The Calm…and Beauty After the Storm

Storms usually always clear to beautiful skies once they pass…whether the storms are of nature or a storm your life may be going through.

Today we had a series of storm fronts go through our area creating hail damage, wind damage and several tornadoes. The extent of the damage is still being assessed and unfortunately the storm front is still marching east creating havoc as it goes. But for now some of us have peace and the sky is magical as the clouds thin out and the setting sun creates colors that make us smile.

The clouds twisted as they moved across the sky and their colors changed as the sun slowly sets creating a picture of peace and beauty. Even the red bird sang from the top of the tree announcing to everyone who would listen that all is well, the storm has passed.

He sings a message we should all hear and take to heart as we deal with the many storms we deal with in life. God always has us in his hand…always. It’s just hard to visualize His beauty when we see so much negative destruction around us, but I implore you to try. For every step forward that you may make, a new bright light will find its way to your heart.

Allow it in and allow it to shine brightly. Even though it may seem like a setting sun at times, its warmth can give you new life. Embrace it and share its beauty with others. You may just make their day and help them to smile.

And I remind you always of the beauty of kindness. Kindness opens doors that some may think could not open, so always share the power of kindness and watch it work its beauty.

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