Only 1-2…Really??!?

God bless our weathermen. They really try but no one can 100% predict what Mother Nature will do. At bedtime is was 1-2 inches but the roads are warm so it won’t last long, right? And 8 hours later…we had 7 inches…and it’s still snowing. Look at the size of those flakes.

It is rather graceful how this very wet snow clings to the trees. It gives them a covering of graceful lace on the bare branches of winter, although it’s weight plays havoc on the evergreens.

But the beauty it creates on the hardwoods is almost magical as it enhances all the twisted and curvy limbs.

Mother Nature, can be beautiful in most every way, but dangerously violent at times. I pray that the spring and summer storms treat you kindly this year. May the only thing we see is its beauty…or maybe it’s humor.

I am not sure the birds find the snow humorous…but a birds gotta eat and with everything covered in snow, the feeder is the easiest meal.

Since I actually have little to do this weekend, I was going to get some good shots of the sky for Hammad Rais prompt for weekend sky. Go check out his superman in the sky this week. Alas, mine is all gray, so maybe next weekend.

Remember as always, that kindness has a power that can melt a cold heart. Kindness covers like a soft blanket of snow and not matter how small an act of kindness you share, it creates ripples of love that fanout like the roots of a tree.

Always Be Kind

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