Accents of Light

In photography, your light source is of great importance, whether it be behind, in front, bright or shadowed. It helps tell your story through the eyes of the camera…and you. I like taking picture of how the sun shines around nature to highlight its beauty. Enclosed are my entries for  2020 Photo Challenge #18 featuring Light.

Bright and Shadows

The March snow we had was heavy and wet but its beauty was highlighted by the bright sun behind the trees that made neat shadows.

Spider web

Webs are magical as they reflect their silver lines in the rays of the sun.

A personal favorite, flower, bee and sun

The brightness of the sun and the rays sifting through the petals.


Even as light begins to fade, it still has beauty to share, And as always, I close with a reminder of showing kindness in all that you do. It could create its own sunshine.

kind sun



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