Spring and Babies

Who doesn’t love a baby…well some critters I don’t care for but spring always brings out the babies we (generally) love to see. Like mamma Robin and her baby…

Then in the community garden at the church we have baby rabbits. While they can be a pest and did eat my string beans…🥺, they are still so cute. I just replanted and added marigolds to help run them off from tender shoots.

Spring is a time when we bird watchers get excited about all the new life we see at the feeders. Their colors are so bright and they are very talkative.

Spring helps us relax from winter doldrums and get ready to smile and breathe in the fresh air (after I take an allergy pill) and enjoy new life for another season.

As you enjoy the sights you see of spring, remember to always be kind. Even the animals understand what kindness is.

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