July Colors ‘n Letters

I have been meaning to play along with CitySonnet’s challenges this month and just haven’t so I am jumping in with the last two days together – Jellyfish and Algae green as they both have to do with water.

I love the different things that you can find at true art fairs, not the ones that draw you in only to be crafts fairs or someone junk. There is one that I miss going to in Georgia over Labor Day that is usually fabulous and I picked up these two paper weights of jellyfish. He told me that he did not color them that this was their actual color and since my knowledge of jellyfish would not fill a small seashell, I believed him, as they were still fascinating.


The bubbles add a special realistic look to them. He did tell me that he swirled one as the solution was getting thick to give the “arms” their fashion flare.

I thought I would show both sides as it is such an interesting creature, at least to me. And the large bubbles make it look alive. And since they are almost algae green, I thought they were green enough to pass for July 31st challenge.

As you browse over all the thinks that you enjoy that ,make you smile, remember to share that smile with someone who may not have a smile. Your smile could be just the thing to bring a smile to them.


7 thoughts on “July Colors ‘n Letters

  1. Wow! they are gorgeous! We have a really good craft fair in my small hometown. Streets are closed for the vendors and traffic snarls. Residents hate it, but tourists and craft-lovers love it.


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