Fun Night Out

Sometimes you need a real distraction of fun to help rejuvenate your mindset. Last night was on of those. I was asked to come participate and face paint in the annual family night out at a small community south of where I live. It just so happened that the event was the same night that the local fire and rescue did their training so they combined the two to the children’s utter delight. And I even got caught in the spray accidentally(??) hmmm?? But it was a lot of fun. It was setup on a playground with a large pavilion where mountains of food were brought out by everyone. They played kickball on the ball field with other games, chalk drawings on the tennis court, me face painting and of course the highlight was the fire & rescue guys.

The camaraderie of small town life was very evident and it reminded me of the love we should always share with our fellow man. Everyone was kind, nurturing of all the little ones there. I had to laugh at one dad as he handled his daughter’s teasing whine. After the water “fight” some of the parents had remembered to bring towels and one dad wrapped his shivering 5 year old daughter in a towel as she stood in my line for face painting. Her older sister told  him “I am cold too”. He didn’t miss a beat and remarked “Yea, and your 11 and know where they are.” Awesome. I just laughed at him. The loving banter in families is such a gift that does not get used as much as it should. It shows caring and nurturing while also showing training of responsibility and self sufficiency.

As this country, even this entire world, is in a defined battle of good versus evil, this family closeness needs to be strong. There needs to be the strong family bond around a central theme – love. May we all pray for that in all of our families. Enjoy the photos I have enclosed and remember to always be kind. There are over 40 versus in the bible that speak of God showing the importance of kindness and how kindness ripples our through the world spreading goodness as it goes.

kind ripples


I tag in with Granny Shot it and her new challenge of Water Water Everywhere. That certainly was the issue last night.

Fun Times For A Year

I worked today so did not get to the computer until this afternoon and I found a surprise…


Congratulations, its your anniversary. Wow, I did not realize I had been blogging now for 1 year. I have talked to so many wonderful people all over the world and I thank you all for making this so much fun.

Thank you to all of the photographers I share such beautiful photographs with; Thank you to all the people who share my Christian beliefs with words of encouragement and profound truths; Thank you to all the people who share the funny stuff that make us all laugh at ourselves because we know we have done what you just talked about; Thank you to all the experienced  bloggers who have helped us newbies make this an enjoyable time; And thank you to all who read my words from seriousness to silliness and give me such encouraging comments. May we all use this medium to spread the love and kindness that is meant to be spread across this world.

My favorite(for now) picture I have found shows how kindness can spread like the ripples when a pebble has been tossed in the water, so I challenge all, as I do with every post, to be kind. There is just not enough of it in this world and we need to increase it use so it will spread everywhere. Again, thank you for all your love.

kind ripples

Busy Week, but Still in the Pink

Boy this week has been busy and next week…I don’t want to think about it. What happened to slowing down when you retire??? But at least I am doing things that are fun, guess that is the trade off.

This week’s prompt from Nancy Merrill is Shades of Pink, and finally my Lantana is starting to bloom. They need summer warmth and it was slow coming this year. Also with Cee’s Flower of the Day, I can hit two wonderful challenges at the same time.

I do enjoy all of you who gives us fun challenges with a camera – my goal is a real camera soon. The phone does okay but I really miss good shots of my birds.

As we enjoy being in the Pink, remember to always reflect the kindness you feel, so they can be in the pink as well.


Starts with an “F”, CitySonnet Letters

Fun Silliness Poetry? Foolishly we Jest.

Fuzzy clouds in billowing shapes bring hopes of relief from heat,


Fly resting on petals and basking in sun with hopes they score a treat,


Fuzzy worm found a treat and make me mad by eating my flower,


Funny smells through the crack in the door, Mimi shows her guard power.


City Sonnet with the July Challenge of Colors and Letters has for today the Letter “F”. So you have a quirky makeshift Fun poem to make you smile.

Try to take life a little less serious so that fun can seep in and make you smile. Share that smile with others and be kind.

kind smiles

Letters and Number Challenge

Since it is lunch time and I am in the kitchen, its the perfect place for letters and numbers. Our kitchens are not always for food but are also our hub of organization and a center for family, at least in my kitchen. Stuff is stuck all over the fridge.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Letters and Numbers so enjoy my humor as I eat lunch.


As you have fun throughout your day remember not everyone is having fun. Share a smile and be kind. It may just brighten their day.


July’s Colors and Letters, Citysonnet

Photo A Day Challenge from Citysonnet looks to be fun during the month of July. Well, a lot of the challenges do but looking over the list, these I can do without having to go far with my camera. Since my month has the potential to be out of control, this one may be an easy one for me to do.

July 1 is FAVORITE COLOR – that is easy – purple.

Purple is Skeeter’s favorite color as well.

Skeeter at Work
Right down to her purple polka dotted shoes.

And as always, I remind myself and all others the power of being kind. It has lasting power you may not visibly see but the brightness of it shines forever.

kind flower

Escapist Coloring Club,July 1

It is so much fun to see the creative colors and images we come up with for Linda Hill’s monthly Escapist Coloring club. I enjoy it’s fun but also I remind myself on those night when I can not sleep that I am working on a project for the Escapist Color Club prompt.

This month I have colored the delicate flowering hippo, a new breed for the tropical zones.


She wears green eye-shadow to accentuate her lovely blue eyes. No self respecting male hippo would ever wear green eye-shadow.

Come join in on the fun and color with us.

As I was researching new ideas for showing kindness I found an entire website of pages to color that represent kindness. I just typed in “pictures of kind and coloring”.

color kind
I will have to print this and color it for next month

So remember to always be kind.