Lily, A Fragrance Like No Other, FOTD

On Monday of this week I walked into my office to see a vase of lovely lilies sitting on my desk. I saw no tag anywhere so I was not sure where they came from. I walked into the admin office and asked June if she knew anything about them. She said no and asked Kevin if he knew as he had been in my office fixing my computer – he is our IT guy. He said he brought them. His wife and picked them from their yard and had them in the living room. He was tired of smelling them so he brought them to the church, specifically my office, which I was okay with.


So now it is Friday and they are still beautiful and very fragrant. I saw that someone had cut the pistols/stamens off and asked about that and was told it helps keep the smell from over whelming. “Oh,” I said, “so that why I smell them as soon as I come through the door of the church.” Whatever. The majority of the bulbs have now opened and this is what they looks like now.


They really are marvelous, and while Cee’s FOTD is for a single flower, my prompt is for a single vase of multiple lilies. And I don’t know what the ball looking flower thingy is but it is fragrant as well. May you all have a wonderful weekend and remember to be kind.

kind smiles

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