Fun With Macro, SMM

I can not say that I can do real macro but I still enjoy close up with my phone camera. The goal is for a real camera with beginner lenses for Christmas. Heavens Sunshine does amazing nature photography and is hosting a Monday Macro Prompt which I am playing in with dreams of getting better. I have enjoyed my miniature flowers this year that look like tiny petunias but are way more colorful.

They also have varieties that are doubled petals making them look like a tiny rose.

As you enjoy each other’s beautiful photographs, spread that joy to others, in a macro, up-close way and always be kind.

kind smiles

George, BOTD

Living close to a forest has it advantages in the wildlife you see. We have a pair of hawks that are forever calling to each other and I have tried to catch them on camera. I finally got a picture of George this morning.  Yes, I have named him or her…


They call us when they are in the area so I knew he was close this morning as I tried to water a little before it got to be “the surface of the sun” hot.

I have tried to figure out what type he is as I don’t think it is a Redtail Hawk as the tail is grayish and the body is dark. There is a sub-specie called Harlan’s Hawk who colors are close and they seem to be wide spread but winters in central US. So maybe…

I post along with Granny Shot It and her Bird of the DayIf you feel like it, come join in on the fun and share your bird pictures. And always remember to share your kindness as you go. Kindness shared creates ripples that can carry far and wide.

kind ripples

Beauty of Wildlife in the City

I live in  an area that is considered an island but you don’t notice it as bridges are everywhere and it is engulfed in a conglomerate of four cities grown together as one city, the Quad Cities of Iowa/Illinois; two cities each on opposite sides of the Mississippi. Davenport is the major city.

Davenport, green; Bettendorf, yellow; Rock Island, red; Moline, blue

Rock Island has a small forest which is named after Black Hawk, a tribe leader of the Sauk Indian tribes that originated from this area and that forest is on the backside of my subdivision.  So we see a lot of deer that have no real fear of man as long as we keep our distance. When I first moved here from Alabama, the rental house was located on the other side of the forest and my house actually backed up to that forest. The deer slept in my backyard and it amazed me when we went came in at night, they would just raise their heads and look at us before going back to sleep.

This morning I noticed Mimi become very interested in what was outside. I can tell from her stance if it is wildlife or human…or squirrels. The worst offenders are the mailman and the squirrels.

As I go to the window I saw a fawn. It was several months old as you could barely make out its spots but still way too young to be with out it’s mom. I watched it as it slowly walked down the side of the road munching on grass but saw no signs of mom. As the doe got to the next driveway, I ran to my bedroom to get a better look from those windows and there was mom, on the other side of the trees. It was neat to watch them. Mom was too hidden for a decent shot.

I lived on 3.5 acres of open land in Alabama and didn’t see as much wildlife as I do here. I will have to tell you a funny story about raccoons and Mimi one day. Too funny.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday. Smile and remember to be kind to man and beast alike.


Deer Loving My FOTD

This excessive heat wave we are having here in the midwest is not normal but should break later today. It is having a toll on all of wildlife where they are eating thin gs they normally don’t eat…like my daylilies.


Eating the bud before it even open, how rude! But they didn’t get all of them. some are still quite beautiful.


Guess I ought to be happy in that this is all they are eating, other than the tomato leaves on the side of the house. Weird.

Remember to share the beauty of you as you smile and be kind.


Join in on sharing the beauty you see with us as we share with Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Harvesting What You Plant

We all love the joys of being able to eat the products from our garden. Nothing quite like the tomatoes fresh from the garden. Being from the south, we love our tomato sandwiches.


Others enjoying their endeavors from the garden are the planters of the sunflowers…

Its fun watching them now begin to eat on the sunflower seeds from the flowers that they planted from the dropped seeds of the feeder. I wonder how they will feed on the sunflower that produced a three bloomer; I have never seen that before.


Enjoy the beauty around you and share the smiles you feel.  Maybe that smile will produce kindness to share as well. We should always be kind.

kind smiles



There are times when our supplies are low and we need to build them back up and recharge our efforts. This week has been one of those weeks for me but due to the massive heat wave we are having, which is not normal for this area, the outdoor activities for today have been canceled allowing me to recharge.

This morning’s devotion was very much a recharge for me and I thought I would share. I am a firm believer in sharing the riches I pull from my devotions as much as I also enjoy other’s teachings on things they obtain from their studies. I think it is a way we can build each other up in His love.

Sarah Young’s book Jesus Calling for July 18 made a statement from Hebrews 11 talking about faith as being something we believe in that we can not see. While that is true as the stories and truths of the bible happened thousands of years ago, we still believe in them happening, the truths that they teach us and how we can apply those truths to situations we face today.

But understanding those truths, as much as I am able, (because each time I read them I get a different perspective)  when I see the beauty and ugliness of life, it only strengthens those truths.

The beauty we see helps bring us hope when ugliness happens. Here are today’s scripture readings to remind you that he did it all for us – Acts 17:24-28 NIV

The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by hands. And he is not served by human hands, as if he needed anything, because he himself gives all men life and breath and everything else. From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. God did this so men would seek him and perhaps reach out to him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us. For in  him we live and move and have our being.

I pray that today as we come together in reading each other’s blogs, that we also share in each other’s love and happiness and may you also share in the peace, love and grace offered daily to you by God above. And if you can, share that love and kindness with others so that the ever growing ripples of love never stop.

kind ripples


A Two Second Pause, FOTD

What a week this is going to be starting with Sunday – Wow. But I take this 2 second pause to show you the love and beauty my daughter gave me. She knew what the week was going to be like and knows flowers are always a relaxer for me and along with Mimi to give me reason to pause, rest, and enjoy the peace only God can give. Not a bad week just super busy…every night plus working 3 days this week. So I may not have time to post but will enjoy reading your wonderful post as I slow down and recenter.

I post these flowers of love and hope you fell the love and peace they bring to me. Such happy flowers. I tie them in with Cee’s FOTD. Enjoy.


And always remember to share the smiles that flowers bring and be kind.

Flower kind3

The Art of Relaxation, SoCS

Max n Mimi 2 (2)

Good day. My name is Mimi and this other…’doginthehouse’ is Max, he lives downstairs. Do excuse his goofy look, he can’t help it, he is a basset. The humans think he is adorable…whatever.

Due to my human’s excessively busy schedule this summer, she has totally forgotten how to relax so when she saw what the prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday by Linda Hill was, she went straight to the back of the house and became unconscious for awhile. The theme of the Saturday prompt seems to have something to do with being conscious, so  my goal is to give you proper instructions on the art of relaxation while remaining to be conscious at the same time…at least most of the time.

IMG_20190523_090243_1 (2).jpg

To start you day off right, you need to relax with the morning sun shining to warm your coat and get your blood pumping. This is especially important in the winter months. Max doesn’t care much for the bright morning light but his large ears are useful in hiding his eyes while he himself, looks relatively unconscious.

IMG_20190519_205140 (2)

As the day goes, the sofa is a favorite place for comfort while allowing you to be ready for the occasion protection mode you may need to get in.

On those really hot days, there is almost no way to cool so you just have to get by yourself and do the best you can.

In the winter, the sofa where mom had been sitting is the best, still warm. Good for snuggling down.

But I guess if you have had a really tough day, being unconscious is always a option if there is not other way for recharging.

We hope you enjoyed our instructions on the proper way to relax. Have a safe and blessed day.

Oh, and always, always remember smile and to be kind as much as possible.

animalkind 12

Wall Beautification, TPC

I love how it has become so acceptable to turn old city building walls into works of art. One day this fall, when it cools a bit, I am going to take a walking tour to find as many as I can in our area.  This weeks photo challenge from JansenPhoto was Wall so I went in the direction of refurbished walls.

The wall below is a newer street art on a local bar at one of the busiest sections of the street near the bridge. I wish I had taken a picture before and after because the wall was in bad need of painting. Well they painted it and the likeness for nighttime view is pretty close.

Pub Wall

I saw a few weeks ago a brand new one starting up right downtown on the back wall of the symphony practice building and I thought how very appropriate. It is being done by the Metro Arts Youth Apprenticeship Artist. It is not fully complete but I thought I would share so you really appreciate it when it is complete and I will repost it.

Art Banner

Symphony Wall

Art is a major form of creative passion and there are many forms that can be created from music, painting, photography, sculpting, writing, cooking, gardening… I could go on forever. Art is anything thing that is created by one person for others to enjoy. Think about the master creative artist…God, who gives out these gifts of creative arts because of his passion for creating. He created us and he wants us to share in his passion. So we should all enjoy these wonderful gifts and use them to encourage others to be happy and kind and to brings smile to all.

So remember to smile, be kind and enjoy all the beauty of creation and the art of those who enjoy creating art.


Busy Week, but Still in the Pink

Boy this week has been busy and next week…I don’t want to think about it. What happened to slowing down when you retire??? But at least I am doing things that are fun, guess that is the trade off.

This week’s prompt from Nancy Merrill is Shades of Pink, and finally my Lantana is starting to bloom. They need summer warmth and it was slow coming this year. Also with Cee’s Flower of the Day, I can hit two wonderful challenges at the same time.

I do enjoy all of you who gives us fun challenges with a camera – my goal is a real camera soon. The phone does okay but I really miss good shots of my birds.

As we enjoy being in the Pink, remember to always reflect the kindness you feel, so they can be in the pink as well.