Weekend Sky #93

It always fascinates me on how quickly weather can change. This morning we woke to 7+ inches of snow and by noon the sky was clearing to an amazing sky this afternoon.

All over the sky were separate clusters of heavy wispy clouds with thick bright centers that reflected the brightness if the sun. The one below seem to have a laser shooting down from it.

This one below is a favorite as it looked like a large white bird flying down the sky. I know my imagination gets away with me sometimes when looking at clouds but they are so beautiful. They remind me of a simpler time as children when we would lay on the grass making shapes out of clouds. Ah, the purity of youth. If life were always that simple and gentle.

Come along and join in with Hammad Rais and Weekend Sky and see the beauty after a storm or the gentleness of a peaceful sky.

And as always, I remind you of the beauty of kindness and how it can change the look of any sad situation.

Always Be Kind

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