Purposeful Pain

Weird title, I know. But its true. There are acceptable pains we create on purpose – things we do anyway knowing we will pay for it later. Like going on a long hike to see nature, knowing you will have medicine and cold packs in bed with you that night.

Today its a different type of pain – its food related. Sketty. Most people with higher culinary talents call it spaghetti. While this is a common delicious dish, to those of us who have issues with tomato acid – its a night…and the following morning…of uncomfortable times. But sometimes you plan ahead, knowing what its going to do because you just have to have that taste.

Onion stuffed meatballs

Once the veggies are sautéed, you brown the meatballs in that remaining juice. Its add extra flavor to the meat.

Garlic and beef

Then you take the remaining pound of ground beef – (yes I use two pounds. If you are gonna hurt you gotta make it worth your while) and sauté it with fresh garlic – so yummy.


You add in your sauces, pour in your sautéed veggies and meatballs then let it simmer slowly for about 5 hours. The large green chunks are big pieces of celery. My daughter says celery is awful, and makes things taste bad. So I cook them in large chunks and remove them when ready to serve. What she doesn’t know wont hurt her. Yes that sounds sneaky but she loves eating my sketty, so…

Thank you for joining in on my delicious and possible uncomfortable dish. You know we all do this.

Share the kindness

Remember to always share kindness when you can. It will put a bright spot in their day.


No, that is not a fertilizer combination…its the temperature combinations of a February roller coaster in Iowa. Last night we dropped below freezing…with rain equaling – freezing rain and ice. Now we are waiting the 2 inches of snow due to start by 12:00pm…oh, it is 12:00 pm. Yep, a quick look out the window and its snowing. Yeah…not really. So what do we do with weather like this? Easy…we eat!!

I was late getting started but I finally bought an air fryer. And its awesome. I rotissered( I know that is not a real word…but you get it) a whole chicken in 62 minutes and it was yummy. So today, I pulled the remaining meat off the bones and made chicken salad. Yum!!

Then I took the carcass and put it in a big ole soup pot to make homemade chicken broth soup for supper – letting it cook real slow all day – more yum!

So what do you do on poor climate days? I eat!!! LOL.

Have a great day and remember to be kind. Regardless of what the weather is doing, you can always be kind.

Always Be Kind