CMMC October Close Up & Micro

Cee’s fun midweek challenge usually makes you think outside the box but close ups and micros are a favorite. Since I was out taking pictures for today’s FOTD, I was able to capture some close ups.

Red Daisy

Every spring I promise myself that I will save all the little tags so that I can properly identify the flowers that I plant. And every fall I cant remember their name. 🤔

So for now I am calling this a red daisy. Its in that family somewhere. But I love the tiny white fuzzy stamen type things on this particular flower.

Here we have a bee enjoying the nectar from a marigold. He was so still I thought he was dead but no, he flew off fine, he was just busy and not bothered by me.

I love the red marigolds with their yellow trimmed petals and rich yellow center. Their fragrance is not pleasant but we plant them for that purpose. The moles don’t like their smell either, so it keeps them mostly out of the yard.

Another great capture is sharing the beauty of kindness close up. It may start with that one kind act but the affects reach past you on to others.

So Always Be Kind

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