FOTD – July 19, Neighboring Lilies

Thank you Cee for the fun challenge of FOTD. It’s fun seeing the different varieties of flowers around the world.

Last weekend, I walked around the block and took pictures of the various lilies along the edges of other peoples yards. From creamy yellow to striking red with yellow centers.

The waviness of some of the petals and the striking color patterns of others make daylilies fascinating.

The some edges are super smooth…

Lily and friend

This was a patch red ones with a bright yellow center and real ruffly edges…

And I like this one in the shadows for a different affect with the camera.

And last but by no means least as we are sporting three different colors…

I hope you enjoyed this walk through the lilies. Lilies seem to have the largest variety of color, shape and size so that you could never get bored with them.

I close with my reminder of showing the beauty of kindness as these flowers share their beauty with us. Kindness reflects true beauty.

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