A New Flower, FOTD

I am always up for finding flowers I have never seen before when visiting the botanical gardens but rarely do I find them by chance. Last Tuesday when a friend and I went “junken” I found the beauty below. When I asked what they were, the store owner made an off the wall comment about digging them up this fall, that he did not care for them. I asked him if I could have some and he was more than glad to give them away, so I gave him my contact info and he is going to call when it cools.

Blackberry Lilies

When we first went in we thought it was some type of iris as the leaf foliage looks similar. You can see how small the blossoms are, about 2 inches across.

Blackberry Lily

You can see the “lily spots” as I call them all over the petals. I did not notice a fragrance as I was too fascinated on their look. Some of you may know of these but they are new to me. truly different and amazing.

Come join in with Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge and see all the amazing flowers God has created for us to enjoy.

And as always spread the ripples of kindness where ever you go, watch it change the faces of those around you.

kind ripples

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