FOTD, September 11, Lily

Cee welcomes us all to join in on her challenge to share the beauty of the flowers around us. I am sharing 1 flower, a lily that is in a vase of flowers I was given. The lily shows its stages as one of the buds opened throughout the day. Hope you enjoy.

New life

The first shot was about 10am this morning. The tight bud of last night now is showing cracks of opening.

Taking a big breath

By lunch, the flower was showing progress as it began to roll out its petals.

Hello world

By the end of the football game I was watching, one side was completely open.

By early evening it was fully open taking taking a good 10 hours from bud to flower. An amazing beauty to be enjoyed.

Always remember the beauty of kindness. It really can change the momentum of the day.

FOTD – July 19, Neighboring Lilies

Thank you Cee for the fun challenge of FOTD. It’s fun seeing the different varieties of flowers around the world.

Last weekend, I walked around the block and took pictures of the various lilies along the edges of other peoples yards. From creamy yellow to striking red with yellow centers.

The waviness of some of the petals and the striking color patterns of others make daylilies fascinating.

The some edges are super smooth…

Lily and friend

This was a patch red ones with a bright yellow center and real ruffly edges…

And I like this one in the shadows for a different affect with the camera.

And last but by no means least as we are sporting three different colors…

I hope you enjoyed this walk through the lilies. Lilies seem to have the largest variety of color, shape and size so that you could never get bored with them.

I close with my reminder of showing the beauty of kindness as these flowers share their beauty with us. Kindness reflects true beauty.

FOTD, July 8

Cee gives us the wonderful opportunity to share the flowers we see or grow…even if its a weed.

Today I want to share some of the various lilies that are growing in my front yard. The ones out back have yet to bloom, they are a late season daylily, pinkish in color.

These are my early lilies that grow on a stalk like an Easter Lily. They are small blooms but fragrant. For some reason I forgot to take a picture of the yellow one.

Below is the first bloom of my yellow daylilies. Currently there are 26 buds waiting to open.

Flowers always make me smile. They have a beauty and fragrance to remind us the wonders of creation. So as we enjoy these wonders share the joy they give by being kind to others.

FOTD, June 15, Lilies

I love this time of year where I can share my love of flowers with others who also love flowers. Cee has a wonder challenge with Flower of the Day where we see all sorts of plant life, such a fun challenge. Today, I am sharing my lilies. My white are open, and my red ones are just starting. I purchased some yellow one this year and they are open as well. My day lilies are just now starting to bud so those will be beautiful mid summer.

image000004 (1)



image000003 (2)

image000000 (10)

And I remind you as always, the value of kindness is a value that can never be measures.

kind value 1