamens that are not fully open. I was intrigued by the tiny bristles and the (I presume) pollen dust on the outer petals. And the tiny stripe of purple on the center of the two lower petals also caught my eye when enlarged.

Flowers make me smile at the wide array of the beauty of creation – some things we may not have even seen before. Share your smiles and you will share you kindness. Sometime when people see you smile and you are by yourself, they wonder what you are thinking about. Smile often and be kind often.

FOTD, June 6, Rose

Cee’s Flower of the Day usually focus on one flower. On my walk through the park yesterday I came upon The Rose Garden. They were all so beautiful so while the rose is a single flower, I could not single out just one, so today you get several.

There were several others but they will have to go on another post. Breathe in the beautiful fragrances of a rose and share that delicate kindness with others.