Fandango February Expressions

Each day during the month of February, at around 6 am Pacific Time, Fandango will be posting an old adage, an old saying, a familiar expression that we’ve all heard and have probably used during our lifetimes. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, will be to post a story, a poem, an image, an interpretation of what the expression means to you, or to do whatever it is that you want to do based upon the daily adage.

All’s well that ends well.

How fun to remember some fun expression you have heard over the years especially when you were a child, this expression has fond memories of my mom when we did something stupid that turned out okay. Like jumping out of the barn window hoping the hay below is soft. Kids! How did we ever survive.

And as we remember those sayings remember to add kindness where we can. kindness helps us survive those famous sayings.

kind flower


Fun with Fibbing Friday

It has been a while since I have been on this blogusphere as I have been uber busy. So I am playing with as many of you as I can tonight.

Di writes:  “This week it’s my turn to host the Fibbing Friday challenge as I alternate with PCGuyIV.

Below are 10 questions, the answers to which are entirely up to you.
The idea though is to fib a little, a lot, tell whoppers, be inventive, silly or even outrageous, in your response as you evade the truth.   Ready?
Off we go then…………………..”


1. Why did the boy remain on the burning deck?

2. Where will you find a toad in the hole?

3. What do you call a shell-less snail?

4. How many eggs are in a clutch?

5. Why do we say someone is a barrel of laughs?

6. Why are horse races in furlongs and athletics in metres?

7. What are love handles?

8. What was Granny Smith famous for?

9. What is the difference between a toe flip and a toe loop?

10. How many teeth are in a honey comb?


1. Why did the boy remain on the burning deck? He was roasting marshmallows.

2. Where will you find a toad in the hole? The hole refers to a hollow knot of a tree from a decayed limb and that is where you will find the toad.

3. What do you call a shell-less snail? Homeless

4. How many eggs are in a clutch? Two, one for each wing.

5. Why do we say someone is a barrel of laughs? It’s an old play on words from back in the circus days of clown not having costumes and using barrels instead.

6. Why are horse races in furlongs and athletics in metres? Duh, because horses have fur.

7. What are love handles? This refers to the over sizes handles on the side of dutch ovens

8. What was Granny Smith famous for? Her paintings

9. What is the difference between a toe flip and a toe loop? The direction of the turn

10. How many teeth are in a honey comb? The teeth refers to bees so its the size of the comb of a bee hive.

As you are smiling at the silliness of Fibbing Friday always remember to share your laughter and be kind.



JusJojan & Monday Windows a Possibility

It is a possibility to join two blog ideas that have nothing in  common but in reality if you turn your words right anything can be a possibility. For instance…

The possibility for modern day construction to be able to replicate the beauty created in older stone work of buildings made in the early 1900 is not really possible or feasible thus making it an impossibility.

Coming home from work today I caught the image of the windows of the 3rd and 4th floors of the county government building and was intrigued by their beauty. I was driving so I apologize for them not being straight, plus it is my phone camera.

This spring I plan to make a blog post on the beauty of the stonework in my area. Some of it is quite beautiful and some of it you look at and go ‘what were you thinking’ thus proving the possibility of most any design regardless of it making sense. Maybe by then I will have a real camera.

May you have a week of great possibilities that make you happy. And if you do or even if you don’t, remember the rest of us struggling with our impossibilities and be utmost kind.

Kind breeze


JustJoJan – Intentions, Jan 5

The saying of good intentions paving the road to hell could not be truer in my house. It was my good intentions to get Mimi a companion to give her company on days that I worked. It was my good intentions that I brought in a puppy home so Mimi could have a playmate.

Daisy Mae

Now I have two guard dogs who think plastic bags flying in the wind

and the mailman are  mortal enemies…

Two dogs who think the furniture is for their use and benefit…

And dogs who have toys, real and created,  scattered from hither to yon and run  thought the house at break neck speed.

I am in hopes that my intentions play out well as settle down and have less crazy and more relaxing and quiet times.


Hoping for good results of all you good intentions through out the new year. And try to be kind. Even if the outcome of a good intentions is not great, if kindness is used, goodness usually always happens.

Kind new ywar

Black & White of Black & White

A play on words with Cee’s fun challenge of Pets, Living and Stuffed in black and white, since both of my dogs are black and white.

First off, it is very black & white clear that the mailman is something to be dreaded…

Mimi on left and Daisy Mae on right…well the mailman does bring bills…’nuff said. And in keeping with the Christmas season we have the cat that sings Jingle Bells in meow tones and the dog that lets you know Santa is coming to town.

And since we are closing in on my favorite time of year, I wish you all a blessed and wonderful Merry Christmas. Remember to share your love and joy with others this season by being kind. It is not always a merry season for some.



And if you are an animal lover and want to know how Dogs view heaven, catch the creative book Our Home of Love. It may be a fun Christmas present.




A Hedgehog Christmas

Oh, there you are!

Where are the kids?” asked Dad.

“What?” questioned mom.  “I thought they were with you.”

“Would I be asking you if they were with me?”

“Oh, good grief!” mom exclaimed exasperated as she walked past dad. “Grandma, have you seen the kids?

“They were  headed to the edge of the forest. They haven”t been gone long.”

Mom looked at dad, “They found the tree,” she stated. And they all headed toward the edge of the forest.

As they approached the tree, a small light glimmered through the branches and giggles of joy could be heard from inside.

May happiness and joy surround you and your loved ones in light throughout this wonderful season of love. And remember to spread that love, joy and kindness where ever you go so that the ripple effect of love spreads through the world.

kind ripples

Humor on a Day When Needed Most

When you finally bite the bullet, you have to sort those 10 to 15 year old documents because somewhere in that pile, is a legal document you need to have. Ugh. So 3 trash bags of junk mail, old envelopes, old bills plus 6 Walmart plastic full of ground up documents later the sun room is finally fully clean. There were boxes of documents that were boxed up from the moved from Georgia to Alabama in 2002, then moved again to Iowa, never being opened – enough already. Start cleaning.

But I say all that to laugh at something I ran across that was emailed to me back in 2000. And of course with me trying to be a writer, I had to revise and update it. Hope you can enjoy the humor in it with me,  as I needed a good chuckle after all that cleaning, finding the document I needed, then finding out the document had issues of legality…good grief. I always say God has a plan and I believe so in this  but it is making my head spin.


Jesus May Be Watching

A burglar broke into a house one night to see what he could find. He had been watching the comings and goings of those living there in their shiny new cars.  He just knew they would have good stuff inside as well, and they were both currently gone.

As he shined his flashlight around the family room looking for treasures he spotted a nice digital camera on the coffee table. As he placed it in his sack, a disembodied voice rang through the darkened room, “Jesus is watching you!”

He nearly jumped out of his skin, clicked off the flash light and stood frozen in the dark waiting for other voices. After a few moments of hearing nothing but the quiet of night, he shook his head and promised himself a much needed vacation after the next big score. He clicked back on the flashlight and continued looking for valuables that were easily carried and of good value. As he reached for the laptop that was sitting on the dining room table, the voice came again, clear as a bell, “Jesus is watching you!”

Totally freaked out, he shined the flash light around the room looking for the source of the voice that he kept hearing. In the far corner near the window his beam came to rest on a large green parrot. Seeing no other source, he went over to the bird hissing under his breath “Was that you old bird? Are you a talking bird?”

“Why yes I am,” said the parrot, “and yes I was just trying to warn you.”

“Warn me about what, huh? The man upstairs gonna zap me or something? What’s your name clever bird?”

“My name is Moses,” said the bird.

“Moses,” laughed the burglar. “What kind of idiot would name a parrot Moses?”

“The same kind of idiot that would name a 165 pound Rottweiler…Jesus.”

When the owners got home they found the front door standing open, Moses was singing his favorite children’s song ‘Jesus is Watching Over You’. The Rottweiler was sitting on the sofa with a ripped shirt in his mouth.

I hope this day has been good for you and if you needed a little humor like I did, I hope this helped. Jesus definitely is watching over us and I hope you can find peace in that and reflect some of His love through a gentle smile, a kind word or a loving hug.

Kindness 18