Flower of the Day, Superbells

I love Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge. So many of you post such lovely flowers for all of us to enjoy. Hoping it will warm up for good so that they can start growing again.

This particular flower has become a favorite of mine with its many colors and it hardy ability to stand tall when winter comes back through or we have a horrid hot summer. Their correct name is calibrachoa and this color is perfect for this southern girl – Watermelon Punch.


They are probably in the petunia family or petunias are in the calibrachoa family. The leafs and bloom look very similar, they are just miniature in sized to a petunia.

As you enjoy the beauty of the flowers, remember the beauty of kindness and let that kindness radiate from you like the beauty of a flower.

Always Be Kind


FOTD, Pink Lily

It has been one week since Mother’s day and my flowers are still beautiful. The lily fully opened last night so I wanted to share its beauty with you. It is still beautiful today.


Enjoy the beauty of flowers as they share their life with you and smile. And always be kind.

kind beauty


Flower of the Day, …or Week ??

This past Sunday, my precious daughter gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day. They were and are still so lovely.

Mother’s Day Flowers

The vase was so full, I actually split them into two vases so they could breathe better. So now there are flowers in the dining area and the living room. Now that it is 6 days later, they are beginning to fade a bit but the sweet-peas are just now opening and they are beautiful, with a rich rose and a white that is tipped with pink.



As you embrace the beauty of spring and the many flowers of spring and summer, remember the smiles they give you and smile back in return. They enjoy kindness as well.

Flower kind3

Come join with Cee and share you flowers, we all enjoy looking at Flowers of the Day.

And as always remember to be kind to people too.

kind flower

Flower of the Day, Azaleas, SMM

In spite of chilly temperatures and clumsy workmen putting in the fence post, my baby azalea plant bloomed. I was so excited. Azaleas are the city flower, where I come form in south Ga., so you know I had to have one. I just didn’t know if it could withstand the winters here in Iowa. So for Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge, I give you my white azalea. My peonies are not blooming yet.

So far, so good.

And for Irene’s Sunshine’s Macro Monday shot we have a “closeup” of the larger cluster.


And as always, with the beauty of flowers making you smile and helping you feel its kindness, remember to spread that kindness everywhere. Kindness is a virtue we can should exercise often.

kind sunflower

I Was Very Good, FOTD

Today I had to go to Lowes to get the hardware to finish my fence. It’s a very dangerous store for me this time of year as they have a great garden section…BUT I was very good, I just took pictures.

The colors of spring



I think these were my favorite today

So now we are concentrating on the project of getting the fence up. But once that is done…all bets are off. New fence = new flowers. I have seen some awesome containers that hang from a fence…just sayin’…

As you are enjoying your spring, or getting ready to enjoy your spring, remember flowers understand kindness as well, so always be kind.

Flower kind3

Cee’s beautiful Flower of the Day challenge is a favorite for this time of year. Come join in.

Fun with Flower of the Day

Maybe in two weeks I can really start playing with flowers as hopefully by then the yard project will be complete. fencing in the front so dogs can be off the chains.

But I did get a few hanging baskets and a few things in my planter. Hopefully this cold weekend will not be enough to do damage to what is already planted.

Daisy checking out the angel’s flowers. She loves plants.
Close up to see the beauty of these blooms

These are Calibrachoa, and a favorite flower as they are hardy and come in several colors. This color is called Tropical Sunrise, and I can see why.

Cee’s prompt for FOTD keeps us looking for that every colorful flower. Flowers make me smile, which reminds me to be kind. So I remind you to try to find ways of showing kindness in these no so easy times. Every ripple counts.

kind ripples

Beauty of Spring, FOTD, SMM

I love the flowering trees that show us the beauty of spring, the pears, the crab-apples and the plum, at least this is what I have always called these. And they are currently in full bloom. Cee has a fun prompt for Flower of the Day and Irene has the prompt for Sunshine Macro Monday. So actually this is three flowers of the day instead of one. Enjoy the close ups of simple beauty.

Bradford Pear
Ornamental Crab-apple
Ornamental Plum

And as always remember the value and beauty in being kind in a time where kindness is hard to find.

Flower kind4

Lilacs, FOTD

My lilacs are finally blooming. It has been a nurturing process as I almost lost them completely a couple years ago with -50 degree wind chill. But they are doing great this year.



These really brought a smile to my face this morning when I saw them. And they smell amazing.

As always, I remind you to be kind. Right now we have a tendency to be a little cross as the stress of isolation is taking it’s toll. But if we can reach down and find that smile, it may be enough to spark another one…then another one…and so on.


be kind

Weeds Are Beautiful Too, FOTD, SMM

All the many wonderful photographers in this “blog-us-sphere” have such fun prompts to remind us that even the forgotten or tiny parts of nature are still beautiful. I am linking in with Irene’s Sunshine Macro Monday and Cee’s  Flower of the Day to show the beautiful “weeds” in my yard. A weed is really just a flower you can’t buy at the store.


The delicateness of a wild violet bloom is amazing with it’s rich purple stripes and yellow center. Looking at it real close it almost looks like a tiny orchid.

I fully realize it is flower of the day and not flowers, but who can resist the happy yellow dandelion. Yard tenders hate them but they are so important for the bees in early spring so I allow them for a short period.



And as spring brings a smile to our face, even though we are staying closer to home, we still need to remember to be kind. With the many stresses involved in staying home, kindness is more important that ever. So be safe and be kind.

be kind




Finally, Flower of the Day

It seems like its been forever since I could post flowers from my yard but this week I finally got started planting. Flowers always make me smile.

I chose this flower today because it reminds me of a clown parade. And we all need a little cheer now-a-days. It is a type of Verbena but I threw away its tag so I can not give you its color name.


Thank you Cee for creating the wonderful prompt of FOTD where we can share our love of flowers. And as always, remember to be kind. We especially need that right now.

Flower kind4
Not just today but every day…