George, BOTD

Living close to a forest has it advantages in the wildlife you see. We have a pair of hawks that are forever calling to each other and I have tried to catch them on camera. I finally got a picture of George this morning.  Yes, I have named him or her…


They call us when they are in the area so I knew he was close this morning as I tried to water a little before it got to be “the surface of the sun” hot.

I have tried to figure out what type he is as I don’t think it is a Redtail Hawk as the tail is grayish and the body is dark. There is a sub-specie called Harlan’s Hawk who colors are close and they seem to be wide spread but winters in central US. So maybe…

I post along with Granny Shot It and her Bird of the DayIf you feel like it, come join in on the fun and share your bird pictures. And always remember to share your kindness as you go. Kindness shared creates ripples that can carry far and wide.

kind ripples

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