Fun with Hymns

Did you know that hymns were written for specific occupations or needs? Or that hymns were written to help you get into heaven…quickly?  I saw this list and it made me laugh as I hope it will bring a chuckle to you as well. We can’t be serious all the time and if we look at things from a different point of view, we can sometime see a smile across God’s face. He loves us, wants us to follow and love him and he wants us happy. After All he did create laughter.  Enjoy! And I bet you can come up with others yourself.


And always remember to be kind. It will bring a smile as well.


Three New Fun Ornaments, TPC

Tuesday’s Photo Challenge made me giggle as I just bought a trio of new ornaments for my “Fun Tree”. This tree has the quirky ornaments, the ornaments my children made over the year and then back filled with colored balls to reflects the light and love of the tree. This tree is located in my bedroom in a large bump out window. Perfect place for a tree.

Mermaid S’More at the top, Angel S’More in the Center and S’More with Reindeer

The S’More collection started when my kids were in high school and pranksters. My oldest gave me the first one and that started a trend where now I try to find a new one each year. This year I found 3 that I didn’t have that I liked. I think I now have over 30 of them and the fun tree is quickly becoming the S’More tree.

When we were told we could be humorous for today’s challenge, I could not resist. And remember humor like art is in the eye of the beholder.

And I close as I always do in reminding myself and others to always be kind. Today is World Kindness Day, so an extra reminder to be kind.

world kindness

Fun and Memories

Tomorrow is the big day and while I can still do nicknacks inside, the outside must be complete as I will not be able to traverse the front stoop. My style for Christmas decor is a mix between quirky cute and semi formal nice. So outside will be mostly fun. I wrapped concrete blocks in cute Christmas cloth added bows and solar lights and hope they can withstand the coming snow.

Frosty, Bing and Dasher

I have been waiting 2 years for this “fast growing” evergreen to get big enough to decorate. Its still small but I don’t care, it is now covered in solar lights. They are small enough where their weight should not hurt the limbs. Frosty is a bird feeder and filled with sunflower seeds. Bing is a penguin and of course everyone knows who Dasher is. His nose is not red so he can not be Rudolph. Both of these critters are solar lights that light up in the evening. Christmas should always be fun, something to help you create wonderful memories and enjoy the season. That may be why I do so much Christmas. If you  missed my post yesterday and want to see the first posted tree, that is the most formal tree and is all white. It is located in the dining room and beneath it is my village. Check it out here if you wish. The tree that is in my bedroom is my fun tree.

The tree with Santa and Chris Moose

The angle at the top, my oldest son made when he was 3, in 1981, you do the math. Wow, where did time go.

Jimmy’s angel

Other things on this fun tree are other ornaments my children made over the years, fun ornament gifts from friends and quirky things I have found over the years. I am a big fan of the S’More ornaments. If you are not familiar as to what a S’more is, its a campfire treat with graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows – way too sweet for me but I love the funny ornaments. I will post a few today and  post some throughout the season. Do I have enough to last all season long, maybe not but I did find another bag today of ornaments I bought at the end of the season last year. So at least you can join in on my fun memory time.

My Patriotic Group

The Patriotic group has a S’more dressed up like the statue of liberty and an eagle carrying the American flag.

S’More and his snowman
Roasting a hot dog over a pine cone

And as I always share my thoughts on kindness, remember to always be kind.

Kindness, a marvelous gesture.

More gallery of village buildings

Lawyer and Police Station


The Holiday Store and the Dress Shop





Its Beginning to Look…, #1 Liner Wed

Sometimes as adults we forget to have fun and enjoy the simple activities of fun shared with friends. That is a lot of what blogging and prompts for fun are. A chance to share with blogging friends around the world the things that we enjoy doing. That is what Linda G Hill  has done for us to share with each other activities that make us smile using One Liner Wednesdays.


Back in 2000, a friend of mine and I decided to make our own village for Christmas. They were just beginning to get popular but were expensive. The craft stores has ceramic ones that were unpainted that fit more into our budget so we bought a few and spent time in the evenings enjoying each others company and painting houses and business for our own villages. Soon as we got one finished, we would go see what else they had and is was a fun filled summer of adult painting. Sharon even went to Florida to see her family and found a different ceramic store that had other version and brought more home. By the end of the summer we looked at each other and went oops…guess we had too much fun. We both had well over 50 houses and businesses…and no where to put anything that large. I also dated and numbered mine just to keep track of them.

#10 – The Cobbler

It was such a fun summer of talking and sharing we did not pay attention to how many we actually did. It was “oh, look at this one and gotta have that one” and so on. I gave away several then realized the ones I gave away were houses and almost all I had left was business, so I quit giving them away and found a way to display them. I currently have 41. Here is a picture of the main village located on the dining room table with the 4.5′ white tree. However, there is the outskirts of town grouping in a different location where the country church, the Red Lion Inn and the new addition this year of a Christmas Tree farm and covered bridge. I will post closeups of the houses/businesses throughout the holidays.

Skeeterville Township

Remember as this is the holiday season of Thanksgiving to be thankful for all your blessings. And as I remind myself, always be kind. An act of kindness can bring ease not only to your hurting soul but to the receiver of that kindness as well.


Gallery of Christmas Village

City Hall, the Clock Tower(also new) and The Library


The Fire Station including a fire truck
Joe’s Burgers