Playing With Clouds

I am sure we all have sat on the ground as children(or adults) and watched the clouds while making shapes out of them. Recently at the break of an excessively hot period, I watch the clouds roll in and the heat dissipate. It was a wonderful relaxing time and I thought I would share my fun.

My view in both directions as I sit on the bench by the Mississippi. The breeze was wonderful after the high 90’s we had been having.

I enjoyed watching this group of thunderheads morph into many different shapes. Here I see in the one on the left as a person sitting, throwing his arms in the air as he looks behind himself ready to stand and then on the right he starts to stand.

Then that same structure turns into a fire breathing dragon to later turn and run still spitting smoke.

building storm 6
man playing with his dog

This was my favorite. Even clouds can reflect the love we share with our pets. Love, caring, sharing, kindness…all very profound ways to express the nurturing of Christ. Try to be kind in any way you can, its a reflection that will look good on you.

kind 24

9 thoughts on “Playing With Clouds

  1. Wonderful captures of the shapes Anita, it’s so much fun to watch. The last photograph is my favourite too, it really looks like a man dancing with his dog πŸ™‚πŸ’–πŸ• xxx

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  2. I was marveling at the clouds today too! They weren’t puffy fairy tale clouds, but little wisps in rows and rows. Then, around sunset the wispy clouds looked like melted orange pink cotton candy. Clouds come in all shapes and sizes. My favorite are the white fluffy ones.

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