Some Afternoon Humor

Sometimes there are those pictures that don’t ever need words and then others cry for a caption. This picture of my granddog, Max, is a bit of both. The first thing that came to my mind was a horrid nursery rhyme we said as kids and for some reason came all the back to the front.

Nobody Loves Me

Nobody Loves me

Everybody hates Me

I’m gonna go eat worms.

I can’t remember the words to the second verse that describes the slimy juiciness of worms but this sad picture reminded me of that silly poem.

Don’t be alarmed as Max is not hurt or sad…he is asleep. Maybe his nose was cold. Who knows. But I thought I would share this cute picture as it makes me laugh. Chuckle along with me and remember what sadness can look like. So, always be kind.

FOTD- June 7 – Unknown Beauty

I saw these white beauties sway in the breeze around the garden at the park but their was no sign identifying them. Tiny bell shaped blooms hung on a thin willowy stalk about 4 feet high. They were quite striking.

I pulled out my macro lens – still trying to perfect that skill – and inside the bell was what looked to be a bug but after seeing the picture on my computer, I think they are the stamens that are not fully open. I was intrigued by the tiny bristles and the (I presume) pollen dust on the outer petals. And the tiny stripe of purple on the center of the two lower petals also caught my eye when enlarged.

Flowers make me smile at the wide array of the beauty of creation – some things we may not have even seen before. Share your smiles and you will share you kindness. Sometime when people see you smile and you are by yourself, they wonder what you are thinking about. Smile often and be kind often.

FOTD-June 3-Petunias

I am copying Cee’s Flower of the Day with Petunias as well. What I find so fascinating about petunias, beside their many colors, is the vein work within the flower itself.

This red one seems to have white on one side of the center and black on the other. maybe its the pollen dust looking white.

The white one has yellow in the center but the vein work carries a yellow green through the center rib of each petal.

And last but not least, the rich royal purple. The black center and deep purple veins make it look velvety soft.

As we smile at the beauty of flowers, remember the beauty of kindness and let that beauty shine from you.

Always Be Kind

FOTD – May 26 – Superbells

Thanks Cee for the ability to share the beautiful flowers we see for Flower of the Day. Each year I plant several varieties of Superbells in my yard. They are like a miniature petunia but their color varieties may be wider. And I think they all have yellow centers, at least any that I have seen.

Purple…my favorite – with a tiny yellow center…and a friend

Then there are ones with multiple colors…

But the solid colors are just as special…

So as you enjoy the beauty of spring into summer with flowers, spread the beauty of kindness wherever you go.

Fun with Flowers & Macro

Recently I bought a real camera instead of always using my phone. While the pictures on the phone were quite good I was not able to get really close, like seeing some of the bugs I am now seeing. Heavens Sunshine used to have a Monday’s Macro Challenge – and yes I know its Tuesday – but I thought I would post these anyway for my first try at getting really close. All of you experienced macro users can tell me what I am not doing correctly. You will not hurt my feelings.

My yard in macro:

She is watching you!!

I used to tease Irene that her photos of orchids looking like angels. This iris looks like an unhappy creature with slanted dark eyes, puffy cheeks, a long nose covering its upper mouth and maybe a hairy tongue? Only our imagination can take us to such places.

In this next one, I was amazed how the sun came through the outer petals making the inner petals almost luminescent.

Then the last one shows off what I assume is considered the beard of the iris.

Macro photography shows the beauty of up-close and personal. But flowers as a whole have a beauty that can not be matched.

As always I remind you of the value of kindness. All of creation understands the feel of kindness and needs it shared with them often.

Always be Kind

FOTD – May 24 – Calibrachoa

When I first saw this at the flower store, I thought they were nasturtiums due to the leaf shape. I love the thick rounded petals and then over the weekend, this long stem popped out with this delicate flower.

Then as we look at the small flower with its tiny yellow stamens, it really is quite beautiful.

Come join Cee with her fun challenge of finding a beautiful flower each day.

So now that we are are the start of a new week, remember the value and power of kindness. Its use can have a profound and lasting effect.

FOTD – May 21

I love this time of year where we get to play with Cee’s Flower of the Day. For the last week it has been rainy and muggy – getting close to summer. But the weatherman told us today it would not rain…he was mistaken…it rain most of the day and my iris bloom opened this morning and got pretty beaten up by the rain. I took its picture anyway. Hopefully the two other buds will not have to fight the elements.

As we enjoy the beauty of flowers, remember they are a living thing. And all living things need kindness to help them through this life.

Always Be Kind

CMMC – May Pick a Topic

Cee has created a fun mid week challenge, CMMC, that can really get you thinking.

Due to where I currently live, there are various forms of murals painted on the older building downtown. I chose one that I may have posted before but it so depicts this area by the Mississippi River.

Even though the paint is beginning to chip, it is still a marvel to see. There is a railroad that runs on both side of the river and occasionally you will see a restored paddle boat taking a tour group up river. Beauty of a era gone by.

As we remember the eras of long ago, remember the simplices and the kindness we tried to share where we could and try to share them again today.

Regardless of the generation you are in, Always Be Kind.