Lines of a Circle; lines&squares

I don’t care much for the recognized day of Halloween because my Christian beliefs and for a certain experience I had.  But I saw this web coming into church today and webs can be quite beautiful with water droplets clinging to them, so I thought I would share with Lines & Squares for Becky’s challenge and give the photo a touch of dark creepy light play on it.


These are the types pictures where I wish I had a better camera. It really was a quite elegant web.

Even in  things we don’t understand, there is usually a touch of God’s creative beauty, kindness and love in things that have breathe of life in them. Remember the creator’s kindness shared with us and share likewise.



Beauty of Wildlife in the City

I live in  an area that is considered an island but you don’t notice it as bridges are everywhere and it is engulfed in a conglomerate of four cities grown together as one city, the Quad Cities of Iowa/Illinois; two cities each on opposite sides of the Mississippi. Davenport is the major city.

Davenport, green; Bettendorf, yellow; Rock Island, red; Moline, blue

Rock Island has a small forest which is named after Black Hawk, a tribe leader of the Sauk Indian tribes that originated from this area and that forest is on the backside of my subdivision.  So we see a lot of deer that have no real fear of man as long as we keep our distance. When I first moved here from Alabama, the rental house was located on the other side of the forest and my house actually backed up to that forest. The deer slept in my backyard and it amazed me when we went came in at night, they would just raise their heads and look at us before going back to sleep.

This morning I noticed Mimi become very interested in what was outside. I can tell from her stance if it is wildlife or human…or squirrels. The worst offenders are the mailman and the squirrels.

As I go to the window I saw a fawn. It was several months old as you could barely make out its spots but still way too young to be with out it’s mom. I watched it as it slowly walked down the side of the road munching on grass but saw no signs of mom. As the doe got to the next driveway, I ran to my bedroom to get a better look from those windows and there was mom, on the other side of the trees. It was neat to watch them. Mom was too hidden for a decent shot.

I lived on 3.5 acres of open land in Alabama and didn’t see as much wildlife as I do here. I will have to tell you a funny story about raccoons and Mimi one day. Too funny.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday. Smile and remember to be kind to man and beast alike.


Deer Loving My FOTD

This excessive heat wave we are having here in the midwest is not normal but should break later today. It is having a toll on all of wildlife where they are eating thin gs they normally don’t eat…like my daylilies.


Eating the bud before it even open, how rude! But they didn’t get all of them. some are still quite beautiful.


Guess I ought to be happy in that this is all they are eating, other than the tomato leaves on the side of the house. Weird.

Remember to share the beauty of you as you smile and be kind.


Join in on sharing the beauty you see with us as we share with Cee’s Flower of the Day.

BOTD: Plural, Sharing

These are some of my favorite friends. They actually get along and share…better than some people I know. Today we enjoy another BOTD from Granny Shot It. Come share your lovely birds with others.

Male Goldfinch, Male Downy Woodpecker, Female cardinal

And if birds can share and be kind to one another, we ought to be able to be kind with all of creation as well. However, I do get tired of this one type of ground bird that hogs all the seed unless Mimi is on guard. She will bark at them for being pigs and run them off.

Fuzzy ground bird


animalkind 12

Not Exotic, But Still Awesome, BOTD

A new challenge has been made from Granny Shot It about the Bird of the Day. Now the birds that come to my feeder are no way fancy as what I have seen posted so far but I do so enjoy them. They too have their own distinct personalities and watching them interact with each other is sometimes comical.

Black-capped Chikadee

It is fun watching these guys as they are small and walk around the edge of the stack eating from the sides. My camera is not fancy but I think it gets pretty good shots. Enjoy.

When you checkout each others pictures, think on the beauty of nature and how we all play a part in that, good or bad. And try to always be on the good side and be kind, even to wildlife.

animalkind 12

Time to Be Silly

I posted a serious message from my heart this morning so now it’s time to be silly. Those who read my work also know I have a QUIRKY clown side. I saw this picture on Facebook and today is the perfect day to post it. Some of you may have seen it before and some may not get it but the picture alone should be enough to make you laugh at the ridiculousness of it. And after yesterday, LORD helps us get through this week.

Great photo shop work

Remember laughter makes you smile and smiling can facilitate kindness. So laugh, smile and be kind often.

laughter ds3
Happy Hippo from Debbie Smyth, Travel With Intent

kind smile

Tails Uplifted, #SoCS

I know this is  not really due until tomorrow but I will be burning the candle at both ends tomorrow. When I read the prompt and tried it, well, I had to write about it tonight. How many directions can you go with a sentence like tails uplifted. Yes, the brain went there for a split second but we do like to remain family friendly.

You see on my sofa is a book that stays there for me to grab in an instant as I look for any new bird that comes to my feeder, the National Geographic Birds of North America.

My finger landed in the middle of the page of Wrens stating “Tails are often uplifted”. The book is probably pressed to open easily there as I have a bird visiting that I think is a wren but I cant get him to sit still long enough for a good look. I need a set of binoculars so that I don’t run them off when I get close to the window. Below is a picture of “tail uplifted” and they indeed do that plus there is a prominent stripe of white across the upper eye area. I see the stripe of white but the color is grayish instead of brownish. Need him/her to sit still to verify.


According to the map of location for each bird, the grayish ones don’t come in my area. Well, tell the bird book that as this bird is grayish – but maybe it’s a Warbler – they don’t come in my area either. Hmm, so the hunt is on.

As we hunt for the cuteness of the fluttery type, let us always smile and be kind. A smile is understood by man and animal alike as a kindness tool. So smile and be kind to everything.

kind smile

Linda’s prompt for Streams of Consciousness Saturday this week is the fun open and point.