SOCS, March 4, Wild Animals

Linda Hill challenges us on SOCS this week with Wild Animals. Well, technically these are wild but…they were too comical with how they had tied in with humans. The animals I am referring to…the California Sealions at San Francisco. They had commandeered the marina at Pier 39. My daughter and I spent 5 days in San Francisco and the seals were visited daily. Very entertaining.

They reminded me of my daughter’s basset hound where they would bellow and make lots of noise but would not bother sit up.

The wetter seal just came on the dock disturbing those already sleeping causing much bellowing but nobody really get up.

Occasionally you would have a faceoff of two males proving who was the “baddest”. There would be noise, huffing and puffing, and the occasional snapping about…

But then after sufficient noise, they would all lay back down and go to sleep, usually with a head laid across the other. Maybe man should take notice of how seals settle their arguments, ending in peaceful slumber.

The most comical wild animal at the pier was actually a seagull. I was kind of amazed of how much trash was around the area and in the water, especially when they speak of the damage the humans are making by throwing debris into the oceans. But back to the seagull…someone had thrown a small rubber ball in the water and the gull was having a blast. There were about 15 humans being fully entertained by this bird. He would take the ball, throw it in the air, watch it bounce, and then chase it to throw it again.

Sometimes he would throw it in the water and then go after it, bringing it back onto the dock.

It was all very entertaining watching the “wild animals” at Pier 39. But it gave me pause to see how easily animals and humans interacted with each other creating joy or sorrow at the same time. We all need to be more mindful of God’s creation.

I close with a reminder on the value of kindness and that it doesn’t always have to be towards humans. All of creation needs to be dealt with kindly in every way that makes sense. And in my mind, Kindness always makes sense.

Animals understand kindness as well. Always be kind

All photos at top of post are my own. ©Anita’s Hope
No usage allowed in any form without my written consent.

Photos at end of post concerning being kind are downloads from Google

7 thoughts on “SOCS, March 4, Wild Animals

  1. A comical view of Nature. Thanks for sharing!
    On the topic of ‘mixing it up’, resolving differences, and then slumbering like a seal, I agree!
    IMHO…the current human over-sensitivity to “bullying”, has created unnatural interference by adults in ‘natural’ skirmishes among children. The ubiquitous claiming of ‘zero tolerance’ for” name-calling”, “shoving” or even “emotionally charged disagreement” has contributed to the uptick in unhinged viciousness among adolescents. By not allowing youngsters to learn how to resolve conflict on their own while small, they are becoming dangerous ‘powder kegs’ later on.


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