In Like a Lamb…Out like a Lion

But for us, it is flipped. March came in super easy, almost unseasonably warm. The entire month was a weird roller coaster from warm to very cold. Now the entire midwest and south is in for a severe ride.

For the first time in more than 2 years, the Storm Prediction Center has issued a 5 out 5 threat for severe weather in parts of the middle of the country. The Weather Channel

Line 1 just slipped past us with small hail that sounded like pebbles slamming against the windows. Currently a large tornado with 3 inch hail is headed to Iowa City. Mother nature can be a beast in the spring and her format is changing, or rather moving, with global warming.

Line 2 is due through here around 6 with possible tornados and heavy hail. Hang on to your hats folks – it is moving east. The deep south and east coast could have severe weather tonight through tomorrow. The problem with these current sets of lines is they are loaded with supercells. These are some shots taken of supercells last year in our area. Wicked looking monsters.

According to the forecasters’, that is the worse scenario as each supercell can generate severe weather and/or tornadoes. Mississippi was hit last week with tornados and this storm front is split into two section – one in the middle of the country and one in the south.

Everyone needs to pay attention to what the weather is doing. You never know when she may unleash her fury on your area. So be careful, be mindful and most of all be kind. Especially if your area gets imploded. Disaster needs kindness from everyone so that we can survive the madness of our own storms.

8 thoughts on “In Like a Lamb…Out like a Lion

      1. The aftermath pictures this morning on then Weather Channel were amazing and scary. For as many tornadoes as there were, I think we can be thankful that it was no worse than it could have been.

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