Living Art…#JusJoJan & #SoCS

Art is very objective and life is ever a challenge so when you put the two together you get living art and living art can be terrifying or the most beautiful thing you could see. Artist over time have tried to capture the beauty of life as they see it but for me I have reconnected with the medium of photography now that I have retired. Many photographers here in this blogging world have exquisitely captured the beauty of this world and life as they see it and they share it with us.

I love the beauty of nature and thank God for His handiwork to awe us sometimes or make us giggle sometimes as nature like other mediums of art is tied to our emotions.

Today it is snowing. The first winter snow. Now in November we did have a freak snow come through with 14″ of wet heavy snow but that was in the fall. And after that storm, weather has been really mild. Just last week it was in the 40’s and for January that’s unusual…and weird. I fear we will pay for that mildness for the remaining of winter. This week temps have been in the teens but even with cold temps nature’s art was available to see if you looked for it. Below are a few pictures to share of what I saw first thing this morning. With a better camera than my phone, I am sure the art of snow would be more breathtaking. But it beautiful and peaceful to watch.

Everything looking pristine and fresh…and cold. Although the bird feeder is completely covered so the birds are having to did out their treats.

So very glad it is Saturday and I am not expected to go anywhere in this. Even though it is only a few inches, still, I am glad I don’t have to get out in it. I also want to thank Linda G Hill for a fun way to share the snow today with “art” being the theme word for Just Jot January and Streams of Conscious Saturday.



When going through the art of life, remember to paint to paint gently. Paint with encouragement, love and with an abundance of kindness. Kindness is felt in all of nature and can make your painting shine the beauty that God has intended.

Beauty in Nature, #1LinerWednesday

There are many beauties we see daily in nature that give us a glimpse of what Eden must have looked like. Adam, as he named all the creatures, seeing that some were more beautiful but realizing each specie had it purpose in creation that blended with the circle of life as intended for all to be harmonious with each other. Working together as a unit of divine creation and then….man ruined it. I read an article recently listing the most dangerous creatures in the world and man was listed as one of the worst. How could we,  the beautiful creation that representing God himself, strayed so far from His purpose. But this story is not about what man has done but to refocus back on the beauty of creation itself. Specifically, birds. Since I am somewhat temporarily disabled, my mobility is challenged and I have really become very fond of the birds that visit my feeder.

Yes, even the pesky squirrel is part of nature although neither I nor the birds appreciate his appearance. But the few that I admire the most are the woodpeckers and the red cardinals. With the ground now covered in snow, their bright red feathers really are beautiful.

Dad and Mom

I had remembered my sister saying that cardinals represented loved ones recently lost but I don’t really buy into that but in research I did find some interesting facts. With cardinals, they are mates for life. They don’t mind the cold weather so that is why their bright red plumage shows up so well against the snow covered trees.

In many cultures they are thought to be messengers from the spirit world. Their bright red feathers represent love, boldness and passion. Their resilience of harsh weather can bring hope for hard times. Cardinals are appreciated as good fortune bearers and they remind the followers of Christ of His red blood that was shed for us. They are also symbols of Christmas, the celebration of Christ’s birth. They bring joy, song, harmony and happiness to people’s homes and lives. I have one that sits on my tree in the living room.

The cardinal

As you go out in the world, open your eyes to the beauty of creation. Even the tiniest of flowers can bring a smile knowing that God placed it there for you to enjoy.

flower train
Single daisy

And always remember the value of kindness. Like a single bloom that makes you smile, a single act of kindness can bring sunshine to someone’s gray day.



In following along with Linda G Hills One Liner Wednesday, we add the cute monkey that represents Peace, Love and One Liner Wednesday.

Roles, Even with Birds?

beauty 1
God’s Artwork

We know that the animal kingdom has survival of the fittest but what about the birds. Do roles or superiority exist there as well? Yesterday, I saw an actual fight between 2 sparrows at my feeder. One bird had the other bird by the beak and there was lots of screaming…or loud chirping. I am sure to them is was screaming. I thought it was funny at first but then in their world this was serious business of “my food, my territory.”

Male cardinal before the snow

When the larger birds show, the smaller birds scatter. That is why I put the feeder near the evergreens, a safe hiding place. It’s funny how when they all get spooked, they all head to the trees; cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers and all the little guys. It’s kind of like people, when we get scared we all want a safe zone and our perceived roles of superiority go out the window.

We woke up to about 1″ of snow already on the ground this morning and it has been lightly snowing all day. Fortunately the ground is still warm keeping the streets clear but the trees are beautiful.


And of course there is the yard pest that I don’t want on the feeder that climbs the pole then pulls himself up using the suet feeders. So a rearrangement of suet feeders is in order and maybe a good greasing of the pole. It will be end of December before I can get out to rearrange things so everyone will just have to depend on mother nature to keep them feed for now once this round is empty.

Small fella not happy with the intruder

The role of the bird feeder is to feed the birds, not the yard rats. But I guess when you are trying to take care of a little bit of nature you don’t get to choose which nature takes advantage of your goodies.

For us in the US, it is Thanksgiving week so I wish all here to have a great Thanksgiving. For those not in the US, I still wish you a wonderful week. And in all that you do, remember to be kind. The more you try to be kind, the more it may change your mindset in different ways of being kind. Kindness can radiate encouragement and that may be all a situation needs to get turned around to a positive outcome.


Linda G Hill gave us a Saturday prompt of “roll, roles” for #SoCS, Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Come join in on the fun.

The Yard is Done, #1Liner Wednesday

Fall brings about a flurry of cleaning projects to get ready for winter and I am on a time schedule. So the last 2 days I have not touched my computer much other than to read some of your wonderful stories. But alas, it is all done….outside. Thanks to Alternative Design Landscapes Specialist out of Bettendorf Iowa I have new steps and a new wall that were rotting railroad timbers and a new mailbox to keep the mailman happy and Mimi less stressed.

And while that was going on, the plumber came out to fix a leaky outside faucet before it got cold and I got all the flower bed cleaning done. All in all a busy but productive two days. Now I can sit on the sofa and play on the computer while watching the birds eat and fight over the new bird feeders. They are so fun to watch. The feeder is close to the evergreens where they zoom to hid when spooked only to peek out to make sure all is clear before heading back to the feeders.

Blue Jay


Mostly what I have are chickadees but this big fella enjoys the sunflower seeds as well.

Dirty windows too…work never ends

I clean the windows about every two weeks as Mimi loves looking out as well and leaves her nose and slobber marks. And of course we have to warn about the dreaded mailman. The ice box was added as an incentive to save the window seal.

Forever on guard

She is so funny as she looks around at me while she is barking like “Do you not see this?” In reality she is just a silly old lapdog baby.

rough 1
Hard life

And in closing I remind myself and everyone else to be kind. It is a inexpensive gift from God that reflects His love.

All love can point to kindness

Come follow along with Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesdays and enjoy the fun.



What Is It You Hold Precious #SoCS, 6WS

When Linda G Hill gave out the prompt for Streams of Consciousness for ‘precious’, I decided to combine it with Debbie Smyth’s normal Six Word Saturday. One of the first things that popped into my mind was “The Precious” from the Lord of The Rings.

Rings Precious

In the south(Ga, Fla, and such – Texas is not south. It a country all it own) of those in my generation, we use precious as a term of endearment when someone does something well out of the norm to help during a difficult time.

Normally when we(I) think of something as precious I conjure up things that are cute, cuddly, heartwarming, which usually involves, babies or small children and young animals so I have included some precious pictures, of course one of my grandson.

Caleb August 2015
Precious child with a precious smile

Many things in this world are precious, you just have to know how to look.

We approach preciousness with tenderness and awe…as does the animal kingdom.

In closing on the thoughts of seeing precious pictures, let us remember to always be kind. Show how preciously you can be by being kind.

Kindness at a very young age

Fun Nonsense for Monday, an Ode

An Ode is a lyrical poem meant to be sung. Why would you do that for a opossum. It such an unattractive creature especially when it opens its mouth.

Vicious looking teeth

Coming from the south there have always been jokes, poetry, stories and even odes to opossums. There is even a country star, George Jones, that had a nick name of opossum. Maybe because he wrote a song about a opossum. And in checking there are numerous odes to opossums on the internet. Again I ask why?

According to research, opossums are marsupials from the order Didelphimorphia endemic to the Americas and the largest order of marsupials in the Western Hemisphere. Shockingly there are over 103 species in 19 genre. Hmm, who’d a thunk?


What prompt my interest in this was one that had been run over in front of my house yesterday as I was heading to church. It reminded me of a conversation with a small child, not mine, but because this child had only seen opossum when hit on the road, he thought that was where they came from and what their purpose was. It was a chuckling conversation.

But the most chuckling remembrance concerning opossums was from Baby Ruth, my Opossum Queen.

 Baby Ruth In Va. snow

Baby Ruth was a Black Lab cross that had a thing against opossums. She would go into attack mode the moment a opossum scent cross her nose. I wrote a story and submitted it for publication about her and this obsession and I will attach it here sometime if publication gets declined, its rather a funny story. As you know, opossum are notorious for playing dead in appearance and emitting the smell of death at the same time.

Don’t let appearances fool you

Baby Ruth would capture them, shake them violently, thinking they were dead and then she would prance around all proud like she had saved the world. Thirty minutes later the opossum would be gone but the crown on Baby Ruth would still be intact. All great memories.

When my nephew was young he found a baby one that had been abandoned or lost and raised it until it was able to fend for itself. They are quite cut as babies  but then all babies are cute, especially animal babies, so many varieties. They even seem to smile.

Opossum in a pumpkin

In closing I remind my self as everyone else to be kind.

akind image
May I be the water drop of kindness that when dropped creates ripples of joy wherever I go – Anita Neal