From Pauper to Prince

Fairy tales are noted for taking those humble well meaning people with no visible riches and taking their story up a notch to give them the visible riches that matches their gifts of love they give to those around them, as in Cinderella.

But sometimes riches come to people unexpectedly, like the lottery, and because they have never had them, they don’t know what to do with them, and they waste them on un-needed items, then the riches are gone. Putting them back into worse conditions than before.

But today’s story is a follow up on a previous post of God’s guiding light to shine not only on a bedraggled mutt that was dirty beyond belief and covered in fleas to a now happy home, fully loved by two people, which also gives these people a much needed purpose in care for others. If you don’t know the story, this pup was found in the middle of the road by the church and a neighbor brought it inside to hopefully find its home. People, like dogs, sometimes lose our way as well in hopes of a kind neighbor to rescue us. We all need to be loved and we all need to be able to love. It is how God has programmed us – Love one another as I have loved you. And I think that goes for all of His creation. He created it in love, asked us to take care of it in love therefore we must love.

The last time I talked to his new mom, they still had not settled on a name but that doesn’t really matter, when ever she gets up, so does the new little prince. He follows her everywhere and sleeps in his own cushioned bed next to theirs. If you have ever had anything to do with a rescued dog, you will know that they fully understand they have been rescued and are forever grateful shadowing the new mom/dad with love and honor. See below the pictures from bedraggled pauper and the new little prince.

Remember, God looks at us the very same way. He created us all and loves us all and when we get lost from his care, he rejoices when we return and covers us in his love. Never forget that your heavenly father is a king, therefore you are a prince or princess, so stay fast in his love and show other the kindness he has lavished on you – even when it feels like no kindness  may be falling on you at the moment. Let your kindness shine through the storm.

kind storm.jpg


A Fun Morning, Garden & Challenges

After an exceptionally  busy week, I am glad to have today to myself. I need to cut grass but it will still be there tomorrow. So I decided to go the Vander Veer Botanical Park and walk around. Besides the play area for the children, there are winding sidewalks through the flowers, several fountains and the pond that the ducks and geese love. With all that I saw I actually got neat shots for several challenges so this is a 5 in 1 post tying several wonderful bloggers and their challenges in one post. With Nancy Merrill’s weekly challenge of Yellow, Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge of Tree, Granny Shot It’s 2 challenges of Bird of the Day and Water Water Everywhere and finishing off with Cee’s Flower of the Day, almost forgot about that one.

The fun we can have experiencing each others challenges only helps us to grow more and sometimes experience life with a little different view.

Starting at the top with Nancy’s challenge of yellow, evidently that is the theme for this season. Much beautiful yellow was spread in this particular section of the park. With star shaped beds, raised beds, flower shaped beds all nestled around a historical fountain to bring in  Granny’s Water challenge.

The fountain shots are in sequence of the water flow timers.

On the other side of the park is the duck pond with many ducks and geese who know that people will feed them from the corn dispenser provided. And the geese are funny chasing off others of their clan showing who is boss. I thought BOTD fit well here, they all wanted to be picked as top bird of the day.

At the edge of the park is a very old tree that is beginning to look rough but still holding its own. Said to be the largest of it specie growing in the US. This is placed in with Cee’s CFFC for tree.

And last but not at all least is Cee’s FOTD, a closeup of one of the yellow mum like daisy beauties. I love it when there are flowers inside a flower. So cool. Things I would never have noticed before taking close up pictures of flowers. You learn every day if you allow it.


With all this fun you can’t help but smile at the beauty surrounding you. So lets reflect this beauty with kindness and make the world a happier place.

kind smiles

More yellow flowers.



The creator of the universe created all things and said they were good. I look at the animal kingdom now through the eyes of the TV with Animal Planet’s fabulous shows and realize (in my mind) that I was right! Animals are just another marvelous extension of our loving God who also reflect his beauty and his love. Animals have the ability the be loving and nurturing, possessive and sharing, teaching and scolding…and angry.

When you bring those values down to our domesticated pets, you add in another layer of amazement and laughter because we get to share it on a closer more intimate level. Many of you have know me to speak of Mimi…half coon hound and half black lab… the ruler of the home…

loyal friend
So much for the protective sheet staying in place, part of her nest

She is also the mighty protector…and gives me this disgusted unapproving look if I ignore her warnings.

But last night was extra funny for me. She is rather spiteful if I don’t do as she wishes and will do something to get my attention to show her displeasure. She usually finds a piece piece of paper or a paper towel I have dropped into her access, then shreds it to pieces and leaves it where I can see her displeasure. Or if there is no paper around and a sock is grabbable, then she is off to her favorite hiding place, under the table, after showing me she has it. She knows it is extra effort for me to climb under the table to get said sock.

Check out the “not looking at you” disgusted pose. This is her favorite expression for “not happy” or “not begging”. Animals do have expressions.

So what prompted today’s funny happened last night as I worked until 3, came home for 30 minutes and then left again to go face paint…the very idea I left and didn’t take her and she got no food to boot(it was too early). So now she is in a state of disgust.  But I got home around 8, gave her extra supper treats so all is forgiven, right??? No, because I had not had a chance to be on the computer all day and I had a few things to do, therefore not playing with her. The least I could do was come to the couch to be on the computer for snuggle time. First I get the “not looking at you” disgusted look combined with appropriate sighs. Since that didn’t work, then fine “I will just go to bed” and she did. But not before a display of total unhappiness.

Water bowl

This is her secondary water bowl, one day I will have to explain WHY we have two, there were 3 at one time but that is a story for another day. Most of the water was gone but enough was there to show spite. She of course was on the bed in the guest room. Again don’t tell me they are not emotionally charged.

So I went and got a treat and her ball and we played for a while until bedtime. Then all was well, lesson for mommy I guess.

Remember we all want to be loved, respected, to belong to, so share that love and kindness where ever you can and make everything smile, even animals.

Last grouping of pictures from google. What a great resource to pull from to show the beauty of the world.

Flower of the Day, 8/15/19

Man, where did this month go. I have been so busy this month I cant believe its half over. The air is beginning to cool just a bit so I know the flower will be gone by the end of September but I am really enjoying them now.


Now that the June bugs are finally gone, my geranium is getting a second wind. I love the blush of white in the center.

Never forget just how beautiful you are as you were made just as special as any flower ever made. We are all precious in His sight. Reflect your beauty and always be kind, it reflects His beauty.


Come join in on Cee’s fun challenge of FOTD and share the beauty of flowers.

Fun with Haiku

This was a stretch of a syllable stanza-ed haiku but so fit the subject. Come laugh with us.

Max ball
Orange Ball

The Orange Ball

That is my orange ball

It is my fa-VO-rite toy

Why do you have it


Our pets bring laughter and joy into our lives. When we have timing or misfortune that takes that pet away from us, we are saddened but still hold on to the funny memories they share with us. May we always be deserving of that love and laughter they brought.

animalkind 12

Sunshine’s Macro Monday #4, FOTD

This past week was a zoomer but I did get a few pictures of the beauty that I saw. I will tie in with Irene’s Sunshine Macro Monday and Cee’s Flower of the Day.


I can not remember what type of flower this is but it has been pretty all summer. Its leaves are dark green and kind of elongated heart shaped. And the plant shows two different types of blooms – the single like on the left and the full rose type like on the right.

And as with all things created by our loving God above, remember to always be kind.

Flower kind3

Character in a Face

We have all heard the saying of “judging a book by its cover”, and how sometimes a person with strong looking character doesn’t live up to that character as seemingly thought because of how others perceive those looks, which in itself is a stupid way to judge anything. Yet we still do it.


But does the same judging premise work for other things like animals. Well, if we are talking about wild animals, even the smaller ones need to be given plenty of room as they understand the thought process behind survival of the fittest so regardless of their character looking cute and cuddly…they are still a wild animal and you are a lunchbox.

But domesticated animals are different, depending on their caretaker of course,  and I won’t get on that soapbox for now. For now we are referring to visual character and do they really have it. I think we humans are the one’s who place that character on anything we see and judge it accordingly. We are a creation that tends to judge and give opinions on people and animals. When you go to the shelters, which I tend to stay away from as I will bring them all home, people will judge the validity of a family pet on how it looks, especially a puppy, without any consideration of it one day being a full grown dog. Then they don’t like how the animal behaves due to their own poor training practices or the fact that “That’s a cool breed, lets get one of those” doesn’t really work for you now that it weighs 85 lbs.

The reason I bring this up is because of “the church rescue”. Yesterday, a neighbor of the church brought over a small dog he thought originally had been hit right in front of the church and just left to die. All of us at the church are animal people so once we checked him out and realized he was not hurt, probably just an older fellow we got in touch with all rescue type people to see if anyone had lost their pet and such. It just so happened that the monthly Vista luncheon was going on at the same time. Vista is a program we have for people 50+ that has a monthly program combined with lunch. A good time for combining information of interest and fellowship. One of the ladies well into her 80s, came to the office to ask a question and fell in love with this dog. She had lost her long time family pet about a year prior, and due to her age, really did not want to start out with a puppy. Now this dog probably weight about 6 pounds soaking wet, was dirty with long matted, flea bitten and could not walk properly due to an issue with his hip, not at all a good visual judge of character. You could tell he had been someones pet at one time as he understood commands and kindness. So now this bedraggled creature went to a new home. She took him today to the vet and had him checked out, got him bathed, haircut and yes…a bow in his hair, its what some little ole ladies do. Then she brought him by the church for us to see the transformation. He has a caring new home and she has someone to take care of and talk to, a win-win in my book. We need to remember that older folks still need to be needed and loved. This was a good lesson for some of the younger folks.

When we look more at the heart than at the visual, we begin to see the real character. That is what Jesus does. We are all of utmost value to him regardless of how we look. He knows our hearts and he wants everyone in his hands where he can take care of us.

But there is a little more to this post on “character in a face”. There are some dogs that just ooze character, again, to some people.  I am working on a birthday present for my daughter and have compiled some precious photos that I believe have character as his heart is very close to the preciousness of these pictures. So enjoy them or if not a dog lover feel free to move on to the next post.

Life of Maximus, the basset hound. I have posted several of his adult pictures in the past as he makes me laugh.

Baby pictures are always too cute, regardless of type of creature. Just go to the zoo and see all the babies in the spring.

Max’s personality coming through. He is a very sad creature as most bassets are.

Maximus, sitting  as on a throne of power after the royal he was so named.

But in reality, he just loves his mommy and is so sad when she isn’t home so we stare at the door until she arrives.

Max missing mommy

I hope I made you smile today and encouraged you for a few minutes to forget possible life situations you may be going through. Remember God is never far from us and all we have to do is lift an hand to him for his help.